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Like many others on here, I can't even remember...

Like many others on here, I can't even remember the last time my boobs were small or at least a "normal" size. I can't remember when I started wearing a bra but I was stuffing myself into a "C" in high school. It wasn't pretty! My weight has fluctuated over the years, as has my boob size. I would say at my smallest I was stuffing myself into a "D" (but that was a lot of stuffing). Currently 37 years old, at 5'0", 165lbs, I am wearing a 32H, although I still have some overflow.

It has always bothered me that I feel like I missed out on so much because of these large boobs. Couldn't wear swimsuits or shirts that others my age could wear and often buying them big enough to fit the girls meant large gaps or falling off my shoulders. I think I have spent most of my life trying to hide them. And I guess that is just the vanity standpoint. I also have developed horrible posture, shoulders rolled forward, just always hunched over...and lets face it, at 5 feet tall I need every inch I can get from standing up straight! In the past few years I have developed occipital neuralgia (compressed nerve in my head) and there is a chance these large breasts have caused or at the very least contributed to the severity by tugging on muscles in all the wrong places (among other things).

I looked into a BR a few years ago, but just enough to scare the crap out of myself. I started thinking about it again a few months ago and found this site. I read enough to realize that although it is surgery, it will be well worth it. I also started asking around and found several people that have had a BR. I had my consult 3/31 with Dr. Chen at Richmond Plastic Surgeons. I felt like I had learned so much already, I didn't have too many questions. Dr. Chen said that my insurance (Anthem Healthkeepers) requires him to remove 420g on each breast, but he is actually estimating 650-700g on each breast. I told him a "c" or "d" would make me happy. He smooshed me around in front of a mirror to give me an idea of the outcome. The nurse took 5 pictures for my insurance. Although I took a file with medical history (chiropractor, neurologist/headaches/nerve stuff) he did not need any of it. I was told it could take up to 4 weeks for my insurance.

I was contacted on 4/10 (yep, less than 2 weeks) to schedule my pre-op and surgery. My pre-op is June 2nd, and my surgery is June 15th. It will take place in their surgery center (but a major hospital is next door) and the surgery itself should be no more than 90 minutes. I am very nervous as this is my first surgery, but I am so excited to finally get it done.

This has completely consumed me for the time being (the excitement grows by the day). I check this website at least once a day noting anything that I may need to get or do prior to surgery day. I am so thankful to all of you that have posted and commented, this has all helped push me forward into finally doing it. The only pic I putting up for the moment is a recent in my swimsuit top (yea, from one of those outrageous $$$$ specialty stores that we have to shop at).

I think my biggest concern at the moment is the same as others...will they be SMALL enough??? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

What a Relief!

My Breast Reduction was Monday morning. I was so nervous but Dr. Chen and his team are wonderful. After meeting with the anesthesiologist he put something in my IV and I remember saying that is nice. Next thing I am waking up. I was there at 7am and home by noon. First day mostly tired. Second day, a lot of burning/stinging and soreness but nothing I would consider dire pain. I did take painkillers on schedule, which probably helped. My first shower was yesterday and that was an event. It feels so odd taking the compression bra off. So much weight gone from my chest that my shoulders an back feel very different . Taking that shower was a very slow process. I did not like the feeling of having no bra on so I ordered a second compression bra. I am not sure how much was removed, but they are small and perfect!

I also had immediate relief from my occipital neuralgia. This is something I was dealing with for the past couple of years. It is from muscles in my back and neck compressing a nerve in my head. I have been to countless doctors (neurologists, orthopedic, general practitioner) and had many tests (mri, eeg, nerve conduction, ct scan) which resulted in some terrible medications and injections in my head. Even on a good day this cause me some discomfort. When I woke up from the surgery it was gone! My head, neck, and back haven't felt this wonderful in over 2 years.

Long Past Due

I get so busy reading everyone else's post that I keep forgetting to update mine. On day 7 I was walking through my house and all of this liquid started pouring down my side. I called my plastic surgeon and went in immediately. Turned out to be a blood pocket. Although I didn't feel any pain from it, I was slightly terrified when it happened.

Other than that minor thing I think my healing has been good. I went in at day 16 and had my tape removed, along with some staples and stitches (all on the underneath incision). That was quick and painless. I bought my scar cream that day and will be able to start using it in the next couple of days.

I still have some slight swelling in one and a few very small scabs. No real bruising from day one and overall I would say the pain was not bad. It really was just some discomfort and stinging.

Having this done was the best decision. It has already improved my life by resolving the pain in my back, neck, and head. And it helps that I have been able to buy regular swimsuits and tank tops.
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

After having decided to have a breast reduction, Dr. Chen was my only consultation. He is an extraordinary plastic surgeon. I felt comfortable and confident in his abilities from the first moments of my consultation. He explained the procedure, answered all of my questions, and gave me a very realistic idea of the outcome. Insurance approval was quick. My surgery was performed at their surgery suite, which meant I received a lot of individualized attention. Everything was quick and smooth the day of surgery and I was home resting that afternoon. Dr. Chen has is truly gifted with aesthetics! My new breasts are not only perfect, but the surgery alleviated a great deal of physical pain from having large breasts. I will recommend Dr. Chen to family and friends, as he is a very talented surgeon. The entire team at Richmond Plastic Surgeons, from the nurses and anesthesiologist to the front office staff are all wonderful. Thank you for everything.

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