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I'm going to start by saying I read and read and...

I'm going to start by saying I read and read and read about Botox for nearly 3 years, made several appointments and later cancelled them afraid of some bad side effects that I've read so much about. I'd finally had enough, the 1 in the middle of my forehead depressed me and made me feel like the whole world must think I'm mad at them, I felt unapproachable, so I finally decided to just go for it prepared for anything that might happen. I went to the same occuoplastic surgeon that performed my lower Blepharoplasty in May figuring if I could trust her for that I should be able to trust her for a few quick injections. I prepared by taking 1 Xanax (which are prescribed for me to take as needed, I generally take no more than 2 per month) and a friend loaned me an EPI pen (because my anxiety was kicking in, what if I had a strange allergic reaction?). Armed with those and some Advil incase I got the Botox headache, I cleared my schedule for the weekend incase I got the Botox flu. Its now been 2 days, while I've yet to see any true results I'll start by saying it didn't hurt at all, the needle is so tiny (we didn't ice, do EML or anything). I did not get any weird sensation when it was inserted, I did not get a headache, no flu symptoms as of today, basically much ado about nothing. While they say it takes a 3-5 days to start seeing results with full results in 7-10 days at the end of day 2 I am seeing a slight weakening of the muscles already. I had 25 units in the glabella and 10 across the upper forehead. I can still scrunch and make the lines appear but it already feels a little more relaxed and the 1 is not as glaringly obvious. I'll continue to update as the days progress but if everything stays on course as it is, I'm going to kick myself in the rear for waiting so long to try it.

Day 5.....

Day 5 and its coming along nicely, everything looks relaxed but I still have movement. I would liken it to feeling like when you put a mask on your face and it starts to harden, you can still move but it feels a little stiff but not uncomfortable at all. I would be pleased if what I have today is all I get, I didn't really want a frozen look, but I know its still kicking in so not sure what it will be like in a few more days. Still no headache, flu symptoms or anything, wish I had had the nerve to do this a few years ago.

Day 7 and something strange

Well today is day 7 and I've had a little strange experience in the last 24 hours. Things were coming along nicely on days 5 & 6, yesterday afternoon I started feeling a little unwell, a little feverish and just off. I can by no means blame this on the Botox, as I have chronic sinus trouble that comes and goes, and it was nothing so severe that would prevent me from trying Botox again even if it was, BUT the strange thing is after that I woke up this morning and have regained about 60-70% of the movement between my eyebrows. It leaves me wondering if my body didn't send out a fight against it, which is why I didn't feel so great a couple of hours before the movement increase returning. I definitely still have some results but not as strong as it was 1-2 days ago. In all fairness if this doesn't work I have no one to blame but myself. See my doc wanted to start with 30 units in that area, being a Botox virgin and a little nervous I wanted to start with 20 units, we compromised and did 25 units. I'm thinking in hindsight she was right and 30 units would have been a more appropriate starting point, and who knows I might need more than that. I will give it a full two weeks, but I'm already considering a top off to get it back to where it was if it doesn't kick back in.

Day 10 and I'm very satisfied

I don't know what happened between days 6-7, but here I am at day 10 and very pleased with my results, I will definitely do it again, but will probably let her do the 30 units between the eyes that she wanted to do in the first place.
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