32 Yr. Old Mother of 3 Boys...time to snatch my Waist Back! - Richmond, TX

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I have followed Dr. Ahmadi for 10 years now, but...

I have followed Dr. Ahmadi for 10 years now, but being that I was not done with child birth, I have patiently waited to focus on ME again! I went for my initial consultation in January and everything was just as expected. The staff is great and Dr. Ahmadi is very patient and detail-oriented. My surgery date is booked for 5/3/16 and I can't wait!

The countdown begins...6 days

6 days away from surgery, and I am finally at the stage of purchasing all of the necessary supplies, groceries, and tying loose ends at work and at home. Although I have dreamed about this day for 10 yrs, anxiety is starting to set in. Photos soon to come...I was hoping to get down closer to 170's or 180, but currently I am 187lbs and 5'3".

Photos 4 days before procedure

This is me now at 187 lbs. Sit-ups, cardio, nor weight training has succeeded in defining my mid-section. After the birth of my last son, the weight did not fall off, but with weight watchers and vigorous exercise, I lost 60 lbs (gained about 18 lbs back). Still those last 20-30 lbs were the hardest to loose.

Food Prep

Also cooked chicken noodle soup and caldo de res soup for recovery period. Other foods for pos-op include: chicken breast, tuna steak (protein), peanut butter/apples, fruit cups, oatmeal, and protein shakes.

Surgery completed 5/3

Surgery is complete and I couldn't have chosen a better MD to perform my Lipotuck! Best part of all is MO drains! The pain is manageable and very similar to a Caesarian. I am having to depend on my husband for assistance in/out of bed. I go for a follow-up appt today so more to come...

Very Satisfied with my Lipotuck

Just as expected, the Lipotuck procedure occurred without a hitch and I am very pleased with my results and it is just 3 days post-op! Even if I didn't have swelling, I would be completely satisfied with my results as they are today! Dr. Ahmadi is truly gifted and I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone considering a tummy tuck!

9-days post op

Pain has subsided, which is tricky because you still have to take it easy even though you may feel you can start doing normal functions. Every time I go somewhere, like out to lunch, I come home feeling "tight". No pain other than the "tight" feeling and itching at the the incision site. Ironically, with the muscle repair, I get full a lot easier than before...maybe b/c my stomach does not have room to bulge out anymore.
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