32 Yrs Old, 5"6, 142 lbs, 34 C cup (not firm c cup! lol) 3 Kids and am ready to get augmentation!!! - Richland, WA

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I'm so nervous about this procedure! I was just...

I'm so nervous about this procedure! I was just hoping for an augmentation and when dr suggested a lift, it just made me super nervous. I guess I have been doing so much research that I am stressing myself out! I have read alot about it being a difficult surgery to have both lift and aug. done together.


some more pictures of me and my wish boobs :-)

I am so excited for my consult in a few weeks with a new surgeon for 2nd opinion. I am SO excited and scared for my augmentation procedure in august. I just hope I only needed an augmentation because I know I wouldn't be so nervous. But will embrace the lift part if i truly need it :-) This realself site has helped me out SO much and has prepared me for this experience more than I can say. I truly appreciate everyone that has shared there pictures and worries and experiences whether good or bad. It is nice to know others going through the same roller coaster of emotions ?

made some rice sizers! ;-)

Here I am with I think 500cc rice sizers that I made. I will only go up to 475cc tops... but did a quick measure and tried this for fun lol! In 2 days I go in for my 2nd consult with new surgeon and can't wait for my appt! Excited to hear what the Dr suggest and looking forward to try on more sizers to narrow down my choice :-) can't wait to have some pretty boobs!! August 13th can't come fast enough! Lol

I'm scheduled for surgery!!! ????

After about a year of thinking and debating about it.... I have finally gotten over my fear of the surgery part of things and have made my appt to have a lift and implants! I am so excited and ready for this. I liked my boobs before kids but always dreamed of getting implants. And after having children and my weight fluctuate a bunch over these past few years, my poor boobs feel and look like in my mind, deflated balloons.
I go in for consult tomorrow with Dr Chad Wheeler and my surgery is in just 12 days!! It's set for Friday morning on April 22nd ???? So happy I waited because I am now truly ready and so excited!!

Current before pictures ( April 2016)

My boobs now. Just 12 days before surgery day! :-)

33 Yrs Old, Mother of 3 and Ready for New Boobs!

I'm hoping for fuller breast, and can't wait to get my confidence back in that area. I have been so self conscious for 10 years now of my breast after having children and can't wait to feel like "me" again. I am confident with making my decision with De Wheele performing this surgery on me. I met with another dr before him last year and am so thankful that I found Dr Wheeer before I went through with anything.

No lift, just augmentation for now :-)

I had my consultation today with Dr Wheeler and he thinks it's best to just have augmentation done for now and if I feel like I want a lift down the road I can do so. But for now, why go through the extra pain and scars if I could be happy with just an augmentation.... And I agree :-) we tried on sizers again and the plan is still the same with the 397cc on left side and the 330 cc on the right. But he may do a little bit bigger implant during procedure if that looks better. I love the bigger look of boobs and I guess the mom in me feels like I need to hold that back a little. But I have waited so long for this procedure that I told him I trust him and to just give me what looks best lol! Can't wait until surgery day!! I am going to be a nervous and anxious wreck until then! Lol! 11 days and counting!!! Wahoo!!

I have a bad head cold :-(

I'm so frustrated! I haven't been sick in so long and I had a really bad head cold. My surgery is only 8 days away and I'm praying that I will be healthy by then! I'm super congested and have a lot of pressure in my head and feel tired. No cough or fever... hoping those don't happen. Just resting and drinking lots of fluid and hoping this cold passes quickly. I will be so upset if I have to reschedule my appt

5 days left until my big day!!!! Wahoo!

My head cold has been almost completely gone for past two days and I have been able to start exercising again :-) but I'm super premenstrual and want to eat EVERYTHING in site!! Lol on top of my nerves and excitement that doesn't help much lol! But I am so excited to have these deflated mom boobs gone in just a few short days!!!!!

24 hours until surgery!!! Feeling so excited and a little anxious :-)

I can't believe something that I have wanted since I can remember is actually happening in exactly 24 hours from now!!! So excited, my nerves are setting in too a little. I just hope there are no complications with anything and that my recovery is as smooth as possible. I have 3 children ages 2,7 and 10. So I just hope I feel better sooner than later after surgery. I'm so glad we are placing the implants above the muscle because that should help a lot with recovery time :-) also hoping I get the right size of implants! Oy!!! Lol!! I just want my big pretty boobs and to feel good and healthy lol!! ;-) wish me luck all who see this post and send positive thoughts and prayers my way, and good luck to you all who are in same process as me, I will be sending out the same love and positive energy :-)

Only 4 hours left until new boobs!!!

Can't believe it!!! Just hours away from having this procedure done!! I started my period this morning.. Joy!!! Lol! So I'm feeling kind of yucky from that right off the bat. But am so anxious and excited about getting my new boobs!!! I have been reading a lot of good experiences others are having with recovery and pray mine will be the same! So thankful for this site and the support from others. I only told a handful of people about this and it's nice to have others going through the same thing to talk to.
In a little bit I'm going to take some last photos of my deflated boobs and look forward to seeing the new ones soon after ;-)

Surgery is done!!!!

All done with surgery!! Everything went really well. The dr showed me a picture of my new girls and I was very please :-) they are wrapped up tight and I am excited to see them in a couple of days!!! My pain is about a 4 out of a 10. So that is good. Just going to stay on top of my pain meds and hope to be feeling better in no time :-)

Implant size

The dr ended up placing 421cc on the left and 397cc on the right. Style 15 silicone :-) can't wait to see them!!!!!

All bandaged up

Just took these pictures, all bandage up and feeling pretty good :-) and here also my "before" pictures of my mommy boobs that we took for the last time this morning

My last "before" pictures of my mommy boobs!

Took these pictures a few minutes before heading down for surgery this morning :-)

Here are my new girls!!! Love them!

I just got done at the dr's office. He took off my bandage so I could see my new boobs and I am so pleased so far! Can't wait to see the final results here in a few months!

Before and after :-)

Day 2 after surgery and I have TERRIBLE headache and vomiting

So frustrated, I woke up with the worst headache and have vomited several times this morning because of it :-( hoping it goes away soon and I start feeling better. The last couple of days have been fine and today is just terrible. My boobs arnt that sore so that is good, but I hate having this headache and vomiting. It's awful. Anyone else have had this happen a couple of days after augmentation?

Shower time!! 3 days post op

Just took a shower this morning. It was the first shower I've had since surgery and boy do I feel better! Yesturday was rough, I cried to my husband because of vomiting, headaches (migraine feeling) and wasn't expecting to feel so much heavy pressure on my chest, especially since we did above the muscle. I doubted for a little but that me doing this procedure was a good idea. I felt like I made a mistake for going along with it. But after reading reviews of others feeling the same way and dealing with same issues, it made me feel allot better. I'm so thankful for others sharing their experiences on this site! Because we are all helping others on this new journey and I just love all of the support from everyone :-) here are what my new girls look like today after my shower. They are still a little uneven but I am excited to have them!! Can't wait until they are soft and squishy and not heavy and wearied feeling!! Lol!!

Day 3 post op and chest feels right and heavy

Overall I feel good today, Yesturday was awful!! So I'm thankful I'm doing better today.
My chest feels tight and heavy. When I'm sitting I notice it feeling that way.... But when I stand to walk to the bathroom, they feel SUPER heavy and uncomfortable! I literally hold my chest when I get up and walk lol!! Hoping that heavy feeling goes away soon! I'm excited for them to feel like my own and not a foreign object in there lol! ;-) how long has anyone else felt like their chest was tight and heavy? After how many days until that feeling goes away?

Elbowed in the chest from toddler

Well, I'm 3 days post op and my soon to be 3 year old daughter was sitting next to me on my recliner and she went to get off the chair she placed her elbow on my left breast and pushed down on it to get off the chair. It hurt SO bad I immediately screamed and felt like I was going to get sick. That happened about an hour ago and I'm still a little tender where she did that, but hoping it didn't do any damage! I've been babying my boobs ever since I had surgery done lol!! Any body else have a child or pet bump into their new boobs?! It's no fun!

Day 4 post op, chest still tight and heavy

I go back to see my surgeon in 6 days and have to keep wearing the bandage around my chest until then. I swear that bandage makes my chest feel a lot heavier than it would if I did not have to wear it lol! I'm still pretty sore but only taking 2 Tylenol 500's every 6 hrs for pain. I can't put my hair up in a pony yet or opens doors. And even washing my hands I sometimes get a shooting pain in my boob from pressing my hands together to tightly. Other than that I don't think I could baby my new boobs or self anymore than I have been lol! My mom took a week off of work and has been helping me with my toddler all day and my two boys in the afternoon when the get home from school. It has been a blessing having her here to help me! My husband has been wonderful too. I still need help with showers and still feel very sore. Can't wait until this heaviness and pain is gone and for me to have these new boobs feel like "me" and not a foreign object

5 days post op! Feeling better :-)

I finally had a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep last night! In between my shoulder blades is achy and I am finally getting use to the heavy right feeling on my chest. I did not feel sick to my stomach this morning and so far feeling pretty good! One of my breast is still a little bigger than the other but over all I'm pleased with the upper pole fullness and the size :-) can't wait to see the final results, being patient until then and starting to feel good about having this surgery done. I had had my doubts about it here and there since surgery day, because of the pain and being so useless around my family and home. But am so thankful for pain starting to subside. I wish I was able to take the oxi or stronger pain meds longer and I'm sure me only being able to take Tylenol and Advil only after just 2 days post op had to do with the amount of pain and sickness I was feeling. Things are looking better now though!! Here are my 5 day post op pictures can't wait to wear normal shirts and bras ! Still have only worn button up shirts and the ace bandage.

Before and 5 days post op picts

1 week post op!! :-)

One week ago today I got my girls! So relieved that I have been feeling less sore everyday. My left breast is less achy this morning and that makes me very happy :-) took my first shower by myself today and it's feeling good to get some of my independence back ;-)

My wish pict compared to me 1 wk post op

In so pleased with my results so far!! The picture on left is the last wish picture I showed my surgeon before he did surgery on me. And the picture on the right is me just 1 week post op! I'm so happy! I hope my breast stay like this and don't get smaller or change too much! Lol! I'm really liking how they turned out! I love that I have some fullness on top :-)

10 day post op

I just got done seeing my surgeon a little bit ago and I no longer have to wear that bandage around my boobs! So happy! I can wear sports bras now and next week he wants me to wear an underwire bra :-) looking forward to these aches and pains going away in the next few weeks! ;-)

2 weeks post op

Well, this week was SO much better than last week! Thank goodness! I only take Advil maybe once or twice a day, and usually that is before bedtime. Yesterday I didn't need to take any at all. My only real complaint is how tender my nipples have been these past couple of days. They hurt very bad all of the time. Hoping that pain subsides in the next few days or week! My incision area is also pretty tender but that is to be expected. I love the shape of my new boobs and can't wait for all of this pain to go away so I can actually enjoy them! I hate trying on clothes or anything really because of how sensitive they are!! But can't wait until the day that I can! :-)

4 weeks post op today :-)

So happy that I made it 4 weeks post op!! I got the ok from the dr to start exercising again :-) in very happy about that! I can do the stationary bike and leg exercises. I also am so thankful that I am not in much pain at all anymore, unless someone hugs me right or we hit a big bump on the road while driving.
My nipple over sensitivity has gone down almost all of the way and almost feels normal as well.
I am very pleased with my results so far and love how much fuller they are!! If I did not have any darn stretch marks, I would be even more happy and in love with them, but absolutely HATE that I have them and just have to accept it. I never had stretch marks before kids, but gained 50 lbs with my first child and for branded on my chest, stomach and thighs with them ;-)
So far no one has said anything to me and has noticed them. Even my kids.... So that is awesome :-) in clothing I look the same size. I measured a deflated 34d cup at Victoria secret before the procedure and now measure 34dd or 34ddd depending on bra.
So unless someone sees in me a swim suit or low cut shirt, you can't tell I had my boobs done. If I was younger and did not have kids.... I would have gotten them a little bigger!! Lol!! Hope everyone else is healing well !
Spokane Plastic Surgeon

Dr Wheeler is so nice. His staff is great and so welcoming and I instantly felt comfortable with Dr Wheeler. He goes over everything in a thorough detailed matter making me feel very comfortable with him as my surgeon. He is in Spokane WA.

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