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I have always been small chested and unsatisfied...

I have always been small chested and unsatisfied with my proportions. I am very hippy and unbalanced due to my small breast size and I have always said that one day I would get implants. Since my teens I have been a small A cup, but when I got pregnant several years ago, my breast really grew and I fell in love with having larger breasts. Once my twins were born and I started to breast feed, I was a D cup. After I stopped breast feeding and lost the 70 pounds I had gained, I was left with a little saggy skin and very little tissue. I was actually smaller than I was BEFORE pregnancy.

I have spent the past year doing research and looking into the risks and benefits of implants. The more research I did, the more I wanted them. This website was really helpful to me in making my decision as well. I was referred to my doctor by a friend who had gotten beautful results from him several years ago. I went to my consultation appointment in July and then scheduled my surgery for August 31.

I really struggled with deciding on the right size of implant. I did not want ANYONE to know that I had gotten the surgery so I was really scared of going too big. I did the rice test and liked the look of 360 cc. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted people to be used to seeing me with bigger breasts so I actually wore my rice inside a D cup bra for about a month before my surgery. Its not that I care what people think, I just dont think anyone will understand my reasons for getting the surgery and frankly its not their business. I dont feel like I owe anyone an explanation.

At my pre-op, I tried on several different sizes and actually liked to look of the 390 cc implants. The number scared me but my PS explained that 30 cc is not that much. He also told me that he did not recommend going over 400 cc for my body size and type. I felt that I ought to make it worth my while and go for a size that be bigger but still natural for my body. So I decided on the 390 cc saline implant under the muscle. I should mention here that I am 5'6, 140 pounds and a 36A cup bra. I am very bottom heavy and curvy. I wear a size 6/8 pants.

My surgery was 5 days ago. I took off work for several days and my husband took off to take care of me and the kids. I was VERY nervous about the surgery and was worried about post op pain, blues, bad results, etc. I just didnt know what to expect. I went in at 7:30 am Friday morning where they made me change into a gown and they started my IV. I just kept thinking that I was crazy for doing this and I kept laughing about it. But I remembered my reasons for my decision and the support from my husband helped a lot. Once they took me back to the OR, I was given something in my IV and I was out. I woke up in the recovery room really sore and cold. My arms hurt more than anything else. Not sure why. The ride home was rough. We had an hour to drive I had left my pain meds at home. When I got home, I took 2 demerol and went to sleep. After waking up serveral hours later, I was surprised at how good I felt. Over the whole recovery process, that was the only time I have taken the demerol. I just havent needed it. Friday and Saturday I spent the day laying around and watching TV and sleeping. By Sunday, the soreness was letting up but my back was starting to really hurt from sleeping on my back every night. I was also really wanting a shower, but had been told by my PS not to shower or bathe. My husband washed my hair in the sink and helped me take a sponge bath. That helped me feel a lot better. I have had EXTREMELY oily skin on my face since the surgery. I was wiping my face with alcohol swabs it was so bad. It is still pretty oily.

My first post op appointment was yesterday and my PS took off my tape so I could really see the results. They look amazing but they are sitting VERY high up on my chest. I am hoping that they will drop quite a bit and fluff. They also look a little smaller than I thought they would look but I happy with the implant size. My PS said everything looked good and gave me the go ahead to take a shower. I still have to sleep on my back and I cannot wear a bra that will rub the incision site. I really dont need to wear a bra right now anyway so i bought some camisoles to wear until I get the green light to wear a bra.

I went back to work today, and it was some what difficult. Opening and closing doors and just normal activity really wore me out and made me sore. Even though its only been 5 days I;m ready to feel normal again. Its hard not to rush the recovery process. Anyway, my plan is to update weekly and to post pictures of my progress. Other peoples reviews on this site was so helpful to me in making my decision so I'm hoping by telling my story and I can help out someone else. :)

It has been one week post op and each day is...

It has been one week post op and each day is getting better. The soreness is easing up and the "morning boob" is much better. Sleeping on my back is getting reall old. I wake up several times a night with a back ache. This morning I woke up at 4 and just couldn't get comfortable. Other than things are healing well.
On Wednesday, I started to get kind of concerned..I felt like the implants were under my armpit. Everytime I moved my arms, I would hit the sides of the implants. Over the course of the day they started to feel sore and after the second day it was more annoying than anything. I guess they were just dropping? Not sure but they seem better now. I'm still under instructions by my PS to not lift anything heavier than a magazine. At first it really bothered me but it's forced me to relax. My husband has been great and does the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. There are so many advantages to this :) I I go back to the PS on the 17th for another follow up. He says he wants to see them dropped more and the incisions. Completely healed. I'll give another update then. Really hope to see lots of dropping. I really wanted a natural look and I still have some form of frankenboob.

Today is my three week anniversary :) and...

Today is my three week anniversary :) and everythings is going great. I went to my doctor on Monday and he said that the incision were healing very well and that I could start doing massages. I really thought this would be more fun. Its really not massages...more like squeezes. At first, it was really uncomfortable (my doctor said that I'm still very tight). But I can tell since Monday that they have softened and losened up a lot. I asked him if I could start sleeping on my side, wearing bras, and working out. He said "yes" to sleeping on my side but no to the other two questions and that I need to wait for the 6 week mark. I really miss working out but I understand the reason behind waiting. I dont want to jepardize my results or the healing process. But... I really need to start wearing a bra. It's getting cold outside...and I have to wear cardigans and sweaters at work because my nipples show through my clothes :( I also asked him how long he thought it would take before my breast finished dropping. He said for me it would take a little longer. Maybe 6-8 weeks. Which is fine with me! I think thats pretty fast!

As far as pain/discomfort goes, I really dont have any. At times, I will feel soreness in the side of my left breast. But my 3 year old son accidentally hit me with the refridgerator door last week and left a bruise, so I think its from that. They are definately dropping and are healing wonderfully. I forget that I have them and they already feel like a part of me. They look very natural on my body and I feel so great in my clothes and of course around my husband ;). I am so happy I made this decision and its exciting to know that they are going to look/feel even more natural.

Today has been 5 weeks since my surgery. I have...

Today has been 5 weeks since my surgery. I have been doing my massages daily, but not as frequently as my PS recommended. I still feel that they are really softening up and dropping a lot. I dont have anymore discomfort or soreness. I can sleep on my side just fine and I can finally cuddle with my husband at night :) I really forget that I have them because they feel like such a part of me. And they look so natural on my body. I have not told anyone about the surgery. The only person that knows is my husband and my sister. Last weekend was the first time really being around family since my surgery and I was afraid my mom would notice. She looked me over when she first saw me and just said, "Honey, dont lose anymore weight. " Haha my husband has said that my implants look so natural that it just looks like I've lost weight in my stomach. Which is totally fine with me!!
I'm getting anxious to go out and buy bras. I have one more week before I can start wearing them. I'm glad because its getting colder in VA and its hard to find clothes that my nipples dont show through. I had bought a 34 D cup bra before the surgery to do the rice test with. I could barely fill the bra with 400CC of rice. Well, I tried the same bra on the other day and it looks AMAZING!!! So I guess I'm a D cup now? I really want to get measured to be sure though. The D cup sort of cuts into my breast. So maybe I'm a DD? I really dont understand how larger bra sizes work. Is the next size up from 34D a DD? Or is it 36D? Or would I be a 36C? Arent they the same? Hmm..kinda confusing. A-B cup is all I have every known! I will give another update after my bra shopping trip next weekend!

10 week update: At 10 weeks, I am very pleased...

10 week update: At 10 weeks, I am very pleased with my results. They have continued to drop and soften up. I went around some family members that I havent seen in a while and someone noticed and actually asked me about it. I just told her that I had recently gone off my birth control and it really has been doing some crazy things to my body. So I think it worked. My first bra fitting was pretty unpleasant. I went to a local Victoria Secret and got measured. She measured me at a 34 B....which is around my previous bra size. She told me to try the B and a C. Well neither all. Like the C wouldn't even cover my breast. So I told her that I needed a D, but after trying some on I wasnt sure if I needed a D or a DD. The sales associate was not helpful and told me that she really didnt know and that they didnt have any DD for me to try on. So I left empty handed and really discouraged. Several weeks later, I went to another VS in another state and it went SOO much better. She measured me at a 34DD and helped me find the right style. She also showed me how a bra should fit. It was such a great experience. I go back to my doctor next week so I will give another update after the appointment!
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Dr. Deconti has been wonderful from the beginning. He has not hesitated to answer my questions, and is very clear in explaining risks, benefits, sizing, etc. He even encouraged me to email him questions, which I did. He quickly responded and it was the weekend! I have been blown away by his professionalism and his quality of work. Staff is great as well and very personable. They even sent me flowers post op which was very uplifting.

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