Ok Turning the Big 50 This Year-wanna Have a Fresher Face - Richmond, VA

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Im turning 50 this July. I am no stranger to Real...

Im turning 50 this July. I am no stranger to Real Self. I did a mommy makeover in 2011. Im using the same surgeon for my brow, neck, facelift and blepharoplasty. Im worried-I don't want joker lips, and I want to stay true to me. Mainly worried about swelling and bruising- we are travelling a few weeks after the procedure.

Facelift questions

I see a lot of women suggesting arnicare for the bruising. Is this the arnicare gel? Also my surgery is Feb 2 and my hubby just got Super Bowl tickets. Obvi I can't go but will I be ok alone after 3 days? And when do stitches come out? Can I drive myself? Thanks!

1 week to go!

Still tossing around in my head if I'm really going to go thru with this! My checks have been cashed -yikes! My hubby has a bad cold trying to avoid as much as possible! He got Super Bowl tickets and now will be leaving me three days after surgery. Worried about that too! Not telling any neighbors or anyone so I hope I have no problems!

One day away!

Nervous and snapping at my husband. Have my supplies, think I'm ready -just a little nervous about being alone for a it after day 3. Here's some before pics.

Other pic

Side before pic

Feb 2 post op

Made it! Blurry vision now and some pain.

Day 2

No sleep ant turn head vision blurry Not up to writing much yet

Day 3. Pics not for the faint!

Ok I'm having my pity party earlier than most. Husband just left for the airport to go to the Superbowl in San Francisco. So not only do I feel like poo, and look like a monster, I am now alone, and my son lucks out and gets my super bowl ticket. Still very bruised, and have a lot of pain from head staples. Took another shower today but still don't have all the blood out of my hair. Scared to death to run a brush thru the stitches and staples so it's just a mess. Pics not for the faint below

Day 4

Well the bruising is going south Still very tight can't turn my head. Feel my ears look weird. My pony tail seems VERY thin :(. Not much sleep again but a little better everyday.

Day 4

Guess pics didn't load

Day 5

Still tight. Can't wait for stitches out tomorrow maybe I won't feel so uncomfortable. Plus hubby back from Super Bowl tomorrow so that will make me feel better!

Day 6

Throat and neck still painful. Wakes me up every three hours. Stitches out today as well as every other staple across my head. Hope that doesn't hurt! Hoping that takes this "my head is in a vice" feeling away! Hubby on the way home to see beautiful me! Lol

Day 6

Ok stitches and most staples out. Not painful! Can move my eyes around again! Didn't notice how yellow my skin bruising is til I was out in the daylight today! Hoping one more week will help w the bruising. Dr said arnicare is useless just let it happen

One week post op

Slow skow skow

Day 9

Hi Ladies! I'm better today! Went and had remaining stitches and staples out. Painful but worth it. Have a gap behind one ear which just means he pulled that skin super tight! Bruising better everyday and I slept some of last night! First night I didn't see "Say Yes to the Dress" airing at 2:30am. Showered after staple removal and feel pretty good. Those staples at the back of my neck have been my nemesis since day one. Finally feeling relief. Ok so I am over the hump! Still not messing with makeup or anything

Day 10

Ok all staples out. Slept decent. Have a gape behind my ear which is pretty messy :( still not attempting make up Not sure if I look that much different from my befores.... Still swollen. Neck swollen- husband thinks I have an Adam's apple now...lol hang in there

Day ten for real I lost count

Little makeup under the eyes to cover the remaining bruises dried my hair swelling in throat worries me

Day ten touch of makeup

Cabin fever just need to run to grocery store so I threw on a touch of makeup

Day 11 happy ??day!

Look at my neck. This is day 11. Is this still swelling or is this a problem? I feel like I look like my head spin around but my neck never unwound...everyday I wake up hoping this is a little better but it seems to be the same but with less bruising.

Day 12

There's a weird pulling sensation on left side of my head. Today. Neck shows no sign of change and I still have a bruise under each eye slathered w cover up

I'm getting out

So besides huge weird neck swelling (turtleneck worn for reason) and a gaping hole behind my right ear filled in with Vaseline..I need to get out and do some shopping. I feel like retail therapy will help my blues


Ok 2 weeks and 3 days and the hole behind my ear is still not closed and now I am infected. It's a Saturday but I had a pink swelling under ear to throat that really hurts. I called the emergency number and met with PS. Lots of grossness ensued and now I'm stuck wearing this thing on my head and irrigating for pus. Vegas may not be a reality. Supposed to leave in a week :(

3 weeks post op

Hi! For those asking for a side by side pic of before and after here it is! Finally figured out how to do. If my ears ever heal I can let my hair back down!! So three weeks post still swollen neck can't tell yet and ears are a pain but I'm thru it! Worth it yet? Can't tell ya....

My healing is incredibly slow

I'm a month post op. Still hiding. So much swelling and lumpiness in neck. I'm the Michelin tire man. :(. Hole behind my left ear is still pretty bad at 4 weeks. Pic attached

Ears slowly healing

Ok ladies I am close to 6 weeks post op. Many know my ears have been a problem. Won't close staph infection etc. but we finally have scabs. Pictures are ugly. Still have to keep everything hidden. Gonna be a while I think. Head feeling very tight lately and my neck is still a tight lumpy mess very uncomfortable. Still sleeping upright. How's everyone else?

6 weeks post op

Hi everyone! Back to PS yesterday for ear check which had finally scanned and he took the scan off again!! But says it's healing well. Ugly to me!! And my neck is hard and lumpy. He thought maybe trapped fluid so stuck a needle in it. No fluid. I'm sure it's going to stay this way but PS says no it's swelling. In still sleeping on an incline. Getting old. I haven't decided yet if it was worth it as it's still a daily battle. Heads still completely numb. Ears hurt. Neck swollen. Happy healing everyone spring is on the way!!

6 weeks before and after

6 week photo

2 months post

Still ear problems and my neck is a mess. I have a ridge of hard tissue on my chin line on one side. Dr doesn't seem to know what it is -he told me fluid I asked him to drain. He stuck a needle in. No fluid. It may be my oddity forever. Anything I ask about I'm told it takes time. A stitch on the crown of my head was bleeding a few days ago. 2 months??

Just over 2 months

Starting to feel more like me again although still tightness in face and swelling in neck. Ears are healing but still very angry looking. Finally went to get my roots colored yesterday. Hairdresser made a part in my hair and knocked off a big scab and there was bleeding ????. He was great tho put some Vaseline on a q tip and cleaned it up.

7 months post op

Still have terrible ropey scarring behind my ears- it's even visible from the front. I wonder if it will ever go away. Both sides are bad. Also the scar under my chin is visible from the front because it's so thick!

And still more ear scarring

I am 16 months out from my facelift and the scarring behind my ears is still painful, ugly and growing. Took this picture this morning. He promised the scars would be so teeny and hidden behind the earlobe. Right

Didn't inform me he was retiring before he did my surgery and now I need things fixed and he is gone gone gone and so are my records!

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