36 Years Old, 34-I, 2 Kids, Breastfed - Richmond, BC

I wore a A cup in grade 6, B in 7, C in 8, D in...

I wore a A cup in grade 6, B in 7, C in 8, D in 10, DD in 11 then I ran out of bras in my small town. I'm now a 34-I as in eye!!! I have 2 kids and I breastfed both for a total of nearly 5 years straight. I finally booked my reduction for this November, 2016. I'm not scared at all -just excited!

9 weeks to go

Getting excited as I count down the days to my surgery. I'm hoping to loose a bit of weight (me and everyone else!) before I go under as I've gained about 20lbs extra this past year. I think I may have been an H cup when I was lighter so still huge!!

Button up shirts!

Bought some button up shirts today for post surgery and realized that if I'm able to do them up (as in 9 weeks from now), that they actually suit me well. Looking forward to a new wardrobe or more likely just finally fitting the clothes I already own.

Squishing in

I could never find a racerback sports bra that fit so I squeeze my way into a 36DD or 36DDD. I wonder if these bras will actually fit me after.


It's 7 weeks until my surgery and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Wanting to be completely ready and not knowing what to get. I wonder what others found to be the most essential post surgery things to prepare. I have 2 little kids and I'm sure I will need some support to get them to and from school and activities. I know getting the surgery is the right thing but I'm getting nervous about the aftercare.

Great boob fail

I'm 6 weeks away from surgery and so excited to see how my own clothes will fit. 2 years ago, I was at my brothers wedding and ordered an infinity dress. I did heaps of research and the dress looked great on everyone in the reviews. It arrived the day before the wedding and I only had a moment to try it on. The wedding was far away and we ended up being rushed to get ready. I couldn't figure out how to fit my 34i boobs into the dress that literally seemed to fit every other woman in the world. It was a huge fail and my boobs flattened out to the sides, squashed in the front. I had no way to fix it so spent the entire time avoiding photos with my family that had come thousands of miles to attend. There is a picture of me holding my child in front my chest. I felt so embarrassed. I had a speech planned but when the time came, I stayed where I was and didn't bother. I've never felt so awful and going through this process has reminded me of all the times I have felt sad and embarrassed by my large breasts. How many Halloween costumes I've looked stupid in. How many times at the gym where I feel like everyone is watching me on the treadmill or when my boobs become squashed together in the middle of exercising and I contemplate whether or not not fix them and feel embarrassed if someone sees or not fix them and feel ugly. Gosh, I'm so through! I'm not too worried about the surgery and I can't say I wish I had done it sooner because I was able to nurse my children who have severe allergies so maybe through my struggle I have helped them. Now it's my turn and I wish I could go in tomorrow. I wonder if that dress will fit after. I can't wait!!

4 weeks away

I always noticed that my right breast was larger but have never been so aware of the size difference until now. I've also never taken photos of my boobs from all angles either!
I'm 4 weeks away from my breast reduction surgery and I'm going in with a lot more questions.
I'm curious about symmetry and if that's even possible when starting with at least a 1 cup size difference.
Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous. I think about the surgery constantly and want to be totally prepared for the recovery. I don't feel too nervous though. Just excited when I imagine life with smaller breasts. I'm hoping for a D cup but I would be pleased with a DD. Anything is better than H or I.

Bra straps

The weight of my breasts have drawn my straps into my shoulders. I realise this isn't the best bra (straps are 1 inch wide) but I'm so close and refuse to spend any more money on these huge boobs. I like wearing workout type clothing and so much of it is racer back. I like the shoulder and arm freedom that a racer back bra allows but the draw backs are sore shoulders and resulting headaches. Phewph! 4 weeks!
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

I've only just seen Dr. Watts for my consult. She was warm and inviting. I felt very comfortable with her, never rushed or pressed to do more than was necessary. I trust her and am hopeful for a great result.

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