36 Years Old, 34-I, 2 Kids, Breastfed - Richmond, BC

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I wore a A cup in grade 6, B in 7, C in 8, D in...

I wore a A cup in grade 6, B in 7, C in 8, D in 10, DD in 11 then I ran out of bras in my small town. I'm now a 34-I as in eye!!! I have 2 kids and I breastfed both for a total of nearly 5 years straight. I finally booked my reduction for this November, 2016. I'm not scared at all -just excited!

9 weeks to go

Getting excited as I count down the days to my surgery. I'm hoping to loose a bit of weight (me and everyone else!) before I go under as I've gained about 20lbs extra this past year. I think I may have been an H cup when I was lighter so still huge!!

Button up shirts!

Bought some button up shirts today for post surgery and realized that if I'm able to do them up (as in 9 weeks from now), that they actually suit me well. Looking forward to a new wardrobe or more likely just finally fitting the clothes I already own.

Squishing in

I could never find a racerback sports bra that fit so I squeeze my way into a 36DD or 36DDD. I wonder if these bras will actually fit me after.


It's 7 weeks until my surgery and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Wanting to be completely ready and not knowing what to get. I wonder what others found to be the most essential post surgery things to prepare. I have 2 little kids and I'm sure I will need some support to get them to and from school and activities. I know getting the surgery is the right thing but I'm getting nervous about the aftercare.

Great boob fail

I'm 6 weeks away from surgery and so excited to see how my own clothes will fit. 2 years ago, I was at my brothers wedding and ordered an infinity dress. I did heaps of research and the dress looked great on everyone in the reviews. It arrived the day before the wedding and I only had a moment to try it on. The wedding was far away and we ended up being rushed to get ready. I couldn't figure out how to fit my 34i boobs into the dress that literally seemed to fit every other woman in the world. It was a huge fail and my boobs flattened out to the sides, squashed in the front. I had no way to fix it so spent the entire time avoiding photos with my family that had come thousands of miles to attend. There is a picture of me holding my child in front my chest. I felt so embarrassed. I had a speech planned but when the time came, I stayed where I was and didn't bother. I've never felt so awful and going through this process has reminded me of all the times I have felt sad and embarrassed by my large breasts. How many Halloween costumes I've looked stupid in. How many times at the gym where I feel like everyone is watching me on the treadmill or when my boobs become squashed together in the middle of exercising and I contemplate whether or not not fix them and feel embarrassed if someone sees or not fix them and feel ugly. Gosh, I'm so through! I'm not too worried about the surgery and I can't say I wish I had done it sooner because I was able to nurse my children who have severe allergies so maybe through my struggle I have helped them. Now it's my turn and I wish I could go in tomorrow. I wonder if that dress will fit after. I can't wait!!

4 weeks away

I always noticed that my right breast was larger but have never been so aware of the size difference until now. I've also never taken photos of my boobs from all angles either!
I'm 4 weeks away from my breast reduction surgery and I'm going in with a lot more questions.
I'm curious about symmetry and if that's even possible when starting with at least a 1 cup size difference.
Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous. I think about the surgery constantly and want to be totally prepared for the recovery. I don't feel too nervous though. Just excited when I imagine life with smaller breasts. I'm hoping for a D cup but I would be pleased with a DD. Anything is better than H or I.

Bra straps

The weight of my breasts have drawn my straps into my shoulders. I realise this isn't the best bra (straps are 1 inch wide) but I'm so close and refuse to spend any more money on these huge boobs. I like wearing workout type clothing and so much of it is racer back. I like the shoulder and arm freedom that a racer back bra allows but the draw backs are sore shoulders and resulting headaches. Phewph! 4 weeks!

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment this week and it went very well. Dr. Watts is comfortable to be around and to share with. I brought in a typed up list of questions and she took the time to answer all of them. I was feeling nervous up until that appointment but I don't feel that way anymore. I have some asymmetry and she said that she will be bring them closer in size then they are now. I was also worried because usually she sees clients in the first 2 days but there's a holiday and the office is closed. She agreed to see me the following day post surgery. The only issue there is the office is about 45 minutes away from my home. I think I'll just bring some pillows and try to sleep in the car.
Today I'm going through my bras. I have everything from 34FF to 34I. I'll be happy to pass those on and buy some D bras.

The best bra

This bra I spent $120 on from a fancy shop. It fits me better than any other bra I've tried. Look at the marks it leaves behind! I am SO looking forward to soft bras for the next few months!

So close

I'm just a few days pre-op and I'm so excited. I've filled my freezer with a month's worth of crock pot meals, soup, stew and turkey pie filling. I borrowed a reclining chair from my brother so have my daytime recovery station set up.
It's so strange for me to feel so calm about this. The second meeting with my surgeon, Dr. Robyn Watts, really put my mind at ease. I went in with a long list of questions and she answered them quickly and matter-of-factually. I think she is a good fit for me and what I'm looking for in a surgeon. She is kind, honest, steady and calm. I got to see the before and after gallery too. I'm very happy with her results and feel comfortable going in to surgery in 3 days.
I got my prescriptions and surgical bra at that appointment too. The bra is so tiny! It's incredible to think that 3 days from now I'm going to fit into that tiny bra.
Now I just need to arrange for after school care for my kids. There's also a Pro-d day and a holiday just days after the procedure. What a bummer! It would be easier if the kids could just be in school.
3 days!!! Bring it on!

America votes, I worry

I am way more nervous about the American election than I am for my surgery. It's not even my country, just a really loud neighbour. Sigh!
I'm eating my last meal and planning my day tomorrow.

1 day post op

The surgery went really well yesterday. Dr. Watts is a perfectionist and did a brilliant job from what I can see so far.
I was called and asked to arrive a half hour early and my husband took me in. I didn't realize that I would need to say goodbye to him so quickly and wasn't ready to part ways. I wish we had more time and that he could take some photos of the prep.
I had my surgery at a private facility. Surgery can be covered by health insurance but the wait is really long and I wanted to get in asap.
I got changed into my gown and test taken -blood pressure, temperature, heart rate...then Dr. Watts came in to draw the incision sites. After that, I went into the surgical room and got my iv on 1 side and a blood pressure cuff on the other. They had great music playing then I fell asleep. Woke up with tiny boobs. I felt really weird when I woke up. My throat hurt (breathing tube), my eyes felt gloopy (lubricating eye gloop). I felt sore and nauseous. I think I stayed the the bed for over an hour then was transferred to a reclining chair. My husband came in at that point. One of the nurses asked my husband what high school I went to. I think she thought he was my father and I was 16. Got a good chuckle out of that. I'm 36.
The ride home was long and I snuggled up with my pillow but didn't sleep. Once home I took a Percocet and that was terrible. I got dizzy, nauseous, anxious and really hot. This lasted about a half hour. The next pain pills I took were tramacet and I didn't have any reaction. They aren't as strong but feeling horrid is not an option for me.
I couldn't sleep last night. I was in and out of sleep but mostly awake the whole night. I'm going to ask for sleeping pills when I go in later today to get the drains taken out.
The worst area, as many women on here have discussed, image the liposuction sites along the sides. Otherwise it's not to dreadful.

Home issues coming up

There are so many little things that were fine before surgery but impossible now. I can't twist to reach the toilet paper. We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom and I can't reach the cord to turn the light on. I had my drinks and soup up high in the fridge along with bio-k to replace good bacteria. I also forgot to put dishes down on the counter top so I wouldn't have to stretch. Silly little things but challenging none the less.


Took a peek. These boobs are so much better than I imagined. The drains are bit gross but manageable.

Drains removed

Today my husband took me in to have the drains removed and the bandages taken off or replaced. Drains cams out quickly with some pain. I was in the most pain just taking the surgical bra off.

First shower

My hubby helped me into the shower. Felt a bit scary to take the gauze off but so nice to wash away the surgical soap off my skin. Nipples look good. They are in a great position and the tape is holding. The bruising around the back is very tender. We noticed some dried blood on the surgical bra so I'm wearing a tight Front close sports bra while the other goes into the wash.

Lipo bruising

Bruising is worse today especially the area of my back just above the compression bra. Feels itchy too but weird itchy from the inside. I'm icing the underarm areas as well as putting Traumeel arnica cream on. I think I would actually feel great if I didn't have the lipo but it is going to be worth it once the swelling and bruising goes down. I have been embarrassed with the underarm boob.
Super impressed with the results. My husband loves the new boobs too.

Rough day

I woke up at 3am feeling very dizzy and nauseous. I'm not sure what has changed because the feeling has continued all morning. I'm drinking ginger ale and crackers. The scar lines are exactly the same and there is no oozing or bleeding. Just bruising at the back and above anchor scar and nipples. I'm planning on resting and sleeping all day.


I'm so dizzy I can't look at this screen for long. Bruises are more intense but swelling is down. I don't know why I'm this dizzy. First day on my own and I'm feeling rotten. Blaaaahh!! My tan lines look like I've been wearing a very slutty bathing suit!

Too much too soon

I did way too much today. Drove, went grocery shopping, pushed a heavy cart and loaded groceries. That was super bad! Really hurting along my left side. I haven't taken pain meds in a couple of days but may pop something now. I see why the ps say to not drive for 2 weeks. Get help ladies!!! Don't overdo it!

Tape is still holding

For the most part, the tape is still holding. Any exposed scars look really good. Nipples are getting some sensation back and there's a crazy zinginess that happens randomly as the nerves connect. I'm still quite swollen, especially on the left, which is surprising since more tissue was removed on the right. I find the underarm side boob liposuction healing to be the worst. It's such a strange sensation to be sore and numb at the same time. I'm continuing to sleep on the wedge pillow and I'm certainly resting well even though I'm not used to sleeping on my back. I'm blessed with the ability to sleep well which I'm grateful for. Here's a photo of my pillow set up. I'm continuing to drive my kids to and from school and it's alright. I can't reach at all as it really hurts the side boob and underarm. Anyways, healing well and I'm no longer dizzy.

Close ups

Ouch! Here they are. They look great in a bra and shirt but oh boy, up close is a bit scary.

I like these boobs!

The tape was driving me crazy, it had pulled away in parts and was jabbing into the bottom incisions so I took it off last night. Feels good and here they are!! I'm still in pain and started taking Tylenol again.
I did try sleeping flat on my back last night. Left side lipo area hurts today but I survived it! Post op tomorrow!

On to scar care

I'm 2 weeks post op and have been given the go ahead to begin scar care. Everything is healing SO nicely. I am planning on massaging in bio oil (and maybe rose hip oil) twice a day and covering scars with silicon gel "Scar md" as per the surgeon's instructions.

A few little angry spots

There's a few little angry spots along the suture lines. Looks like the knots of the stitches are just delayed in their healing. The bottom T joint is sore, especially on the right side, where more tissue was removed. All feels like normal healing so I don't feel too worried...just a bit tired of being uncomfortable.

So happy

Look at the strain on this bra. I felt that same pulling in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Since the reduction 2 weeks ago I haven't had any of that pain. It's amazing and I am so happy. I bought this bra hoping it would fit eventually. I actually wish I had ordered the medium but I'll wear it proudly for another few minutes then back into the surgical bra. It just feels so nice still.

Ouch again

The right breast is soft(er) and feels tender but the left is a whole other story. From the centre vertical scar towards the outside is harder, hot and discoloured. It's also hurting. I know I will say this is the best decision later (maybe even tomorrow) but right now I'm bummed out and wanting a vacation from the discomfort. I will call the surgeon's nurse in the morning but driving out there won't make things better, that's for sure!!
You can see the discolouration, looks like a shadow, but it's for real!

Another day

Better but definitely still sore & tender. Dr said it all looks good and it's just normal healing. Not hot but just warm and bruised. I went to Victoria Secret and Pink today and bought 2 soft sports bras in large. They look so good and I'm inspired to get into better shape because those mirrors are not so flattering!!!
I read that I could begin to do light exercises at 4 weeks (5 days from now). I can't imagine feeling comfortable enough to move in the way I'm used to. I usually do weightlifting at the gym and 21 day fix or other workout dvds and yoga at home. Anyone here feel comfortable at 4 weeks to workout?


Started a very mild version of an exercise program yesterday. Keeping it simple with very light weights (3, 5 and 7lbs). Any kind of bouncing feels terrible as does big arm movements. I'm toning everything down from stepping instead of running on the spot or jumping jacks to leaving the hand weights out completely or using very light hand weights. Feels great!!
Speaking of bouncing...my 5 year old son came into my room as I was changing and started to cry because my "boobs don't bounce anymore!"

Starting to drop

My new breasts are healing well and I'm feeling more like myself....minus the headaches and neck pain. I've noticed in the past few days that they have softened and settled. They have definitely dropped and I'm hoping that's as far as they will go.
I'm happy with the healing so far. There are a few very small spots left to close but everything else is ok. My little son leaned his head into my left boob yesterday and it hurt! I need to be cautious even 4 weeks after.
I'm getting more feeling along the sides where lipo was performed. It still feels strange but less lumpy and numb.
Exercise is going well. I'm doing the 21 day fix with major modifications including skipping weights altogether or using very light weights. Extending my arms still feels right along the sides so I just T-Rex my arms.
I've been wearing a few soft sports bras -ones I bought new or ones I had before that now actually fit me without popping out or straining. The surgical bra still feels best, especially for sleeping.

Soft and boxy

Feeling good these days. I've been adding in heavier weights to my workouts and am able to do a modified push-up and plank again. Tried yoga and downdog was the worst. I don't recommend it at this point in the healing.
Boobs are both soft now for the most part. Along the outer side of the vertical incisions and around the T junction, there are harder spots but nothing of concern.
I've been applying the silicon scar gel once a day and massaging in bio oil or rose hip oil as well. I'm surprised I'm not more concerned about the scaring. I just feel so much better about myself, and am very comfortable now without all that weight.
All is well.

All feels good

Not much to report. Breasts are both soft. I'm having occasional shooting pain to my left nipple but the scars are softening too. I'm keeping up with the scar care and since my next checkup is february, I bought an extra tube of silicone scar gel.
Workouts are going really well. I'm upping the weight and able to do push-ups on my knees. Last week I could only do little dips but now can go most of the way down. My core feels weak and my back has been a bit sore as a result. It'll be nice to get back to normal again.
I did have lipo in the underarms and find touching the skin still feels tender. 350 grams were removed from each underarm so I'm happy that I had it done. A little part of me wishes I had the courage to do lipo on my belly at the same time. I feel fatter and more conscious of the tum now that the boobs are smaller. Looks like cardio will be my friend!!

And photos...

Oh yah, I don't know if you can see it, but there are little dots and lines that look like tiny tattoos. They are not going away and I may need some follow up laser treatment to remove them.

No more sleep bra

So, I slept without the surgical bra on for the first time last night and feel great. So nice to have a bit of freedom. Last week I totally wasn't ready but all good now. Yippy!

It's been awhile

I've definitely moved into real life again and I'm so happy. I'm excited to experience my old wardrobe as new and have been able to wear some shirts with sexier backs. Where I had lipo along the sides are still a bit sore and numb. I notice it most when my kids bump me (or shoot nerf guns).
I feel more comfortable around the house. I wore a sports bra whenever I was at home and now I can walk around, answer the door and take the garbage out without having to first put on a bra. I'm still putting on oil and silicon gel to the scars. There's still hard spots just along the t-junction but it's all softening well.
I won't have another appointment with the surgeon until February. All is well.

Daily life

Over 3 months

It's been 3 and a half months since surgery and the boobs are great. They are definitely larger than I had hoped. I'm measuring in at a 36DDD and I was hoping for D or DD at the most. Wondering if I lose a bit of weight if they would come down also. I'm happy with the shape and how the scars are coming along but I was just hoping for something a little easier to shop for and better fitting clothes. The areas along the sides are actually still a bit numb from lipo. My ???? goes out to the women who have had more lipo. It's not a comfy thing to recover from. I had 350 g removed from each side via lipo so l, as you can imagine, I'm happy with those results.

Weird bumps

So I'm just about 5 months post op and experiencing pain periodically along these weird bumps that run like a string of pearls beside the vertical scar. I imagine they must be internal stitches but figured all would've well by now. Anyone else have these? I was at my children's school the other day and grabbed my boob in pain. What's going on? In other news, just purchased 5 bras for around $100 at Victoria Secret. I'm a 36DD and so happy.
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

I have now seen Dr. Watts for my consult and pre-op appointment, surgery and post-op. At every appointment I felt comfortable, i knew she genuinely cared for my comfort and well being. I was never rushed or pressed to do more than was necessary. Dr. Watts is professional, she has excellent bedside manners, and is a perfectionist and I honestly could not be happier with the results. Surgery wise, Dr. Watts is the best. Office staff are lovely but did mix up my appointment time 3 times. Twice when I received the reminder call, the time was different than what I was originally given and when I showed up for that time, I was told I was an hour late. Bree also wrote the date wrong on my appointment card. The surgical ability of Dr. Watts is incredible but office staff seems rushed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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