35 and Loving the New Me...now It's Time for This Tummy to Go! Drainless TT and flank lipo - no binder or CG - Richardson, TX

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I'm a 35 year old mother of two. Its time to get...

I'm a 35 year old mother of two. Its time to get rid of the stretch marks, robotic hysterectomy scars and the extra flab. Preparing for a full drainless TT and flank lipo. Pre-op is scheduled for Thursday, December 3 and I'll have my surgery first thing December 16. I'm nervous about the pain and the scar but I'm ready for the next step. A tattoo and belly button ring will follow as soon as I'm permitted.

Pre-Op...take 1

Ok....I went to my Pre-Op appointment today. I'm going to post a full list of things discussed tomorrow from my computer but I wanted to go ahead and post the thing that stuck out the most because I hadn't heard this mentioned on the reviews or threads I've read. My PS said I should I line my bed with trash bags or a protective lining under my sheets because the lipo incisions WILL ooze.

Also, most people wear a binder or compression garment after surgery and he doesn't recommend those at all.

More to come...

OK...here is everything from my Pre-Op LONG POST Warning!

1. Is there any correlation between how low this scar is and the flatness of the abdomen?
a. NO

2. Fat transfer to buttocks?
a. I do not have enough fat for this to make a difference in my buttocks

3. How long with the surgery last?
a. 3 hours (combined time for surgery and recovery is 5-6 hours)

4. Exparel
a. He does not use it but would order if I want him to. Fee is $500 but he uses a higher dosage of Marcaine which would be more than he could use of the Exparel.

5. How will my belly button look?
a. New, more youthful belly button. LOL. He did mention the small scar around it though

6. What kind of sleeping arrangements should I make for post-op?
a. He mentioned a recliner. He also said many people will us couch pillows behind them in the bed to prop them up instead of spending more money than necessary on the recliner. This is where he mentioned using a protective lining for the bed due to the oozing from lipo

7. Binder or compression garment
a. He does not recommend these. He advised against it because he feels the possible side effects outweigh the benefits and wearing one won’t change my results.

8. When can I shower after surgery?
a. Immediately…as soon as I am up to it. I won’t have drains so I can shower when I am ready.

9. When can I start a scar therapy regimen to lighten the scar?
a. PS office will provide silicone sheeting at 2 week mark. I will likely wait a solid year to tattoo over the scar if necessary.

10. Pre or post op supplements
a. Does not recommend Arnica or Bromelain. He advised me to pick up Colace 240mg for constipation

11. Can anything be done to minimize swelling?
a. PS said to be as active as possible. He said laying around in bed for long periods of time is the worst thing I can do.

12. How will my body respond to intimacy after surgery?
a. He doesn’t recommend intimacy for the first 2 weeks but it can be resumed once I am up to it after that. He said for the first 6 weeks, I should avoid any pressure on the abdomen.

13. Wine/alcohol consumption - should I refrain the week before? How soon after can I resume?
a. PS said I do not have to refrain from wine the week before surgery and should not consume any while I am on Percocet.

14. Waxing...I'm scheduled for December 12, is that safe before surgery? When should I resume waxing after surgery?
a. He said I can wax as long as it is at least a week before surgery

15. How are revisions handled?
a. He advised that revisions and complications are included in the original price.

16. I asked about diet after the surgery
a. He said I needed to add calcium and healthy proteins but other than that I can eat what I want.

Of course, as soon as I left, there were questions I wish I had asked. I wanted to talk more about the muscle repair…like how soon I would see the results and how soon I could resume ab workouts. I had also hoped that he would draw on me to show what he was going to do. I have existing scars from my robotic hysterectomy…I hope he takes enough skin so that they are low enough not to be seen; I know they won’t be gone completely.

All in all, it was a good appointment. He was patient as I asked all my questions. I was slightly disappointed however, I guess because I was waiting for fireworks or something. LOL IDK. I KNOW this is the emotional stuff starting already. He did seem like everything would be seamless…and I felt like he didn’t give a lot of restrictions but perhaps he doesn’t see them as necessary. In the end, I chose him and I have to trust him. So I’ll try not to drive myself and those around me crazy with worry.

My guy attended the appointment with me which was great. His office is like 5 minutes from the surgery center so I told him once he drops me off, he can go into work then return when I am ready. I really don’t see the point in having him wait there the 5-6 hours doing nothing. I really need him when I am awake. He’s off the following 5 days with me so that is more than enough in my opinion. My 11 and 8 year old will be home beginning day 5.

Oh…the RXs.
1. Nausea
o I will put a patch behind my ear the night of surgery Its supposed to last 3 days. It was $57
o Emend…he also prescribed this…its one tablet to be taken the morning of surgery with a sip of water. There is not a generic and is apparently hard to find so I will search for it…Walgreens didn’t have it last night. The nurse said I need to look for it right now to make sure I have it in time. Without insurance its $80 for the one pill BUT I know vomiting would be the worse thing that could happen after surgery so I don’t want to take a chance with it
2. Pain
o Percocet only 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours as needed
3. Constipation
o Colace 240mg to be started 3 days before surgery
4. Cleanse
o Hibiclens soap – wash area 2x daily, beginning 3 days before surgery

Ok…that’s all for now. Please forgive any typos…I did this as quick as I could.

12 Days to surgery…the wait continues.


Purchased this today...just can't get used to the idea of using sanitary napkins/maxipads around my waist.

Before pics...7/2015

Scar care

Im researching ways to improve the look of the scar after surgery. Found this which I thought was helpful:

Embrace removes a lot of the tension by putting more tension on the skin on either side of the incision and drawing the incision together. It is expensive though at about $100 per week for 12 weeks. When patients do not want to spend the money for embrace, I tape the incision trying to remove as much tension as possible for 12 weeks and recommend no stretching back and to sit most of the time, keeping tension off the scar.

My plan is to use silicone sheeting per my PS and tape the scar. I've seen people tape up to a year afterward.

Any thoughts or suggestions on taping the incision once cleared by PS?

Money...money...money....I pray I am not just vain

Now that my surgery is completely paid for, I sure am hoping I am not being vain. Over $9k plus nearly $200 for RX...I'm just ready to get this show on the road.

Less than 48 hours to go

Somehow I figured all of the emotions would rear their ugly head after surgery. I was so wrong. This weekend leading up to surgery has been an emotional one. Questioning whether not I made the right decision. If something happens while I'm having an elective surgery... Anyway this morning I woke up with a renewed attitude and vowed to be more positive.

I just left rent A Center where I rented a power recliner for 3 weeks. It was only $73 which i think is a good investment considering all of the reviews I've seen that say a recliner is the best way to sleep for at least the first week.

I did contact my doctor's office to see if I could add lipo to my arms but I think that added expense is probably too much.

I received a call from a nurse at the surgery center who went over the do's and don'ts before my procedure on Wednesday. She said I need to be there at 7 a.m. as the procedure will start at 8 a.m. At this point I am just ready to go ahead and have the surgery and get it over with.

I am going to pick up the disposable pads for the recliner as well as the maxi pads for the incision dressing. That is all I'm planning to pick up prior to surgery. I am researching which creams are best to use for scar therapy. Right now I'm looking at coconut oil unrefined, shea butter raw and, cocoa butter raw. My surgeon said that he would give me silicone strips at the two week point. After that I will begin typing my incision and using whatever cream I develop on my own.

That's all for now.

I made it! Praise God!

I'm at home doing well. Managing pain by staying on top of meds. I really thought this was going to be alot worse than it is. Surgery was 3 1/2 hours...4lb of skin was remove and. Other 2lb was removed via lipo. Sleeping on ny sides is note comfortable.

Post -Op day 1

Walking is painful after sitting for too long so I'm trying to walk as much as I can. I need sleep but I also don't like the pain from being in one position too long.

I also meant to say that sleeping on my sides IS comfy but I'm also using the recliner with LOT of pillows behind my back and under my knees.

I got to look at my scar which is not a pretty site but I picked my ps because he does great on the scar so I'm not letting it get me down. Plus no binder or cg !

more before pics

These were taken the day before surgery.

24 hours after surgery

Post op scar

This darn incision

I am starting to get concerned about my incision. They warned me that it would be a raised incision so that as it heals it would flatten out. It's just so thick and looks nothing like all the others I'm seeing online. Idk...the scar was my biggest concern...I'm happy about the placement but thw thickness has me a little worried. I'll start silicone sheets in 2 weeks.

emailed my PS this pic

Ending day 4...

Haven't heard from my PS yet but don't really expect to until Monday. I did post the pic to the doctor forum so hopefully I get some responses soon.

On a brighter note, I'm walking better and standing more upright. I appreciate the encouraging posts. I know everything will turn out great.

Day 5

I made the mistake of taking a sleep aide so that I could sleep thru the night. I slept very well but I paid for it this morning. I was so stiff and in alot of pain. I've gotten my pain back under control. I'd hoped that I would be alot more mobile by now but I'm just taking it one day at a time.

Finally a BM

You never know how excited you'll be about a BM until you've gone 6 days without one. MOM finally did the trick for me last night into this morning. One thing I know is that I haven't been drinking enough water. I only drink when I'm eating or taking meds. That's not good. The plan is to improve in this area tonight.

I'm going home today. Guess I'll tell them I had a small procedure. I won't have around the clock care like I've had at my guy's house but it's time.

One thing that I think has been very helpful is the power recliner. I haven't seen anyone mention the pillows needed but I have two pillows under my legs and three behind my back/head. Just being in the recliner wasn't enough. I had to make it comfortable to sleep in.

Still having burning in my incision when walking or getting up. Laat night I was so swollen that my incision started to bleed a little.

I posted a question to RS regarding my incision and I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor's office. I will say that when I looked back over my PS reviews, his previous patients mention a ridge incision/closure so I'm hoping and praying all will work out well. Today my mission is to do my part by drinking water and continuing activity around the house.

Post-op moved

Dr...is out all week except 1 hour on Thursday so they moved my appointment to Thursday at 11:40am. Hoping I can drive by then. Waiting on a medical a assistant to call me back right now. Told them I swelled so bad that my incision started bleeding again. She said they normally schedule follow-ups 10-14 days out.

I'm still having lots of discomfort moving around. I'm not taking the percocet anymore...don't want to chance more constipation.

Trying to stand straight

It was not easy to stand long enough to get this pic. LOL. I can't put a # to how straight I am but it doesn't look like I have much more to go. My abdomen is super tight so I'm not pushing it.

night swelling

Night swelling is no joke. I feel like I would pop if I got poked by a pin. VERY tight and painful! It's amazing how our skin has so much elasticity.

Swell Hell

Not sure whats "nornal" swelling...I don't think I've ever NOT been swollen since surgery. I have decided that my cover that is going to be way bigger than I thought considering I still have so many stretch marks.

1st Post-Op appointment

I didn't update yesterday because I completely wore myself out yesterday. I showered, drove myself to the doctor, straighten up the house, had an early Christmas w my guy then picked my children up. To top it off, I had to go up and down my stairs 5 times to carry Santa's gifts upstairs to put them under the tree. Whew, I mentally did too much and I physically felt it all night. I was swollen and in pain. I hope the pain I'm still feeling in my upper abs doesn't signify an serious issue.

Ok, now to the doctor appointment. The appointment was pretty much uneventful but I got answers I needed. Dr. Watumull discussed my incision explaining how the deep sutures create the ridge that protects the actual incision. Even though it looks rough to me, it should heal into a flat and super thin scar. My research confirmed that so I'm good with it. I just didn't know it would look like this. I'm going to suggest that in the future they show patients pictures of what the incision looks like so it doesn't startle them like it did me.

We discussed the swelling. He gave me a time frame...explaining that the swelling leaves the top of the abdomen first then slowly moved to the lower abs. He even helped me find the muscular incision inside. That was cool being able to feel where he sutured the muscle under the skin.

All in all, it was a good appointment. He was pleased with everything he raw and I left feeling better. My only problem is again, how I really over did it yesterday. My muscles feel sore just under my breastin the middle of my upper abs.

On another note, I got on the scale today...I am 159 which was my pre surgery weight. That's encouraging seeing as how I'm still so swollen.

Alrightttttttttt.....That's all for now. Praying everyone is having an awesome Christmas!

12 DPO...whoever said mornings were good told the truth

The days are definitely getting easier. I've been sleeping in my bed since 9dpo...I'm still in the recliner during the day. I don't think sitting at work next week is going to be pleasurable because sitting straight up for long periods of time hurts hips toward the end of my incision line.

I still have the fat ridge protecting my incision and the glue began to come off my belly button. That was a disgusting sight. The nurse said I can't start the sillicone strips until all the glue is gone from my incision. I'm not worried about it right now. I don't think any scar care will be effective until the protective ridge lays flatter.

I can't say enough about drinking water. I hate drinking water but to keep the swelling away and help healing, I drink water all day eveyday. It has made such a huge difference.

My pain is so much better at this point. I take advil as needed thru the day. I do take percocet or a muscle relaxer at night to help me stay comfortable enough to sleep comfortably.

I still take MOM and Miralax occasionally to help me have BM easier. The thing about me though is that I normally have issues w constipation any way.

I have not figured out a good post surgery diet but I'm going to continue researching because it would be terrible to lose these results after going thru all this by gaining weight. Currently, I'm maintaining my pre surgery weight but I want to lose 10lbs.

I think the last thing I want to mention is that I'm feeling like I'm ready for a LITTLE intimacy. Of course, we'd have to be mindful of certain positions but I think it will be ok for the most part. My guy is worried about the way my abs clinch during orgasm. We'll see...Maybe we can try toward the end of the week.

Oh...I almost forgot walking. I'm mostly standing straight about 90-95 percent when I'm trying to just stand but when I start walking, I'm still hunched over. It's more embarrassing than anything but I need to work on that before I go back to work next week.

That's all for now I think. Ill post a scar pic shortly.

scar update...warning, it's not pretty

I took some pics to show how my scar is progressing. I know its still very ugly BUT I can say that I know there is a method to the madness. My ps creates beautiful scars which is which I chose him. I lost sight of that when I saw the scar the first time. I just had no idea it would look like that. After research and another conversation with my ps, I decided to trust him. After all, again this was the reason I went with him in the first place. Once the glue is all gone, I will start silicone strips.

Another Super Plus about my PS is that I never had any Drains and I do not have to use compression garments and never had to have a binder. He said that in 30 days we could talk about using compression if I wanted to but based on the results I have right now, I don't think I will need to.

I do believe that my recovery has gone as well as it has partly because I had the drainless procedure. I still have a long way to go. I just AM super happy that I never had to deal with the drains and binder and my results seem to be in line with everybody else's who had drains.

On the other hand, I do feel it is my duty to post pictures of the incision for those who may be in the same position I was in. I could not find photos of anyone who looked like I did and that was the most disturbing part. Hopefully by posting these, other patients will know what they have to look forward to if there PS speaks about a ridge to protect the deep sutures...or creating an inconspicuous fine line.

Sex at 13dpo

Let me start by saying, my guy is amazing. He was so worried about my abs getting hurt during orgasm so he was gentle of course and tried oral first to make sure I could handle the ab contractions during orgasm. It was great so we moved on. He didn't put his weight on me at all....started in missionary and ended w the from the back position. It was all good. The fact that he was being so careful turned me on even more.

I also went to the mall today, got my eye brows...made a return...purchased and outfit...It's been a productive day. 

On a side note, I am having a little nerve pain I believe right below my incision but it was there before the sex so I know thats not the issue. If it continues tomorrow, I'll call my PS office.

BB 2 weeks post op

Here is a shot of my belly button. It still has some glue and slight scabbing. Its also dark. I will need to use my lightening concoction on it as well once I figure out what I'll put it in. I know it will contain raw shea and cocoa butter as well as either sweet almond oil or coconut oil.

The pain I was feeling yesterday grew worse today...so bad that it brought me to tears. It feels like nerve pain but it's more constant. They called in some neurotin and I went ahead and took a percocet so hopefully that will help. It literally hurt to walk...It was like movement made it worse. It's a little discouraging since I've been doing so well BUT I won't be held down. This too shall pass!!!

Once this is over, I'm thinking about using some type of compression for my lower abs/pelvis region. Need to do my research to see whats best to use.

Feeling better

I'm feeling so much better! The nerve pain meds worked. On a side note I definitely will not mix the nerve pain medicine with the percocet. It had me feeling way loopy! No bueno!!!

Thank you for all of the posts and well wishes. I appreciate your support!

I tried on another pair of jeans today and they actually fit. I posted a picture.

Question, the bottom part of my stomach right above my pelvis has never been totally flat not even in the morning. Has anyone else experienced that? I always have the pouch right above my "ken doll". This is why I've been thinking of adding compression.

17 dpo...things are pretty much back to normal

I first must say a special thank you to everyone that has posted an encouraging message in response to my posts. This journey is a tough one but it's made all the better when you know you have people to talk to about what you are going through. I appreciate guys and I look forward to seeing us all in 6 months from now. Look out summer time! I happen to think we picked the best time to have our surgeries!

Update starts here:
I was walking thru my house after a day full of activities. And it dawned on me, I am doing everything I did before surgery. Went grocery shopping today, brung them all on the house, put them away...then I hit the stairs twice to take stuff up there turn a light out. While I was checking out at the store, the cashier (an offer Asian lady) said "you are so hot...How do you stay do fit" LOL. I thought to myself, this flat tummy is was $9k still get ya. LOL

Of course, I'm not ready for the gym and that kind of thing but I'm doing way better than I thought I would and intimacy had been great! I'm also standing completely straight (most of the day).

Now I still have the swelling, the tightness, occasional ab pains, and my incision is of course still healing. I still take the neurotin every day as well to keep the nerve pain away. Other than that, I may take an ibuprofen on occasion but no heavy hitter pain meds.

I return to work Monday so I'm praying that all goes well. I may purchase a boppy to sit on (thanks bond bomb mom!). My job is office based so I mainly sit most of the day.

It is my prayer that we all continue to progress at a rapid rate and become more and more satisfied with our results as each day passes.

No high heels!

So I went to church today and wore high heels. My heels are probably 4 inches...walking and standing in those heels totally made my abs sore and I could feel the pull at my waist. Word to the wise, try them on at home and walk around in them to see how you feel before wearing them out.

Work day 2...19pdo

Day 1 was great. I went in at 8 and worked until 4:30...took the kids to an early dinner at 5...then went to my son's basketball game. Now, by the time I made it home after the game, I was sore and swollen which I knew would happen. I was too exhausted to post last night. I had a glass of red wine before bed and settled right in to a good nights sleep. I will say that I drank so much water and moved continually throughout the day and I think that was most helpful.

I went to the doctor as well yesterday...I will post about that shortly.

Quick note about day 2: I tried to wear heels again...no bueno...felt like I needed to go home...swelling, pain, etc...won't be doing that again for a while but its hard because I normally wear them 4 out of 5 days so all of my pants are too long for flats. LOL Looks like I'll be wearing boots as much as possible. I'm walking around in socks right now which is so out of my character but I just couldn't do it. I instantly felt relief when I took them off. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I am not wearing a compression garment or what but it just wont' work for me right now.

19pdo Follow up

I am so irritated right now. I literally did the whole update and when I got ready to attach the pictures, the whole update one away. Now you know I can write some long updates...no one has time to do it write it again. Oh well, here goes.

I was not scheduled to see the doctor until January 14th. I had this follow-up because of the nerve pain that I was having. My plastic surgeon wanted to check on me physically to ensure all was well. I felt very positive after I left the appointment. Everything is great and I had a lot of questions which he took his time to answer.

1. I will continue to take the nerve pain medication 3 times a day. I can add in a fourth dose if necessary by the end of the day. That is working well for me and don't have any problems continuing that especially since the medication is not expensive and I'm not having any side effects.

2. I wanted him to physically examine me because I felt like after I gag, nearly vomited, that my abdominal muscles may have been affected. He checked out the suture line and felt like everything was still intact.

3. I asked him about the massages and how effective they are. In his opinion, the results will be the same with or without a massage when given time. He said if I wanted to spend my money on the massages he's not against it but he said there is no need for me to do it. Since the massages are fairly expensive, I'm electing not to do them.

4. I asked him about uneven swelling. He said that it is normal.

5. I asked him about the indentations that I have in my waist at the end of the day after wearing pants on my waist, he said that that was absolutely normal as well. He said that if I thought a continuous indention of any sort to let them know.

6. The last thing that we discussed was my scar. He looked at it as well as my belly button and said everything looked very good. The silicone strips can now be used because the glue is all gone. Here is the website to the silicone strips he uses. http://www.silagen.com/
You can only get them in the physician's office. You cannot get them on Amazon, already checked. LOL again I picked him because of his wonderful scars, so I went with what he advises that I used. The product is $54 and is one single strip that is applied and must remain applied for 12 weeks. The only time you can take it off is to shower or if you're going to be sweating profusely as in working out or something like that. You must reapply it immediately after you shower. The funny thing is, one of my coworkers daughter just had this procedure. When I walked into work he told me that she said she loves the silicone strip and is already seeing a huge difference after only a week. Anyway, I'm not questioning my PS on this one because again this is the reason I chose him. Well one of the reasons. Lol

7. I almost forgot. I also asked him again about the compression garment. He is very adamant about not wearing any compression for the first 30 days. He said if I wanted to wear a compression garment after that then I could but he wouldn't suggest anything tighter than perhaps a spanx.

8. I also asked him if there was anything specifically I should not be doing. I feel so good that I want to make sure I do not have a setback. I know that that can sometimes happen when we feel like we're doing great. He said the only thing he does not want me to do with heavy lifting. Nothing over 10 pounds right now and then 30 days 25 pounds. That is the only restriction he gave me outside of my work out restrictions.

Ok that's all. Please forgive any typos because I am exhausted after another long day at work. Today was from 8 to 5 and now I'm headed to a basketball practice for my daughter.

Praying that all is well with everyone. I cannot wait to read the rest of the updates I see in my notification box.


I forgot, we talked about the gym. I wanted to know when I could go back. He said I could start now doing light walking and elliptical but nothing involving my core, that included using my arms on the elliptical. He also said no weight lifting.

After 2 days of crazy busy work and kids activities afterward on both days, I'm wondering when I'll have the energy to go now ????

Morning Abdomen Frustration

Let me first say that I know that the lower abdomen is the last area to stop swelling BUT my concern is that I have not seen ONE picture of people who have a swollen abdomen first thing in the morning and I am very frustrated. My abdomen is NEVER flat..not even in the morning. Its only flat when I'm laying on my back and that does not count in my opinion because it was like that pre-surgery. I am not wearing a compression garment and I never wore a binder because my PS told me not to. At this point, he said I can begin wearing spanx but finding something that will hold in the bulge has been a chore. I don't like doubting him; I just know I am an action orientated person so this is driving me nuts.

I apologize in advance, I am just so bothered by this right now. I don't even want to post 4 week update pics because I feel like there is no point. SMH.

Pray for me please.

4 week Scar update

I am happy to report that my siladen silicone sheet is working on my scar. The changes are noticable after only 1 week. Most of you know that this part has been a real journey for me. The healing ridge is still there but getting significantly smaller. Again, the longer its there, the thinner my scar will be. My PS told me to wear this consistently, night and day for 12 weeks. I only take it off to shower and for nookie of course. :-)

After the 12 weeks, I am going to start with my fading cream to restore the color to that area. Right now it is a little dark.

At the one year mark, I am planning to get a tattoo depending on how the scar looks by then.

Happy healing ladies!

Scar...one more pic

I hit the POST button too quickly...here is the last picture...

5 weeks and counting..

5 weeks and counting...

I accidentally hit the post button again. LOL. Here is the update.

Just wanted to update some of my thoughts on the process thus far.

Compression - I was under the impression that wearing a compression garment it spanx would help to further flatten my abdomen. I assumed others were flatter than me because they were wearing compression. I have found that this is not the case for me. I do feel like the garments help with swelling and tightness. Right now, I wear spanx during the day and a binder at night. I feel comfortable with these.

Gym - I tried to start hitting the gym this week but now I'm having a constant dull pain in the right side of mine abdomen. He released me  to do light walking and light elliptical work but the elliptical may be too much for me  at this point. I believe I may have just over worked my ab muscle because I felt the pull when I was working my triceps with a 10 pound free weight. Needless to say I will not be going back to the gym until the pain leaves and when I do return it will be a less strenuous workout.

WATER - I can't say enough about drinking 70-100oz a day. This is coming from someone who has never been able to drink more than a bottle a day IF that BUT I promise, it makes a huge difference in the healing process. The swelling is certainly better with more water intake.

Silicone treatment - the sheet I'm using was supposed to last 4 weeks and I feel like its held up considering the abuse it takes. I will definitely get a new one when I go back to my PS. You can't but it anywhere else so I'll have to wait until then. I honestly feel that it's making a difference. I am still anxious to begin treatment on fading the color of the scar or better stated, the area around the scar. I will use the sheets for the 12 weeks then begin color treatment. Worst case, I tattoo over it when I get my belly piercing.

BB - I don't know what to think of it. It's certainly small but my PS said I would end up with a "new youthful" belly button so honestly, I'm not sure how it's supposed to really look. For now, it's not a concern.

Abdomen - I'm still waiting for my lower abdomen to go flat. Currently, it's never flat...except when I'm laying flat on my back of course. I'm praying that, as my PS said, it's the last area to lose swelling and hopefully by the 12 week mark, I'll be flat as a board in this area. I can't lie, this part is still very concerning.

Weight - I was 160 on the day of surgery...I am now 154. I honestly think its the water and compression that's making the swelling manageable and therefore decreasing my weight. I'm not on a special diet. I just try to eat sensible. I have nothing to drink but water and a glass of wine at night.

General thoughts - Sneezing, hard laughs and coughs still hurt. I really do think my PS pulled me super tight. My healing ridge is still present although it's getting smaller. I was able to get a brazilian was again which I am so thankful for. LOL Everything else in my world is pretty normal...sitting, standing, walking, etc. I have the occasional aches and pains from the TT but for the most part, I feel great. The hardest thing is patience.

7 Week Scar Update

My friend suggested I post this one. Its hard to see past the ridge but the incision line is small so I wanted to zoom in so you can better see it. PS says the longer the ridge is there the better because it keeps the tension off the incision creating a smaller scar. He also said it should be gone by the 3 month mark.

8 weeks +

Hey everyone. Wanted to go ahead and post an update about swelling, etc.

I believe my stomach is getting smaller. I haven't done measurements but I can definitely tell that some of the swelling is slowly but surely leaving. My PS said that sometimes, clients need a good cleanse to see results. I thought he was being funny but in actuality he was right. After taking MOM one night, the next day I noticed my stomach was flatter than it has ever been since surgery. I was excited. I am now realizing and trusting that I will be even flatter at the 12 week mark.

Here are the pics from today...8 weeks and 1 day post op.

Nearly 16 weeks...

It's been a long time since I updated so I thought I'd at least post a photo update. I was waiting for that moment when I saw a huge difference to post. The swelling makes it really hard to feel positive at times. I am not full force at the gym yet because I still have sporadic pain in my abdomen. I can't do a crunch without pain just yet so I'm just taking it slow and trying to listen to my body. With summer quickly approaching, I'm hoping to see a decrease in the swelling. Funny thing is, the more active I am, the more I swell. Anyway...here are some pics. Of course the first ones are from my pre-op...the swim suits were taken at 14 weeks and the last photos are of the swelling that's consistent at nearly 16 weeks...

Scar thickening

Wanted to post a quick update. I just left an appointment w my PS...he said my scar is not forming a keloid he said it's just thickening. He said we'll monitor for a month and will do a cortisone (sp?) shot if it doesn't improve or gets worse. He gave me a new silicone sheet to try. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

Intermediate Pain is normal...my current swelling is also normal


I just realized the pics didn't upload earlier...

What I didn't say earlier is that I'm feeling much better after my appointment today. I'm praying that I'll really see a large reduction in swelling by month 6 but I realize, I may not totally see the swelling gone until around month 12.

Almost a year post op

These pictures were today at 11pm November 16 after an active day I'm unsure if what I'm seeing is normal for a successful tummy tuck. My upper abs are good but my lower portion is not flat and never has been. Seems like I need more Lipo or something...not sure but I know I should be totally flat by now or at least I thought I should be. I see my PS next month although now I'm thinking I should call and schedule an appointment sooner. This just doesn't seem normal. Also, I hate that my scar includes my old belly button. My PS is supposed to do something to it at my appointment but I'm not sure. I'm hoping he decides to do more Lipo and revise my scar. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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