27 Years Old, 5'3" 120 Lbs, 1 Child Via C-Section - Richmond, VA

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As long as I can remember I've had issues with the...

As long as I can remember I've had issues with the layer of fat on my lower abdomen and side flanks. I went in for my consult considering Liposonix, but was told by the doctor that CoolSculpting was even less downtime and I was the perfect candidate. Stupid me never went back and researched CoolSculpting the way I had the Liposonix, I just agreed to it since the doctor suggested it.

I went in for my procedure last week and had a rude awakening for what CoolSculpting really was. I am very narrow and they used the large size applicator on my lower abdomen, which sucked nearly my whole stomach inside of it and rested on my hip bones the entire time causing a pinching discomfort for an hour. For most of the time I had to squeeze my fingers in between my hip bone and the machine so that it didn't hurt so much... and moving was not an option.

Once the hour was up and she took the machine off, it felt SO weird and completely numb. When she massaged my skin back down from sticking out 4 inches it was strangely painful yet numb. I had some shooting pains for a few minutes, then it subsided and just felt weird and bloated. I flipped to my side and did the smaller applicator for my side flanks, each for an hour. This was not as bad, but again a strange painful numbing feeling as she massaged my skin back down.

For the first 5 days (including procedure day) I just felt strange and swollen. There was not regular pain, but discomfort for sure and sometimes itchy. Since I was still numb, scratching felt weird and didn't really help the itch. Man did the pain escalate in the evening of day 5. As I prepared to go to bed, I realized that I couldn't get comfortable and that I had sharp pains shooting through my stomach. I tossed and turned for hours, finally fell asleep, only to wake up at 1 am. That's when I started researching online and found this website and many other reviews of people experiencing the same side affects. I spent hours reading about it, since I couldn't sleep through the pain. I tried taking aspirin but it just didn't help. Eventually I was just so exhausted that I fell back to sleep. All the next day (yesterday) I felt the pain but it was bearable simply because I was keeping busy and didn't have to focus on it. Last night I took Advil PM and was able to sleep until about 4 am. I took some regular aspirin then and slept for a few more hours. Today I am still experiencing the shooting pains and taking aspirin regularly although I don't think it's really helping. At least it's easing my mind somewhat.

Hopefully other reviewers are right in that this only lasts a few more days. I'm not sure I can take it much longer and I definitely don't want to go back for a second round of procedures. At least not at this point. I will keep updating my status for those that are interested, but so far NO GOOD.
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