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I will try and get to the point and make my first...

I will try and get to the point and make my first post short and sweet. I feel like being on here I don't have to explain why I decided to get implants because everyone reading this wont be quick to judge because they probably want a BA or already have one! I loved reading about girls experiences and seeing their progress in pictures. It has really helped me out a ton on deciding what exactly I want and having realistic expectations. So I decided to post my own experience on here to help other girls. After 50 pound weight loss I have lost all volume in my breast and went from a very full C to a small B.
I had my post-op appointment yesterday and my PS and I decided on Mentor Silicone Memory Gel 400cc Moderate Plus Profile. He said that is the biggest I can go without having a ton of side boob and he will place a 400cc sizer in during surgery and if he thinks it looks too big he is going to go with 375cc. He said it should put me at a D/DD cup.

I started taking pre-op supplements I got offline( I did tons of research on the product and what supplements help the best with recovery). You start 2 weeks before and then after surgery I have a post-op supplement kit I take for 30 days.It contains no vitamin E or herbal supplements and I also made sure to get the OK from my PS to use them.

I also got my prescriptions during the appointment. I have
Percocet for pain.
Valium for sleep and muscle relaxation.
Phenergan for nausea.
Augmentin for antibiotic which I will take 1 the day before surgery.
Docusate for a stool softner.


I forgot to mention I am 5'5 and 128lbs and getting them under the muscle!

Thinking about the negative reactions from people...

As the days are getting closer and closer to my surgery date I am starting to think about how I will get mostly negative reactions from family and friends..or people that I run into in a daily basis. I haven't cared to think about that subject because I don't care what anyone thinks about me getting a BA. I have only told my parents,boyfriend, and a few of my best friends. But then I just started thinking I wont be able to keep it a secret from everyone once I get them done. Not like I would want to hide it anyways. I know I am going to have a whole new glow to me and want to show off the new me as it should be. I just don't care to hear negative things being said and I am not going to sit there and explain why I did it to every single person I run into...which leads to them talking behind my back because they don't understand and that just pisses me off thinking about it.

I wont go into full detail to try and not make this longer than it is but this year I have made a transformation psychically and mentally. I have grown so much as a person and have so much self love now. I found my passion and career path in fitness. It has change the way I think about everything from life to people and everything else. I learned to worry less because it doesn't help the problem in any way, to not judge people because you don't know their life, if I want something and have enough passion I have the power to achieve anything. That's why I honestly don't care what peoples negative opinions are anymore. Since my career will be in fitness I also want to be able to throw on any sports bra and not worry about it having padded inserts and since I worked hard for the body I wanted and have no power to make my boobs bigger naturally then why not get a boob job if it makes me happy?

I learned that if someone is doing something you dont agree with and it doesnt effect your life in any way or endangers their life then you have no right to judge them. Now people are going to say "well you are putting your health at risk by getting a BA." ...I can drop dead right now, get in a car accident tomorrow, get murdered, etc...Does that mean I shouldn't leave my bed and live my life because something bad MIGHT happen? NO. I believe when your time is ready it will happen no matter where you are or what your doing. Anyone should also be smart about it and do their research before and make sure they have a very good PS who cares about your safety before anything anyways. Now do I agree with someone getting a cosmetic procedure because they want to look like someone they idol or they dont have self love and think changing their appearance will make them happy when it actually wont? No it does not and nor does it effect my life in any way and thats why I dont judge them. If something makes you truly happy then do it! Life is too short to be miserable.If you honestly cant sleep at night because someone got a boob job then you need to reevaluate yourself because the real problem is with you.

I feel so relieved just getting my thoughts about this out even if no one reads this.Thank you for reading this far. I hope it helps some girls deal with negative comments differently.

I would love to know if anyone else feels the same way?

Fitness- Post Op

After reading so many reviews from girls on here I noticed everyone is stressing about their weight they gained after surgery or can't wait to get back to exercising...which is totally understandable. But you have to be smart about recovery and don't rush things. When you get breast implants your body doesn't know what you just did, and takes it as an injury. The body instantly goes into recovery mode and starts immediately trying to repair itself. Your body reproduces completely new cells that make up your body every few months so I would suggest trying to eat more nutritious foods that way it will help speed up recovery (allowing you to be able to work out harder, sooner). Most importantly listen to your PS's advice on when to start working out and how hard. I wouldn't weigh yourself right after surgery because your body will hold a lot of water weight for a while and if you see you gained 10 pounds or so in a day or 2 that will just stress you out even more and you need to focus on recovery. Just let your body go through the motions. It knows what it needs to do and if it wants to hold water for a little or makes you bloated, don't stress! Since you can not work out for a few weeks, the best thing you can do is have your diet in check. That will prevent you from gaining weight. Starving yourself will not make you skinnier and it is awful for your body. Your body needs food to fuel itself. It will be working extra hard repairing itself so healthy foods is the best thing for it. If the body does not have any food in the system it will turn to your muscles for energy and that is very bad .Also the less muscle you have, the less calories your body burns by just being alive. Muscle is very important to the body! If you do find that you did gain a few pounds over the month or two from not being as active, dont worry about it. It is better to be safe and not exercise too soon and injure yourself or your implants, putting you out of the gym even longer and more problems! You can always burn those extra few pounds off once your all healed up anyways! If your getting your BA within the next few months your in luck because you can always cover your body up with extra layers since it will be colder out anyways. :)

I lift pretty heavy weights and I have decided that I will no longer include a Chest day in my routine. Yes it is important to work out your pec muscles to prevent injury but when you do other upper body exercises like bicep,tricep, etc your chest muscle is the secondary muscle that is getting worked out so its not being neglected. When you do start to do upper body again, i would start with light weights and add more until you are comfortable with it. If you feel any pain at all from your implants. STOP. Don't force anything that doesn't feel right. Another tip I recommend is to drink plenty of water pre and post OP. The extra water pre-op will help hydrate your skin, making it more expandable for the implants. Post op it will help a lot keeping the bloating down and flushing out toxins.

I already got my PS's advice on working out. Within 4-6 weeks I can start working out my upper body again. I plan on taking long walks after the first week just to get my blood flowing and since I go crazy if I cant work out. If i feel like I have enough strength I am going to start lightly training my lower body in week 2 but probably closer to week 3.

6 days to go

Less than a week now! Still hasnt hit me yet that its really happening. I started making a list of all the things I need to get done this weekend like clean my house,grocery shopping, etc. I have been going extra hard in the gym all week and being extra strict with my diet so if I do gain some fat from the time off coming up I wont feel as bad. Plus I know I will miss lifting heavy and wish I went harder before the surgery. My PS wants me to keep my surgical bra on for 3 weeks post op... I hope I can wear regular sports bra and not just that one. I will wait to ask when I see him the day of surgery. I have been coming across girls BA that have the same breast shape and tissue as me and their after pictures are amazing. So I think my results will be exactly like I wanted! Crossing my fingers!


I know you can show your PS all the wish boobs you want but most of your results will be based on your anatomy. In this before picture I feel like I have the same anatomy as this woman and my dream boobs are her results. I looked at the shape of her breast, and how close her breast meet eachother. So hopefully this is how mine turn out!

The keller funnel technique

The link above describes the keller funnel technique. My plastic surgeon uses this method for silicone implants which significantly reduces the risk of capsular contractor and many other issues. When choosing a surgeon to do your BA I would highly reccomend choosing one that uses this technique. It also probably means they are very experienced because it is not something a new PS can normally do!

2 more days...

Ah getting so excited, but kind of scared. Just hoping everything goes well. I got so much done this weekend. Filled my prescription's, laundry, scrubbed the whole house, and groomed the dogs. My amazing boyfriend even steam cleaned all the carpets! Also went and got a body pillow so I can wrap it around my sides to help me sleep sitting up. Figured I could still use the pillow even after I heal instead of the awkward wedge pillow.

HOLY S***!

....Sorry had to get that out of my system lol. In 27 hours I will have my new boobs! There is a part of me that is calm and cool and another part of me that is screaming with excitement. Last night I waxed my eye brows,bikini area, and under arms. That was my first time waxing under arms and man did that hurt!! But since my doctor wants me to keep my arms down the first couple days I figured it will be nice to not worry about having stubble! So my mom lives 2 hours away and is coming down tomorrow morning and staying till friday evening when my boyfriend gets home from work and then he can take care of me during the weekend. I thought that was very sweet of my mom and am excited to spend some time with her and just relax. I dont go back to work till next Thursday giving me a full 7 days to recover so hopefully that will be enough. I sit at a desk for most the day so shouldnt be too bad. I told my boss I wad getting surgery but didnt say for what..and I got the impression they think something is wrong and worried because I said I cant lift anything for a while when I get back. I might tell them(they are a couple) but I dont know yet.

The past 2 nights I have been having crazy boob dreams and I keep thinking im going to get killed somehow before I get them because its too good to be true lol. I just want to get this over with so I can see how my body handles it. So many people on here have had a lot of pain to barely any pain so I dont know what to expect!

Today is the big day!

Just a quick update. Just srrived at the hospital and got checked in! Keep me in your prayers please. I will update when I join the rest of you girls in boobieland haha

All done!

Just got home from surgery! I got there at 10 am and had surgery at 12. They put the bair blower on me which blows hot air under your gown...felt so good. I was very calm the whole time until everyone staryed coming in to prep me and said in a few minutes we were going to the OR so he injected something to make me calm. I was instantly loopt and remember maybe the first minute in the OR then I woke up in recovery. No nausea at all so far. Very tolerable pain. Just a little in between my breast. They gave me a percocet before I left. I go and see the doc tomorrow at 1. Sorry if im not making sense or being short, I am still kinda loopy.

morning of surgery

So I ended up getting 400cc on the left (I think) and 425 on the right. He said I was a little uneven from my scoliosis I have. Soo happy I could fit the bigger cc's instead of 375 though! :)

post op day 2

So yesterday after surgery I basicalky stayed up till abouy 10om just taking a percocet and half a valium because I didnt want to scee up my sleeo schedule too much. I then took a whole valium and percocet before bed. Set my alarm for 2 am and 7am and took them. Definetely felt the morning boob but once I took my meds and got uo I felt a lot bettet. Slept pretty well with my arm pillow in bed. Been feeling the bubbling every now again under my skin. At first it felt like my necklace fell off and thr chain fell down my chest, thats how mild it was but then I realised I wasnt wearing a necklace.. haha. Feeling good today. Just got back from my post op appt and saw the nursr since my PS is in surgery. She said she was amazed how good I looked 1 day after and that she was jealous haha. She said in between my boobs are swollen so it looks smaller than what they will be. I cant wait to drop and fluff and get a nice shape! She told me no icing so it doesnt mess up blood flow. I can wear any sports bra that isnt underwire too.

day 2 results


I wasnt nauseous at all after surgery, and thry gave me graham crackers and apole juice to take my perc with. They also out this "bair paw" gown on me that blows hot or cold air on you and you have a remote to control thing ever. My PS said when I got home to chug 2 big bottkes of gaterade to help flush out the anesthesia and my system..and I honestly believe that helped me from not bloating too bad too so I suggest gaterade ladies! Also when you need to get uo from your couch,chair or bed use your core muscles and glutes!! It helps so much taking the pressure of your pec muscles to get up.

Bloat is no joke...

If you check out my last small boob pic i posted the morning of surgery and compare it to this one....ugh. oh well drinking plenty of fluids trying to help it go down.

day 3

Smwoke up at 2:30 and 7:30am to take my pain meds and then woke up at 9am and wasnt in to bad of pain. Havebt taken any pain meds so far but just bought tylenol extra strength to take if needed. This is TMI..but I made my first boweo movement today!! So happy it seems I am healing up very fast. No bruising at all either. Here are pics from this morning

2 days cont.

LADIES! Go out and buy some of these sports bra's for post surgery. They are so soft and comfy.

Post Op Day 4

I tried to update yesterday but for some reason the website wouldn't let me...I am still of my percs. I am just taking Extra Strength Tylenol and last night I took a Valium to make sure I got a good nights sleep which I did and help muscles relax. Woke up earlier than I wanted to because my back was starting to hurt sleeping sitting up. I took this pictures as soon as I woke up. I am not suppose to do any massages until I go in Friday for my check up and then my PS will show me what to do. So I basically just keep my bra on 24-7 not worry about them. Yesterday my best friend and god son came into town and I went out with them for a few hours walking around the mall and to a playground...I don't know if it was because I was constantly walking but I noticed my boobs started to vibrate and gurgle like non stop...hopefully that was the swelling making its way down. Then when I got home and laid down it hasn't done it since. I am amazed I have no bruising still...but still swollen on the side of my rib cage and in between my breast. I just cant wait until they drop and get some shape instead of just being boring rocks on my chest! I don't even feel like trying on clothes yet. I am just very grateful I am having a wonderful recovery with no complications so far *crosses fingers*

Post Op Day 5

Good Morning girls! Feeling better and better every day. I noticed as I was getting dressed this morning its a lot easier to move my arms above my head. Still going to take it easy reaching for things high up though. I am going to go shopping for new tops today! Hopefully that will go well. Still off all pain meds except for Tylenol and a valium at night. I am still taking stool softeners which have been helping tons with the bloat. I cant massage my boobs yet but I have been pushing the fluid down with my fingers that built up between my breast. Kinda weird to feel it...but in this comparison pic i took this morning you can tell my crease is getting more visible so the swelling is going down! Hope everyone is healing well!

PO Day 6

Starting to get shooting pains every now again...nerves are coming back. Every morning when I wake up I take a comparison pic and keep seeing little progress :) Still have to take it easy lifting things and changing clothes. I can sometimes feel my pec muscles move and that doesnt feel very good....Definitely coukd have gone back to work today but I will enjoy the next 2 days off and rest more. I bought some tops yesterday and for the first time I actually loved the way I looked in every single top. Such an amazing feeling. Im loving my new boobs!

1 week post op!

Cant believe its been one week already! Back to my normal self, except for lifting heavy things and working out. I return to work tomorrow. Ill have to get use to not taking my daily naps! Haha. Feeling pressure every now and again on the bottom of my boobs so they are starting to drop and they are also a lot squishier now! I will update Friday when I go see my PS for my one week post op and start massages.

One Week Post Op Visit!

So today is day 9. I just left my PO visit with my surgeon. The nurse was taking out my stitches and said I need to be on a billboard because they lookee so good lol. Then in the middle of her doing that my PS walks in and his face lites up and said "when did we do surgery again?? You are one of my superstars!" He was just amazed how fast I healed already and the shape of them. We went over massages even though I started them yesterday on my own. He wants me to start stretching out my oec muscles by raising my arms above ny head,walking my arm up a wall, and using a doorway to pull my arms back. Ill do the massages 4 sets of each, 4 times a day for 3 months. I told him I was amazed I didnt have the "frankenboob" everyone seems to get and he was like "uhh whats that?" And I said you know the boxy sitting up high look post op and he goes "oh noooo I dont give those kind of results, no one really sees that here". Makes me love his skill level that much more. Start light cardio back up in a week. Lifting weights week after. He said I wont drop too much, just get softer and fluffy.Ill see him back in a month!

Also I have no boob greed.Dont think I will either. I think they are perfect for my size and very full like I wanted. Overall I couldn't be happier and glad I picked a great well known plast surgeon which lowered my stress SO MUCH because I knew he would do a great job having such a good reputation to up keep.

First time back in the gym...

...aaaand even though I only did very light cardio I felt my body wasnt ready yet. I know I am suppose to wait a few more days to go back but when your in the gym 6 days a week and havent been back in almost 2 weeks its hard to just lay around and do nothing. Yesterday we celebrated my boyfriends birthday and I had wayyy too much I felt like I needed to burn some off today. I did the stairmaster for 45 min on level 6. Which didnt get my heart rate up past 160 so I thought that was fine...but I definitely should have been more careful raising myself up onto it.I coulds tell my internal pocket incision did not like that. My boob feels better now but staying out of the gym till Wednesday(2 week mark) just to be safe. Love the way my body looks in my workout tops now and no more padded sports bras! Here are some pics of the way they look in my gym top.

just wanted to add photos

4 days so far using scar gaurd...

Amazing difference already!!

1 week after starting massages.

So its been 16 days since surgery. Seems like forever ago. Been sleeping on my sides all week just fine with no discomfort. No pain at all anymore, but did notice when I was doing the stairmaster at a slow pace my internal pockets get adgetated whenever I get the blood in my body flowing. Not so much pain but I feel like I can feel the new incision inside if that makes sense...Hopefully that stops by week 3 or 4 when I get the ok to start regularly working out. I have been doing my massages now for a week. They are so much more squishier now they feel like a real boob and I knoe its just going to get better and better. I do 4 sets throughout the day of 10 reps each. Up.Down.In.Out. and hold for 10 seconds each.

Post Op Bra-brand: Hanes

This is the bra I have been wearing post op. The brand is hanes. I got them a few years ago but still see the style around at walmart and such. When the nurse saw me the day after surgery she went to put on the post op bra but then quickly switcbed to a bigger size because she thought the first one would squeeze me to death but I just felt like the one she gave me wasnt tight enoufh so I just started using the Hanes bra. Hugs me perfectly. Just wanted to show you why I feel like its a good post op bra because you can step into it and raise the straps up so you do not have to raise your hands over your head.

1st week results using "Scar Gaurd".

It says you will start to see real results in about 4 weeks. I am already pleased with the results this early.

Before/ After

Pretty sad that you cant even tell this is a push up bikini top on the top photo. Since I lost all volume in them not even a push up bra could make them plump up...Obviously I knew my new boobs wouldnt fit in my old bikini top but this was the first time I actually out them in something other than a sports bra and I can honestly say I LOVE them. I cant wait until I start wearing normal bra's out and get this cleavage in shirts.

23 days post op

So its been a little over 3 weeks now. Last Monday & Tuesday (4th&5th) I started lifting things at my work again (between 10-20lbs) on and off all day and I thought something was wrong like I injured myself because in my right breast there was non stop pain like in my internal pocket. So I started to freak out a little thinking I was bottoming out or CC and was going to call my PS but took a pain killer then Wednesday morning I haven't had any pain since.....Guess it was just my muscles not use to the weight and had to get use to it. I went to the gym and worked legs and stair master with no pain from getting my heart rate up again so very happy about that. It's weird, like I am magically OK to work out right at the 3 week mark but before then my body was telling me it was too soon...Doing another round of legs today and stair master today. Then Monday I will start my 5-6 day gym routine back up. So happy!

I am a 34DD!

I got sized today at Victoria Secret and the lady said I was either a 34DD or maybe a 34DDD but I tried on the DD first and loved the way it fit so much I didnt even bother asking to try on a DDD. Thought that was way too much...I have no over spill in a DD so thats why I didnt bother going a size up. I bought 2 bra's. I know my boobs wont change so much in size over the next couple months that I will need to go a size bigger so I went ahead and got nice bra's. I told her I wanted a bra that I can wear under a tight t-shirt and look seamless ( didnt want push up bra's yet). I tried on many different styles and I ended up with "body" and "fabulous".


1 month update.

Feeling great! I just started lifting upper body on Friday because it no longer hurts when my chest muscles flex so I knew I was ready. Started with light weights to ease back into my routine and felt no discomfort during or after working out. Even jogged on the treadmill for the first time too. Made sure they didn't bounce and had a supportive sports bra on. Here is a photo of the evolution of my boobs over the past month. In some photos it looks like one is bigger or facing out more but I noticed it all depends how I'm standing and how my arm is placed but they are the same size.

2 month Post Op

2 month update! I feel like it's been so much longer! Still feeling great! The only tip I want to give is...When you think your done healing..Your not. And when you think all the swelling is's not. Haha. I saw the rest of the swelling disappear within the last 2 weeks I feel like. Still fit into my 34DD bra though. I was using "Scar Guard" for scar treatment but up until a week ago. My P'S just formulated his own scar treatment that is locally made and is prescription strength instead of over the counter. So far I love it. It is silicone based so it blends in smoothly and doesn't peel off like scar guard. I have even been using it on an old scar and have seen improvement I that. I will post before/afters soon.

5 months post op!

Here is a quick update to show you my new breast's in outfits over the past couple months so you can see how they look in clothes and on my body if your the same size as me! :)
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