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Ever since I was in my twenties people have said...

Ever since I was in my twenties people have said "Why do you look so sad?", when actually I had a 'neutral' face expression. In fairness I've also been told I have beautiful eyes...but they are kind of 'puppy dog' eyes. In my thirties my brow started to get heavy and quite lined early and I decided back then that one day I would get a brow lift. Now at 45, my eyes no longer look beautiful...they look tired as the heaviness of my brow makes them look so, unless I force a 'raised brow' expression. It's time to bite the bullet and get this done...I'm terrified!

3 weeks pre surgery

This time in 3 weeks it will be surgery eve! I'm pleased I'm getting this done, but also scared. My biggest fear is that my eye brows will be raised too high or in a shape that just doesn't look like me. But I remind myself that I chose Howard Webster carefully and because his reviews were consistently good. I also reflect on the brow lift pictures he showed me in his office, and not one looked over-done. The way I look at it, my brow is heavy now- it's only going to get worse as I age. The time is now!

4 days post surgery..recovery is tough!

I had my surgery late Monday afternoon; it's now Friday afternoon so technically I'm on day 4 of recovery.

Well I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the first 3 days of recovery were TERRIBLE. It's not uncommon for nausea to be a side effect of a brow lift, and Howard had explained this to me...but the reality was much harder than I'd let myself register. I had illusions that I'd be a bit queasy and headachy truth i felt violently ill and couldn't get enough drugs into me to ease the headaches. Up until today if I'd been able to push a button and magically not have done the browlift, I'd push it.

But thank goodness, today, day 4, I've had some blessed relief.

I can't update my results to say its worth it yet because my eyes are very swollen and bruised, so I can't comment on the outcome yet. What I can say is that Howard Webster has been absolutely amazing in the post-op stage. One of the reasons I chose him is that not only are all his reviews amazing, even when something doesn't go to plan (as can happen), Howard is available and attentive. And my experience certainly reinforces that. Because I've felt very sick (according to Howard my nausea is worse than average), and he has been at the end of the phone, asking me questions to assess how I am, reassuring me. Sooo totally impressed with his care.
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My first appointment with Howard was extremely reassuring. He treated me as an intelligent equal, spending a lot of time listening to my concerns before he gave me his thoughts on the best approach. He was quite modest when I asked him about his 'success rate', not talking himself up but rather giving a very fair assessment of his experience and the satisfaction levels of previous patients. I found this very reassuring.

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