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I have spent a lot of money on this CoolSculpting...

I have spent a lot of money on this CoolSculpting so I sure hope it will be positive results. Here is the skinny on my experience so far:
I had my inner thighs (no pain, no side effects at all), my upper abs (swelling, some discomfort), my flanks (swelling but no pain at all) and finally, the beast, my lower abs. This is what I want to talk about.
While my nurse explained everything, I felt like I would be just fine. After all, I have dealt with labor and child birth, right? I have a couple large tattoos. Well, I was WRONG. I had the large applicator on my lower abs. The procedure was one hour on the left and then one hour on the right. It wasn't uncomfortable. It hurt. Takes 10 minutes before the area goes numb, and I literally counted the entire 60 minutes down on the machine. At one point, I wanted to push the call button so I could get the machine off of me. But, somehow, I made it. When the machine was removed, it felt like it didn't want to let go! The 2 minutes massage was terrible, but, again, I made it through. I will say, if I had my lower abs done first, I probably wouldn't have had the other areas done out of fear. I am NOT being dramatic. This is my reality. I read some people's review saying the more fat you have, the less likely the pain. WRONG! I have plenty of fat. Because I listened during my consult, I purchased a heating pad and 2 pairs of spanx to help reduce the anticipated swelling. I already looked 4 months pregnant prior to the procedure, days after, even in spanx I look 6/7 months. I had little bruising. But, lots of redness. And warm to the touch for days. After 4 days of pain, I sucked it up and they called in Neurotin. It is used to help suppress the nerve pain (constant lightening bolts). Notice, I say, help suppress, not get rid of. So, expect lots of swelling. After 5 days, the redness was gone. It is now 16 days later, and the swelling is also now gone. What is not gone is the frequent lightening bolts of pain and the weird intermittent hardness and numbness of my lower abs. Where I had overlap on the machine being on the left and right side, there is both an area of hardness (feels like knots) on both upper and lower abs. They said this is normal. I am no longer wearing the spanx 24 hours a day. I am not going to post any pics right now. I am just being hopeful I will be able to see a difference. I have been taking pictures but with all the swelling, I stopped. Now its gone, I will start my picture journal and will soon share.

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