Brow Lift with Howard Webster - Richmond, AU

Ever since I was in my twenties people have said...

Ever since I was in my twenties people have said "Why do you look so sad?", when actually I had a 'neutral' face expression. In fairness I've also been told I have beautiful eyes...but they are kind of 'puppy dog' eyes. In my thirties my brow started to get heavy and quite lined early and I decided back then that one day I would get a brow lift. Now at 45, my eyes no longer look beautiful...they look tired as the heaviness of my brow makes them look so, unless I force a 'raised brow' expression. It's time to bite the bullet and get this done...I'm terrified!

3 weeks pre surgery

This time in 3 weeks it will be surgery eve! I'm pleased I'm getting this done, but also scared. My biggest fear is that my eye brows will be raised too high or in a shape that just doesn't look like me. But I remind myself that I chose Howard Webster carefully and because his reviews were consistently good. I also reflect on the brow lift pictures he showed me in his office, and not one looked over-done. The way I look at it, my brow is heavy now- it's only going to get worse as I age. The time is now!
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

My first appointment with Howard was extremely reassuring. He treated me as an intelligent equal, spending a lot of time listening to my concerns before he gave me his thoughts on the best approach. He was quite modest when I asked him about his 'success rate', not talking himself up but rather giving a very fair assessment of his experience and the satisfaction levels of previous patients. I found this very reassuring.

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