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Hi, my name is Jazminn I'm 27 years old and I live...

Hi, my name is Jazminn I'm 27 years old and I live in the bay area. I have had boobs since elementary school. Like literally breast that needed a bra. I don't remember a time I didn't have big breast. I've always looked older than I really was and got too much negative attention from older boys and men which I'm sure was because my large breast. It seemed like my breast almost instantly began to sag. I've fluctuated weight my whole life, but not enough to make my breast sag. On top of that I have large areolas which I hate just as much as the sagging.

Fast forward I've always had great health insurance, but never thought I could get a breast reduction completely free of cost. One day I emailed my Dr. and asked him how I would go about getting a breast reduction. He referred me to a surgeon and soon as he seen me he said I was a candidate. It was weird having an older man fondle my boobs but by any means I needed smaller breast. I ended up getting a date for some time in May 2015. We were some time in 2014.

Fast forward some more I got married Dec 2015 and was pregnant by January almost immediately after removing my IUD. That meant I couldn't have surgery right? I didn't care I was too excited to be somebody's mama. I had actually forgot about the surgery until they called to confirm in which I informed them I was pregnant.

Had my beautiful daughter Phoenyx October 2015. My breast grew from a 40f during pregnancy to a 40g. And even bigger when my milk came in. Not sure how much bigger though because I'm still squeezing these balloons in a 40g. Right now my boobs are massive and saggy and i literally hate them. You know how irritating it is for family and friends to constantly tell you how big your boobs are like I don't see them every day. Like FUCKIN DUHH!!! Sometimes I wonder how my husband is even attracted to me. He reassures me that he married my boobs too when he married me so he doesn't have a problem with them. Love will make you do some crazy things.
Anyways early 2016 I decided to try again for a reduction which i was approved for basically immediately. And we decided to aim for late June early July. At the time I was on a weight loss journey so my surgeon said it was best to wait until I was done so my breast wouldn't sag from weight loss. I lost 25 lbs and as of now I gained all but 8 lbs back. Long story short my husband had to be hospitalized for a month due to a life threatening car accident so after that it was all fast food and no time for gym. He's home now and better, but my motivation for the gym is gone.

If I happen to lose weight again after this and my boobs sag a little I don't care it feel like anything is better than this plus I don't think they will because I never lose weight in my breast. I know I will be weighed and my surgeon will probably comment on how I gained weight but I don't care.

In order for a reduction to be not considered cosmetic you have to have some type of pain from them. Both surgeons never asked me if I had pain. My boobs are just that huge it's assumed.

Okay I rambled enough. Surgery is on the 29th. I'm so scared and excited at the same time it's all I can think about.

The day finally came!!!

So surgery was yesterday morning and I just woke up feeling like WTF did I do to myself. The pain is In the bottom crease of my breast and on the sides where the drains are.
About yesterday. Post op was at 9:30 surgery at 11:30 till about 4pm. Everything went smoothly far as timing. Everyone was really nice made me feel really comfortable. I was so excited for this procedure don't think I ever had a nervous moment. Just a "wow this is really happening" feeling.
It felt like it went by really quick. All I remember is the nurse saying "you're going to feel a little woozy" and then I woke up from a dream. First thing I said was where is my boobs? I felt like I had a double mastectomy. I'm so used to having huge hanging boobs to look down and their right on my chest felt weird. Feels weird. The surgeon said I might be 2 lbs lighter when she got done she ended up removing 5lbs from me. That is a lot. I'm worried she may have made them too small, but she reassured me she left plenty, they're at least a D and kept telling me how perky they are. My only issue with that is she's like a small A so I don't know what a lot to her is. I still wanted big boobs, but not huge. She said they're proportionate to my body. The nurse said she sits you up during surgery and is very particular. I kept hearing how great of a surgeon she was and how lucky I am to have her.
I won't get to see my new boobies until August 3rd when I get my drains removed. Honestly though the way I feel now I don't even want to see them. I was okay yesterday. I made me soup and even muffins for dessert. Now today I feel like a truck ran over me. I think yesterday the numbing medication I heard the Dr. is so generous with was in full effect now today it has worn off.
Also my forearm where the joint is hurted horribly when I woke up and it had gotten better from me stretching it now after sleeping again it's hurting again. I'm going to include a before picture for now since I won't have an after till Wednesday so you can see the big balloons I was carrying around. When I look at that picture I wonder how I found a man to love me enough to marry me with those things. I feel like he won't show much enthusiasm about my new breast because he doesn't won't me to feel bad about the old ones.
Feel free to ask me anything about my experience I didn't already mention

Finally looked!!! (Pic)

Finally got a little peek at my new boobies. I have a appointment this morning at 10 am and I'll get a better look then and also my drains removed. I hope my Dr doesn't really think I was going to wait 5 days to get a look at what she did to me. At first I had no desire to look because I was in so much pain I was afraid I was going to hurt myself, but I got the courage to look last night and I must say I am satisfied. My surgeon did a awesome job far as I can see so far. I feel like the picture makes them look bigger than what they are. I was expecting them not to look so good so early compared to what I've seen on this sight. I think having the drains help them heal a lot better. I don't really feel swollen at all. I'm sure there is swelling, but it's not obvious where. A lot of people's breast look big and boxy like they're about to burst. My assumption is the reason why is because they don't have drains to help get rid of all the excess fluid. So yes they are irritating as hell, starting to hurt and itch like hell but I can tell they help.
Anyways like I said doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully after then I won't have to be so bandaged up. But I just wanted to show you a little peek at them.

1 Week Update, A few more photos and boobie talk

Okay tomorrow makes 1 week since I've had my reduction. Had a doctor's appointment yesterday and thought I would be getting my drains out, but didn't. She looked at my log and said I was draining to much fluid still and wouldn't want to have to put the back in. I totally understand why but OMG I'm so tired of these things. They are so uncomfortable and hurt like hell. It's like having underline under your skin and where they go in the skin is so sore. The tape holding them in place is loosening up and I keep accidently dropping the drains and pulling the tubes. She said I can get them out in 2 days without an appointment show I'm showing up at Kaiser tomorrow and doing everything I can to get these things out. I CAN'T GO ANOTHER DAY!!! It's like having under wire in your skin.

At my appointment the surgeon said everything looks good. She took the tape from under both my breast and down one of them. I think she just forgot to do the othe . She told me to start putting Neosporin on it. It kind of disgust me to do it. Makes me cringe to feel myself stitched together like that. I feel like I can fall apart lol. I feel like bride of Frankenstein to be real lol.

I got the okay to wear a different brand long as it has no under wire and is supportive. It's easy to tell when a bra is not supportive enough because the weight of my boobs will hurt wear my incisions are and that not comfortable at all. I was able to buy 6 bras for about $25 between sears and a store called DD's that's like a Ross. Awesome compared to the $70+ I used to spend on 1 bra and their actually cute. A couple were 1 size fits all which before I could never wear and the others were a 38 D a size I assumed I was, but I feel like I may be able to fit a C in some brands. My boobs actually went all the way into the bra and didn't keep creating a double boob like I normally have. I know there's a lot of women here who can relate to the double boob. I remember the days when I had to wear a bra with a sports bra over and a tank top over that just to keep these tig Ole bitties under control. Now I only have to wear something to keep this belly under control. Lol.
That's all I can think about to ramble about tonight. I'll include some pics I took today and yesterday.
Also my boobs feel so small when I grab them and when I look at them but look bigger on pics

Just Checking In

Crazy I'm still embarrassed of my before picture and I don't even look like that anymore. Everyone obviously knew I had big breast, but nobody knew I had big ugly breast. My mom was so shocked at how happy I was to have had this reduction. She said she thought I was okay with my breast being big. She doesn't know I'm not just happy to be rid of them just because of their size, but because the way that they look. My husband was literally the only one who knew I hated my breast and I only just recently told him when the reduction date got close. He had to notice that when I got dressed in front of him I always turned away a bit so he didn't get a full view of me. Or maybe he thought I was trying to hide me stomach lol. He still says he didn't find anything wrong with my breast and I'm like how could you not? Feels good to be confident in front of my husband for the first time.

Anyways got my drains out the day I said I was going to see if I could have them removed. Friday. The receptionist told me they were busy, but after me telling him how uncomfortable I was and would wait if I had to he squeezed me in to see my surgeon in the next 10 mins. When she came in and saw me she had a look like why are you here again. I pressed the issue about the drains so she just took them out. I figured if people can make do with no drains at all then 7 days was enough. Most of all I was so tired of sleeping with those things. I just couldn't do it another day. My husband has been my bodyguard when it came to my 9 month old Phoenyx making sure she didn't pulled them because let me tell you she has had her eye on them. I was pretty scared it was going g to hurt because of stories I've read on here, but she pulled the 1st one out before I even had a chance to panic and the 2nd one was just as easy. She said I had a lot of fluid leaking from my left side but I didnt give a damn I rather that then those drains. Ugh. Let me tell you though I walked out of there feeling %50 better. So much more free and sleeping is so much more easier.

Anyway I have a new bra addiction so here is me wearing them lol

Up close pics

Just wanted to show you all how they look up close. The scarring the sutures and all that stuff
Dr. Trang Nguyen

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