Looking for the Best BBL in or Around Richmond, VA

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I've been researching A LOT of doctors for both...

I've been researching A LOT of doctors for both the BBL and butt implants. From Shlomo Widder in Vienna, Yily de los Santos in Santo Domingo, Moises Salama in Miami, and Andrew Jimerson in Atlanta.

I'm 5'4", 145 lbs, average build. I originally was very interested in the BBL, but became more interested in butt implants for a more permanent lasting result. I also don't have a lot of fat on me, but I've been making an effort to slowly gain weight in a healthy way.

I actually set up a phone consultation with Andrew Jimerson in December 2012 for June 12, 2013!!! He was that backed up!!! When the day finally came, my number was not updated, so they never got a hold of me. I called them the very next day, figured everything out, and they said I'd receive a call in the next 15 minutes. It's not July 5 and I still have yet to receive a callback. I've been going back in forth between losing the weight and gaining a yoga (firm, muscle booty), the BBL, or butt implants with fat grafting. I will call the office on Monday and see when I'll finally be getting my phone consultation.

I'm torn between going with the "best of the best" Jimerson and being $15,000 in debt for YEARS or getting a still quality, legitimate surgery from a smaller named doctor for $7,000-$9,000. I'm not rich, I'm still paying off my student loans, but this is still something I want to find a way to make happen. Advice?

Phone Consultation

Okay, so I FINALLY received my phone consultation from Dr. Jimerson's office. I spoke with Michelle (I believe), and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. She gave me her honest opinion which I truly appreciated. She didn't just say, "YES! You should totally get this surgery," knowing if it had a high rejection rate or if my body type was good for the procedure.

After speaking with her, I felt very relieved and excited to get this show on the road! I will NOT be getting butt implants afterall due to high rejection rates. I will only be getting fat grafting to the hips and butt (BBL). I was very worried my petite body shape would not work well for this type of surgery, but she insisted that I had the perfect shape! She suggested gaining about 5 more pounds.

Money! I think she estimated right above $11,000, which isn't much more than my local surgeon. If I'm not paying it upfront with cash, the earliest date I can get is AUGUST 2014!!! Aaahhh! I'm okay with that, because 1) it gives me time to save up money = less money to owe on CareCredit & 2) it gives me more time to really consider if this is something I need or just want. I'm pretty damn sure I want a nice ass, so yeah. Haha. ;D
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