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I'm of Asian decent. About 5'4", 132 lbs., average...

I'm of Asian decent. About 5'4", 132 lbs., average physique. I've always had a flat chest and a small butt. In the sixth grade, a boy told me he wouldn't date me unless I got breast implants. It was a joke, but I think it stuck with me deep without even knowing it. In middle school, I remember boys talking about big butts and making rude comments like, "would you like some syrup with that pancake?" It was all very jokingly and never bothered me at the time said.

I grew up the shy one. The unpopular one. The one who didn't have her first boyfriend til junior year of high school. I never felt pretty. A lot has changed since then and I've gained a lot more confidence. I've become more social in small groups. However, I'm still the girl in the corner who talks to no one and nobody notices. I'm still shy, timid, hesitant, introverted, and it holds me back from a lot in life.

I remember I stopped growing as soon as I got them. I've been wearing a 34B til just recently realized A fit much better. I was told that breasts didn't fully develop til the age of 21, so I needed to give myself a chance. I've ALWAYS thought about breast implants. Most of the time, I thought they were something I could never attain. I imagined them to be a ridiculous price of $20,000 or more. I was always drawn to full and hourglass figures on women. A real woman has curves, and I wanted them.

Many years passed and the thought slowly became just a dream. Sometime last year, a co-worker revealed that she was going under the knife for implants! It was so reassuring to know someone my age going through the same thing. When I found out how affordable they were, I couldn't have been more excited! The flame of the idea grew brighter than ever. She had been saving up and researching since she was sixteen. She said DeConti's office was always kind and helpful to her throughout her decision making. I trust her research and her results look amazing. I set up a consultation with Dr. Robert DeConti earlier this year. I actually forgot about my first appointment and I felt so horrible. The desk girl was really nice and said, "It happens to everyone. Would you like to reschedule?" Everyone was very nice, knowledgeable, and fun (which helped me be more comfortable).

I've had to push back the surgery twice due to my job expanding and the holidays. My pre-op appointment is December 17. It will also be my consultation for lip augmentation as well. I decided last minute to get my lips done the same day as my breasts. I'm more than certain because of my small size I will only be allowed to go up to a 34C/D to eliminate risks of stretchmarks, infection, and pulling my stitches out. Everyone says a large C will be more than enough on my body, but I actually like boobs out of proportion to the rest of the body. I'm just under a month away from my surgery date and it hasn't dawned on to me yet. The desk girl said, "You'll be waking up hotter than ever!" Haha. I know my life is going to change a lot for the better. I am doing this for me, because I DESERVE THIS. I am worth more than I think I am. I am a more amazing person than I let myself be. I'm holding myself back and I'm honestly tired of it. I want to live life and be happy with who I am. After many failed relationships, I know that I can't make someone else happy til I'm happy with myself.

I live only once. I might as well have the body I want while I'm at it, right?

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I had my pre-op appointment yesterday morning and...

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday morning and it didn't go as well as I expected. I arrived right on time and immediately went into the back. I was told pictures would be taken, I'd try on sizers and talk financing. I wear a 34A bra right now and would love to be around a 34D/DD, but I know that's not how this works. For the rice test, I went all the way up to 3-3.5 cups of rice. Perhaps my mind is skewed, but like I said before... I like BIG boobs on small bodies. I like the fake look. With that said, every sizer I tried just wasn't big enough for me, so I ended up finally settling on 480cc. By then, I knew I was pushing it and another size would most likely be denied by my PS. He took several photos and measurements. He didn't question my implant size, but I did bring it up if it was safe enough to go that big. He said it was definitely big. Almost 500cc and he didn't recommend going any bigger. I'm surprised that I will be allowed to go that big and that kind of worries me. I'd rather have two surgeries to get to my size safely than going too big in one and having complications. I'm a little afraid of how wide they will look on my small frame, but it's mainly the high profile and round shape I want. I'm upset like hell, but I feel like this is never going to happen. This is just another obstacle. This whole thing has been very exhausting. I even feel kind of pressured to go through with it under the breast, because it was a huge ordeal to get enough time off at work. Now I'm looking at possible post-poning or even canceling the entire surgery. UGH.

I honestly have no idea what to do.

I'm sorry. I left a HUGE chunk out of my previous...

I'm sorry. I left a HUGE chunk out of my previous review. Right after I mentioned the implant size and shape, SHOULD have been the following:

The consultant and I went into a small office and I read over TONS of consent forms. It took about 15-20 mins. I tried reading as much as I could. You know, it all sounds much worse than it really does. Anything that could possibly or has possibly gone wrong, they have to warn you about, but that doesn't mean it will.... or won't to you. We finally started going over pricing. Talking deadlines and methods of payments. Something popped into my head that I forgot to mention. I piped up and reminded her to tell DeConti that I wanted my incision under the armpit. She kind of halted in her thoughts, and said, "DeConti only does under the breast." He ONLY does it under the breast? I thought I had an option. She explained it and it was as if a huge storm cloud formed above me. He later came in and explained further that he doesn't perform the armpit incision, because:

1. It's more difficult to place the implant.
2. He's performed a lot of revisions on females who have gone to other PS's with the armpit incision.
3. He's seen a lot of lopsidedness, unevenness, & implants being too far apart with that incision.
4. The risk of complications increases significantly.
5. Choosing the armpit incision vs. breast incision is "making something really simple more difficult".
6. If the armpit incision didn't heal well, it would be visible with sleeveless shirts.

He further explained that he COULD perform the armpit incision, but strongly discourages it. I kind of felt cornered. I felt pressured. But I knew what I wanted and I planned on sticking to it. I said that I would think about it and get back to them before this Friday (two weeks til surgery). In my opinion, I'm paying nearly $6,000 for beautiful new BREASTS, not beautiful new ARMPITS. I'd rather have my scar anywhere, but my new investment. Makes sense, right?

Now the last part of my previous post may make more sense now. Sorry.
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Through a friend. She had the exact same procedure after much research. Her results look amazing!

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