Mentor Smooth Round Cohesive Silicone Gel Submuscular 350ccL / 375ccR Mod+ Inframammary incision 32B/34A to FULL C/Small D

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I am 30yo 5'4" 130lbs 34A/32B my measurement are...

I am 30yo 5'4" 130lbs 34A/32B my measurement are 33"-27"-38" I am pretty muscular with broad shoulders, big round bubble bottoms and I have no problem building muscles the only thing that I don't have are my breasts that proportionate with my body and curves. I always wanted the large boobs since I started to have them when I was 12 and soon after that they just stopped growing at an A cup size so the only way I can have them is to go with a BA.
I am happily married for 6 years now my husband extremely happy with my body and curves (bottom parts of course) so he is not totally agree with my decision but super supportive and understand that I do thins for myself and not everyone else we are not planing to have any children as my husband has already had 2 from his previous marriage but we are open to it if it just happens I've never been on birth control or any other medications never had any surgery or health problem never broke anything on my body parts so this BA thing is quite a huge life changing and huge decision for me but I know I always want them. I went to the consultation with Dr. Zemmel last month 2/11 and decided to go with him as he made me felt really comfortable and confident that I have made the right choices for myself. I decided to go with the silicone 375cc on the right and 350cc on the left as my left boob is a little tiny bit larger in size than the right the silicones will be place under my muscles with the crease incision. I have put my 25% deposit down on the beginning of March and just paid in full 2 week before my surgery date on 3/7th so NO going back now and I just wish for the very best and keep thinking in all the positive ways possible.
I have done a ton of research and reading a lot in the past couple month and that how I came across this awesome supporting community and have been enjoyed reading everyone stories and results so thank you so much for that!
Now I can't believe that I only have 6 more sleeps to go. I have most of my to do list and shopping list done. 
and print them out I feel that it is very helpful and easy to follow. After read a ton of reviews I have purchased the Make Me Heal Pre and Post OP vitamins & supplement kits and have been taking the Pre OP since last week. Dr. Zemmel said that I am very healthy and I don't really need them but I always want to make sure that my result and my recovery are as smooth as they can be so little more effort from my side not going to hurt anybody. I also have a little problem with how my scar healing in the past so I don't want to take any chances.
My journey is just beginning and I am so glad I found such a supporting community that has gone or going through the same experiences that I can be a part of. I am open for any questions, suggestion and comments if I can help anyone in anyway please feel free to contact me.

Only one more sleep!

Sooooo excited!!! Only one more sleep before the B day! I just finished talking on the phone with Dr. Zemmel. He called to check on me and helping me answered a few of my last questions and concerns before my surgery day tomorrow he is so sweet, kind, honest and professional. I am feeling really good and calm. I have everything set and ready to go. The house still need to do a little small cleaning and I just need to give my two puppies a bath so they smell good when they cuddle on the couch with me tomorrow after the surgery. I still need to pack my mini bag for tomorrow and all of those last minute to do list should only take me about an hour an hour and half or so to get them all done. I still have to work in the morning today from now until 2pm then I will go home and do all of the last minute things.

What!!!?? Now I just found out that my hubby can't drive me to the hospital tomorrow morning due to his "JUST" pop up work schedule but luckily he can pick me up afterward so I need to find a driver and hopefully my little sister can help me with that. As much as I planned everything ahead of time but it always something over my control but oh well.. I have to keep thinking positive and I can't wait to see the result of what my new ladies will look like after tomorrow and hopefully they will heal and drop some what before my trip to St. Martin in May.
I love love love the staffs, Emily and my PS Dr. Zemmel at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery so I know that I will be in a good hands tomorrow :) and Now just let the fun begin ;)

Ready to meet my new ladies!!

Bag is packed and got everything check off from the Pre-Op check list! My surgery tomorrow has moved up from 1pm to 11am so I have to to be at 9am and that does play well with me as now my hubby can drop me off and pick me up yayyyyyy Please wish me luck ??????????

One more goodbye ;)

One more sip of water before midnight. I am so excited but I will try to sleep good tonight :D Thank you everyone for you support :) See you in the bobbies land!

Boobies land**

Boobies land**

All done!!

I had such an easy surgery today everything went sooooo well. The st. Francis hospital is so awesome and I felt like I was checking in to The Intercontinental hotel or something lol. I am able to walk, eat and drink right after the surgery when I woke up. I had some crackers and ginger ale with my pain med at the hospital before I left. I drank 2 big bottle of Gatorades and can of ginger ale when I got to helped me flushed the anesthesia out of my system. Now I am having chicken and noodle soup for dinner :) I don't feel nausea at all and my pain level is only about level 2/3 with pain med. Thank you so much for all the best wishes ladies! You ladies are my rockstar! xoxo

My 1st Post-Op Appointment! I finally get to meet my Twin :)

I went to my Post-Op appointment today with my little sister. I am feeling great but still try not to over do anything. My sissy drove me to my PS office she carried my purse and opened and closed the car door for me and did everything I asked her to. I know I know she is such a sweetheart.
We got there at 3pm but we have to wait for almost an hour as my PS had surgery that took longer than he expected. After the nurse took off the supper itchy surgical bra of off me and asked me to sit down for my PS to take a look. My PS said everything look great and said that I can take a shower tonight. Yayyyy! But my only concern was my scar on my right side underneath my crease is really swollen and look puffy I hope it will eventually go down and flat as time go by (my fingers crossed!) my twin still feel rock hard square shape and super tight and sore around the incisions area but I know that they will eventually drop and get softer in no time so the only thing I can do is try to be patience and taking care of myself. I am still keep up with the pain med every 4 hours and the muscle relaxation med every 6 hours and also the antibiotic med twice a day. But I have no problem with being regular every morning so I don't really need the stool softener med. I am very happy with the size I got (350L/375R Mod+ Round smooth Silicone) I just can't wait for them to drop and look more natural and hopefully the scars are just faded and disappear.

My way to keep up with all the medication

Still drowsy from the pain med but I am not in much pain anymore (level 1-2 out of 10) so I will stop using the Oxycodone tomorrow and will use extra strength Tylenol instead. Have a great journey everyone and good luck to you all :))

The progress :)

Still high and tight! Can't wait from them to drop and soft.

No more pain medicine

I am feeling much better now without any pain but just some minor tight and soreness at the incisions and between my boobs. Today I decided to stop taking the Oxycodone for pain and switched to extra strength Tylenol instead. Now I'm on the 3rd day post-op I'm still taking things easy no lifting not even a metal spoon nor fork as the plastic ones seem to work better with my arms strength level lol. I went out for a walk with my hubby and my puppies a couple times to just some fresh air but rather than that chicken noodle soup, yogurts, my king size bed, wedge pillow, TV and Netflix are my best friends :))

Day 4th (Almost) back to my normal self

Since I have been off of the pain and muscle relaxation Med yesterday afternoon I don't feel drowsy anymore so today I am back to work for a few hours to do payroll (my hubby is driving me) as you know when you own your own business it is not easy to be out of work for too long (3 days is way too long for me) lol. Oh well, enough talking about work so let's talk about after BA bras (without underwire) Every bras that we allowed to wear after BA are bothering me big time and non of them are my friend. They are rubbing me the wrong way and giving me rash and bumps! So I am bra less at least for now until my incisions are heal. Also when I use coco butter to massage on my breasts (not on the incisions) to keep them soft and hopefully stretch mark free I still feel a little numbness but also feel that the nerves are coming back slowly more and more everyday so that is a good sign. :) I am so in love with the size of my boobs now as they are not big and not small as I've never wanted to have a fake boobs look so this is perfect for me. My only concerns now are how the incision scars will heal after I have a green light to massage my boobs I hope that will help them to get more closer together and softer than they are now. Good luck healing ladies :))
P.S. Don't forget to updates your journey I love to read them very much ;) Have a happy Sunday.

Day 5 Post-Op and feeling fantastic!!

I woke up this morning around 6am with a little bit of morning boobs today with some tightness as i don't take any pain pill anymore but that is about it. The rash from the first surgical bras has gone down and not itch anymore (thank god!). Toughing my boobs a lot today after rubbing them with coco butter and just war to see how far can they get a little bit closer lol. The twin still numb around the bottom part, the nipples have gained the feeling back. Oh I took my fist shower yesterday by the way at 4 days post-op and never felt so good but haven't wash my hair tho :( My PS told me that I can take a shower on day 2 but my sweetheart asian mother told me to wait until day 7 so day 4 sounds about right for me (2+7/2=4.5) Lol. I have my hair appointment this Friday right after my 1 week Post-Op visit so it should be fine as long as I keep my hair out of my face!
Let's talk about my twin boobies! They feels so good today beside the morning boobs. I am super happy to see my puffy right side incision is getting less puffy and more flat today yayyy. My left incision is still doing good and getting better as well. My boobs skin are not itch anymore so I think that the coco butter 3+ time a day help. I love their size they are so cute and fit my body. I can't wait to try on bikinis, tops and dresses but I made a promise to myself that I will not try on anything until after my 1 week post-op visit this Friday so you will see me in all kind of things after my OP visit this Friday ladies. Please stay tuned lol.
Talk about love: My lovely hubby not only brought me lunch today he also drove me to my mani/pedi appointment and wait for me oh how sweet of him right??? After almost 6 years married (4/18) and 10 years together he still know how to charm me :D (BIG SMILE)
I am almost feel 100% today if I can just get my hair wash and color touch up this Friday I will feel like a million bucks! No one can stop me and my twin now so watch out world Lol. (I know I LOL "A LOT" if it's annoying I am sorry I just can't hide my happiness lol)

Hubby drove me to my mani appointment

Let's go back to one day Pre-Op. The nurse called me one day before my surgery and told me to be there by 9.30am and to take a shower with antibiotic soap that night and the next morning, no make up, no lotion, no deodorant, no nail polish so since then I haven't have anything on my nails nor wear deodorant and lotions beside my coco butter on my twin 3-4 times a day lol so today as my hubby picked me up and drove me to my mani appointment at 12.30p and wait for me. After they all done I felt so pretty and what a great feeling that was! Thank you honey! I love you!!

Before and After (more boobs and bloated)

They are still so high up my neck but I want to enjoy the moment so now I don't mind if they are dropping on they own time frame so I won't try go rush the process :)) My belly before and after was a big different as well lol

Last 2 summers before BA

Hi girls! I miss summer so badly! It is now Spring but my hometown is snowing! WTH!! Right??? This Spring lady need to get her act together or something lol. These are my pictures from last 2 summers (2012 & 2013) in bikinis with flat chest even though all of my bikinis have padding! Lol I can't wait for this summer to take my twin outside to see some sunshine in the island somewhere. :D

Post-Op day 6!

I can't believe that it has been almost a week since my BA!! I am planing to go out for lunch at one of my favorite French restaurant today with my friend and getting myself and my mind ready to go back to work tomorrow for a lttle bit (3-4 hours) and at full force this weekend. It has been so nice staying at home with my puppies (Monet & Vincent) and had time to taking care of myself more! I have done a lot of things that I never have time to do before as I always on the go and always in such a rush (I like to do things fast and like to do a lot of things at the same time). I did finally have time to use my teeth whitening tray again, put mask on my face, deep conditioning my hair, watching all of the stupid reality TV shows that I always miss and drink a lot of water in one day more than I will ever remember to drink while I am on the go in a week! It'll be so hard to fully going back to work this weekend but I also remember how much I love my job and love to work so I need to just jump in to it and see if I still remember how to swim ha! Have a great Tuesday everyone. Take a great care of those Tatas!! :)

Post-Op day 6 incision scars

Forgot to add the most of my concern pictures!

Good read: How to Preventing or Minimizing Scars After Surgery

Preventing or Minimizing Scars After Surgery

The Link :) of How to Preventing or Minimizing Scars After Surgery

One week Post-Op Yesterday!! YAYY

Too busy with everything to post yesterday but I took some pictures from yesterday to share tho ;)
Wow how fast time flies!
It has been one week already since my BA surgery with Dr. Zemmel last Wednesday 3/19/14 at around 1.30pm (so as my "10th year anniversary to live in The USA", land of freedom hope and dream that I am privileged and grateful to be here). I have been doing very well regarding of healing but in the past 2 days (day 5&6) I feel like I did certain things that I shouldn't do such as lifting things (not heavy not more than 10lbs at a time) driving in short distant, raise both hands above my head, small cleaning because I feel super normal and I sometime forgot that I just had surgery less than a week! but after all of those activities my boobs still feel fine not sore nor tight anymore but just feel itchy, tingling sensations here and there and still some numbness around the bottom near the incisions.

Based on "MissDelta" (realself member that I've been following A LOT as she has BA just 1 day after me and we has the same stats and choose the same CC and incisions except I went with silicone vs saline)
She has 1 week Post-Op visit yesterday and from the story her PS said that the itchy & tingling sensations that she & I've been having are because of the nerves are repairing themselves (thanks god!) and regarding of how my incision scars are raised because the PS did that intentionally so that when the incisions heal they will heal flat vs. them being flat now then healing into a indention type of scars! So now I feel much better my appearance and feeling! Thanks to MissDelta ;D

My one week Post-Op visit is tomorrow (Fri 3/28) and I can't wait to ask my PS all of the questions I have this far and to start massaging these babies so they will look more natural and soft!
I wish everybody have a great healing & stay positive :) Happy Thursday! :)

Then until now at 1 week Post-Op

8 Day Post-Op!!!

Yayyyy to have made it pass one week mark! I went to VS today and bought 7 of the lace Bralette as they are on sale to $10! I was debating between sz.small or medium so the VS girl measured underneath my bust line and it came to 27.5 so I went with Sz.small and it fits me perfectly and they are so comfortable but not but so supportive tho. I have my one week Post-Op tomorrow at 11am with my PS so I will ask him to see if I am allow to wear something like this yet. Sleep tight everyone

9 Days Post-Op Today!!

9 Days Post-Op Today and so as my 1 week Post-Op visit that I am getting ready to go to so just a quick pictures update. I am glad so that the swelling and my bloated belly have finally gone down. The boobies getting a little bit more soft and drop some. I am not in pain, tight nor sore anymore expect nipples are super sensitive yesterday and still some today!! OMG I guess the nerves that associated with the nips are coming back big time! Lol Have a great weekend everyone TGIF!! ;)

I went to my one week Post-Op Visit appointment today

I went to my One week Post-Op visit with Dr. Zemmel today and I was late!! My appointment was at 11am and I was so excited and planned to be there 1/2 hour earlier. I put the watch that I haven't worn for a while so guess what! It still have the old time so I ended up made it there 1/2 hour late lol. Becky and Ashley at the front desk are so sweet to me and I didn't have to wait long at all even thought I was late. Dr. Zemmel said that everything looked great and I can start massage them 3-4 times a day for 3 set each time
1st, push them up 2nd, push them down 3rd, push them together and 4th, push them apart.
The massage was surprisingly not painful to me at all and it actually felt really good I guess I like it rough!!?? haha no pain no gain right? I don't know that if I like to massage and touch them way too much..can I massage them more than 3-4 times a day? Will 5-6 times a day boobs massage too much and will it hurts my boobs?? Hmmm...(Just like when you have a new twin babies and you wonder how often can you kiss them a day before they get germs from you and get sick of you lol)
I am getting more and more in love with my twin everyday. Thy are just like my perfect new born twin babies that start to have more and more personality as days go by. My PS ROCK! Love him

I made it @ 10 Days Mark! Whooo hooooooo...

Boobs-Xercise Day 2 & Post Op day 10 Wheeeeeeee.....

Boobs-xercise Day 2. I love doing the Boobs-xercise! It's so much fun and now my numbness are almost gone 100% Yayyyyy and they are so cute, squeezable and getting so soft! I am in love :)

Wish everyone have a great Boobies weekend! Mauhhhhhhh

Never would've thought in a million years that I look good in sth like these!

OMG!!! Never would've thought in a million years that I look good in something like.........these stuffs!!!!

Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I'm happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do :)))

More pics ;)

12 Days Post-Op

12 Days Post-Op and on the 4th days of bOObies-xercise and my chest muscles still refuse to let it go... My twin are still flying high (but no longer square thanks god!) and they have been dropping in a very slow pace. I guess a lot of hard core chest workout that I used to do at the gym and at CrossFit play a big roll here as the chest muscles just don't want to relax but at least my twin are moving/healing on the same pace on both sides. I think I just need to be more patience and that's not me lol Have a HAPPY Monday everyone!

Auto Correct on my phone!

Play a big role**

2 Weeks Post-Op today!!!

11pm now and just got home from work!! What a long day.
I am at 2 Weeks Post-Op today!! Yayyy..
Surprisingly after my BA my down time is so minimum (3 days). I am back to work at day 5 and now I can do most things that I used to be able to do before BA but still can't (not going to try to) do some heavy lifting, heavy exercise, etc. but I am very happy with my results so far and can't wait for the surgical glue to come off (next week hopefully) so I can start using the scar cream and as you can tell from the pictures of my incisions I have never played with the glue lol as I want it to take all the time it need. Happy Healing everyone!

Can't wait for the summer!!

Only 2 weeks down the BA journey but I am so ready for the summer and so over the cold weather!! Hope everyone doing well and have a happy Thursday! :D

3 Weeks Post-Op Today!

At 3 Weeks Post-Op Today and the glue is finally came off and the incision scars look pretty good Yayyyyy.. I am also start using Scarguard this morning I also have Kelo-Cote so I am not sure which one will give me the best outcome on the type of scars that I have but I feel like the Kelo-Cote is much easier to use but take longer to dry than the Scarguard.
I will ask my PS this coming Friday at my 3 weeks Post-Op appointment to see which one should I use. Anyone has any suggestions or preferences?

Can't wait any longer!

I am at 3 weeks post-op mark and I just can't wait any longer to shop for bras and to know my new bra size will be.
At first I was going to wait for at least 5 weeks before going to shop for bras but now with 6 secret reward gift cards in hand and $10 off bra and free panty coupons I couldn't say NO and WAIT any longer Lol but at the end I am quite proud of myself as I only bought 3 no wire bras and only use 3 secret reward cards so I still have 3 more left to use at the end of this month before they expired ( I'm planing to go back to VS again 2 weeks from now after my 5 weeks post-op). The exciting news: my new bra size is is is sizeeeeeeee 34D!!! (still can't believe it) so now I only hope that the twin won't change much in bra size after they're drop and fluff. Talking about D&F, one story out of many stories that I read today from Sjoh86 have given me HOPE after I saw her pictures that shown that she hasn't started to drop and look good until week 14th post-op. She had very tiny breasts tissue to started with just like mine and now I am only at 3 weeks post-op so I still have a long wayyyyyy to go before the twin look more presentable. Now I can really see the light and a brighter future. Whooooo hooooo :D Happy Thursday everyone!

1st day back to exercising (Almost 4 weeks Post-Op)

In black fitted sweater dress

Today outfit: Black fitted sweater dress with VS lace Bralette underneath. My new twin are very proportionate with my curve don't you think? Have a great week ladies! :D

4 weeks update :)

At 4 week post-op the baby twin are soft and bouncy but yet had not dropped enough to where "I think" they suppose to be. I will give them another 5 months and see how they will be. :)
Today I am a free woman so I went to the gym for about an hour to worked on some light cardio, core and flexibility then I went to the zoo and did the obstacle course with zip line thing with my friends and let me tell ya it was a lot of fun but supper challenging with a lot of upper body workout that I've not dare to do yet "until today" since I had my BA. I did many climbing, pulling and holding on "for my life" but I did it and finished it. It took us almost 2 hours to finish! Luckily afterward nothing hurt nor sore all of my breast muscles still attach thanks god for that and I am still alive, that is the most important part yayyyy :D Let's cheers to that!
P.S. At first I thought that it's going to be just the 1 long zip line with no obstacles that's why I said yes to that but it end up to be 9 zip lines and 15 obstacles I should have asked before I pay!! Lol
Hope everyone having a great week so far. And Tomorrow TGIF!! xoxo

1 Month and 5 Days Update!

I am one month and 5 days post-op today. Life has been so crazy busy so I didn't have a chance to post on my 1 month mark but here we go just 5 days past 1 month and I made it back on RS. It has been an amazing experience so far since my BA. I have such a quick healing and recovery. My incision scars still hard to the touch and lumpy. They start to get very itchy every now and then but the scars are healing really good in my opinion. The twins are also doing good they are dropping in a super slow pace but at least they are dropping so I can't really complain about that. I can now sleep on my side with my hands up above my head (that is how I normally sleep) with some tiny bitty minor discomfort here and there but not enough for me to change my position. 98% of My morning boob is also left the building along with my numbness yayyy. I am still massaging the twins at least 3 times a day and still put cocoa butter cream on the them along with the silicone scar gel on the incisions.
Today I left work early and went straight home when I got home while it is still sunlight I found my house unpleasantly dirty especially the floors and I can't no longer stand it so today I vacuumed all the floors, rugs and carpets for the first time since my BA and OMG I'm feeling soooo great afterward as now my floors are cleaned and my boobs are doing great!! Hope everyone had a great week so far it is almost weekend so hang in there! xoxo ;)

12 weeks Post Op

Hello ladies, It has been a while since my last update so I just want to stop by and add more pictures for my 12 weeks/Almost 3 months Post-Op. My recovery has been amazing I could not be any more happier with my result and the size (32DD/34D at VS) I am so glad I picked the size I got as now I can't imagine them to be any larger than they are now as (for me) they will be too much to handle and will get in the way of a lot of things so this's mean that I am no longer have the boob greed lol. They have dropped nicely and look super natural and soft.
For the past 2 weeks I've been back to my normal workout routine and have been taken step class, body pump class, Insanity class and I was able to do push ups and chest workout at almost my normal chest workout weight yayyy. My incisions are healing very well I am still doing the massage at least 3 times a day to keep them stay nice and soft. The numbness is 98% better just a little tiny bit numb around the bottom. After my BA I am look better in clothes and no longer need push-up bra nor insert padding so all backless dresses and tops are my new favorite :) Hmmm I don't know what else to say they are just awesome!! :D
I hope everyone out there are doing well and having a speedy recovery and healing amazingly! Have a great weekend! xoxo

1 year, 2 months and 10 days update

I haven't been here for so long and wow life has changed! I hope these one year update pics help with anyone that interested in BA and has the same stats as mine. My BA has healed beautifully in the past year they are more fuller and closer together now more than the early stage post op. Also please take this to your consideration as now I am 4 months pregnant so my breasts are a bit larger/fuller than they were when I was fully healed and when I was not pregnant. I am still wear the same bra size tho (VS 34D) but they are must fuller. I do love the size that I ended up with (before pregnancy of course) I think I've chose wisely for my body frame now since I am pregnant they are a little bit too big for my liking but I know that they will eventually go back to their normal size ;) And I have been super busy with life so I haven't been to my 1 year post op appointment yet once I go to see my PS again I will post another update pics. I will try to go soon before my belly get in the way lol. Hope this info help :)

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