30 Year Old Mom of Two Tummy Tuck and Brazlian but Lift

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Going in for my Brazilian but lift and tummy tuck...

Going in for my Brazilian but lift and tummy tuck very nervous and ready to start my fitness journey. 2 babies back to back and easy to be a foxy momma again !!!! Natural birth and c section so ready !! I lose 45 pounds after my second baby I have a lot of skin the doctor told me and I just want to be able to look and feel good life has been stressful with two little ones but It's has been a blessing this is Momma's gift to herself a little afraid but Im ready

13 days lft till surgery

Just walking and eatting right I'm around 195 pound 57 1/2 not trying to lose much more body fat because I want my fat for the bbl but at my job we run every other day and do abs push-ups anyways I'm just enjoying not being so hard on my self with workouts I walk jogged 4 miles this morning and I haven't been eatting so well but I will do better. I am looing forward to my surgery I know it's going to be hard ladies if you have any advice on what I need before and after tummy tuck w/ bbl please let me know. Thank u for your support

Updating you all again lol

Well ladies I like to keep you abreast on me I work out often and try to eat well so here are a few more pics of me before I have 13 days left before I receive my tummy tuck and bbl I was going to vanity in Miami but after so much run around and bad reviews I decided against that and instead to go with a doctor I can trust and a doctor with many many good reviews and closer to my home in Virgina here are some pics easy to get they this process I plan to keep everyone updated the entire way all the way up to healing

Update 1 week until my 2nd appointment to see doctor

Going into see my doctor on the 25th and to get my blood work done. I'm just counting down the days !!! Nervous about blood work nervous about surgery I've had surgery before and I know what it involves but Im just nervous well I decied to post a wish pic I added an app to my phone called plastic surgery lite its free it's not prefect but it will be my wish pic I like it because I was able to use my own body I plan to show the doc on the 25th other than that just patiently waiting !!! Will update again soon

Lol just playing around with my app while I pull 24 hour duty tonight

Surgery was a success Thank God

I had surgery yesterday my doctor did my surgery at the hospital so i stayed overnight He will come see me here today I'm happy with the care here the nurses taught me
How to use my drains provide me with meds and keep my pain done to just soreness instead of terrible pain been in bed all night so I will be getting up today so I can pee in the toliet I had a pee bag lol but I'm excited to be getting up with the help of my nurse the hospital after surgery staying over night I would suggest to any of you ladies I provided a pic also below . Have a great day so this make me 1 day PO at 1 pm today

Day 2 or morning 2 !!

Ok pain has been bearable I'm good at taking meds on time drains are an issue I will call the doc because my blood is leaking down my leg sometimes. May be the way I'm
Laying as I can't apply pressure to but for two weeks. I'm also very happy with my surgery saw my stomach yesterday its swollen but I can see a difference I can also see my vaginia without lifting my belly so that's a plus !!! Well ladies gonna try and get some rest I'm up every hour or so meds due soon make sure u have someone to take care of you my mom and boyfriend are great downfall can't pick up my babies but it's ok they know mommy loves them

Here my booty love it and I Will show my tummy later once I shower

Well ladies my bottom is looking great my husband won't stop touching or looking I keep telling him it's swollen and will go down he refuses to believe it I hate that it will to the doc o my put as much fat as he possibility could because I had this surgery before its big and beautiful like I've always wanted pics to follow im thinking of after full recovery taking fat from my inner and outter thighs and arms and placing it all in my butocks because me and my guy love it big and beautiful my stomach is slim already I only take off my. Stomach binder to shower and my stomach is so beautiful already even still swollen belly button cute !!!! My back is sucked flat and beautiful will post pics but here's what I took my goal
Now is to start saving for bbl revision and eatting lots of protein no carbs and working on my but to keep
It high and plump until I can afford my next bbl after I get my but like I want it im done but over all dr reps is a professional and I love his work


Here's some
Pics when I shower I will
Show stomach

Tummy and bubble but

We'll ladies I had decided to stop
Posting didn't know if anyone really was getting anything from
My post but then I thought there's one lady out there like me
Who wants to
Know the process from someone my surgery was 7 hours and my surgeon was great he told
My as wouldn't be as big as I wanted but the stomach would be great maybe next time after all
My bills are paid and I still feel
I need a bigger back aide will I go ahead and take inner and outer thigh and arm fat for butocks for now very happy and my mans loves my new curves and the fact he can see my love box lol anyways ladies if you have a question I will answer if not hope you found this post helpful

Ladies water , fruits, veggies, protein, no carbs , slimming te, and fit bit

Ladies so I see my doc Friday I may be getting my drains out that would be awesome they are no big bother to me
But I could wear more stuff so yea that would make my day of they stay longer and it's for safety so be it. Well
Ladies I will ask my doc on Friday about my slimming tea and if I can start back walking before surgery my walk group would do about 300 miles a week and I would also run but I'm starting back slow my new routine will
Add a brizilan but lift tape and abs of steelmnot to fast everything slow but the fit bit is a must I can start challenging my walkers again just gonna be patient and wait for doc here's my tea and my fit bit watch just walking around the house I did about 3,000 steps and burnt 2000 calories

Well ladies body is looking good im walking and I'm working getting so many compliments

Ok so back to work and they can't stop looking either staring jealous or complimenting Im walking about 4 miles slow pace about 10,000 steps in the am and 10,000 at night great green diet protien light carbs here some pics

Tummy tuck pic 2 weeks

2 weeks belly

My waist trainer and leaves two faja

So I'm a walker ladies I walk about 4 miles a day I wear my waist trainer and I always count steps 20,000 a day maybe more lots of water prune juice and eatting right I would like to keep what I paid for or make it better as we all would so here some pics of me with waist trainer and level two faja


Feeling good and looking good eatting healthy walking a lot and wearing my faja

No binder swollen and belly button

Hello ladies just updating you all on my body it's looking nice I love the thick juicy look with the slim waist and everything tone my ideal weight is 170 im around 190 now but I like my look here the bottom is looking great man loves it lets hope it I keep most the fat there and lose the swelling and keep my belly bottom open for bussiness any questions ladies ask away

Update on bbl n tt

Going great loving both staying healthy all eyes on me at all times feeling myself !!!byhis is my motivation to keep pushing to do better in all areaa of life ladies smile and keep pushing loveli

Weight loss

So protien is my best friend I went to surgery at 199 and today i weight 192 i like the slow and steady weight lost instead of fast and furious my goal is 180 by my bday feb. I prefer slow and reasonable weight lost 180 is about the smallest I would like to get as 179 would be ideal but 175 I would be losing but and that's not what's up the more but the slimmer waist the better !!!!!

My stomach

Here's my stomach still looking good in down to 177 pounds hop weight 165 !!! Best ideal was tummy tuck

Hard work eating right

Check out the waist still eating well have at least 1 cheat day a week but everyday I try to burn at least 2,000 Cals drinking lots of water
Wishing u ladies luck going in for my check up with dr sundin next week next will be a breast lift once I pay off my tt and bbl

5 months and pushing

5 months ladies


Tummy today
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Enjoying meeting the doctor and he gave my real honest results as to what to expect we will meet again on the 25th. Dr Sundin also was very informative and showed extreme care and stayed very honest on what to expect of my results

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