Rhinoplasty/Deviated Septum/turbinate Reduction - Richardson, TX

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5/4/13 My first consult was 4/3/13 Pre-op...

My first consult was 4/3/13
Pre-op 4/25/13
Surgery 5/7/13

I have a deviated septum, and breathing issues with the right side turbinate which will be reduced in surgery, also some concaving which will be grafted from cartilage from my nose . I hate the width of my nose and the bump, I have always hated my nose the way it shines in profiles or a certain way.
Its hard to try to think and describe the things I hated about my nose, my mind literally went blank when the dr asked I brought several pictures and he understood. It's always good to have various pictures similar to your nose so they will know what look you like, such as a soft look.
This is not my first experience with plastic surgery. Although this is my first and hopefully only rhinoplasty procedure. I have sleep apnea and I am hoping this will help resolve some breathing issues as well as cosmetic improvement .
I'm scared going to be honest , I wasn't as nervous as my other surgeries like I am this, I think the fear of accidentally hitting my nose, or sneezing or doing something wrong. I just hope I like the new me. I know it takes patience which I have learned through other surgeries. I've been taking arnica Montana the dissolvable ones for a week.
The surgery is the day after my birthday what better time to get it done.

I really don't know what to expect I just know I always have bad allergies and can't breathe through my nose when I have a sinus issues. I chose a ear nose throat dr, after researching plastic surgeons in my area I did decide to go to one that's a hr away. The local ones only seem to do breasts augmentation and lipo.
I am not looking forward to the hr drive since my procedure is at 12:00 and dreading that deadlock traffic after I will be keeping my pain meds with me.
They advised a discounted hotel since their is a follow up the next day, but I have dogs that need to be let out and fed. I have a front room that's dog free zone so I will be moving all my meds , items needed,pillow etc in that room.

I bought a great u shaped pillow that is memory foam and comes with a gel ice pack for 20.00 at bed bath and beyond, have a arch wedge pillow already. I'm bad at sleeping on my back, so I hope I have enough pillows to wedge myself in. The no sunglasses part is the hardest, I have a Lambe eye mask I'm hoping I can use that to keep the sun out.
I spent most of the day washing clothes and looking for comfy pants and zip up hoodies, I don't have many button up shirts, only large tanks and large loose v neck t-shirts. I did buy a sports bra that snapped in the front that got good reviews for surgery at wallmart for undef 10$ so I thought it would be good since my others are pullover. Like anyone reading this I have researched extensively about rhinoplasty.
I will update after surgery.

Well the surgery took 8 hrs due to issues , some...

Well the surgery took 8 hrs due to issues , some reconstructive work had to be done to fix my deviated septum. my eyes nearly swelled shut the second day.
The follow up didnt clear up much to breathe. Tuesday I get my splint removed. I have been trying to eat soft foods but today I woke up miserable , Zofran isn't helping , my throat is so dry . Last night I had to have a water bottle next to me because every time I woke up my throat was so dry from breathing through my throat.
I'm miserable , eyes pink and purple using my cold gel mask slowly helping .
I had really good nurses didnt wake up the anestelogist was wonderful , eveyone was really nice and I don't really know what to think can't tell what anything looks like just that I got hit by a truck

Today I'm feeling a little better, still a ton of...

today I'm feeling a little better, still a ton of pressure and unable to breathe through my nose, the bruising has gotten more yellow and I've been trying to wash my face with wipes. I keep falling asleep during the day and waking up early in the morning. My front teeth are soar , I've been enjoying sherbert easiest thing to eat. Yesterday the nausea was really intense I don't know if it was from the pain meds or what, my face is starting to itch. I hate being congested I just hope Tuesday gets here fast and I can breathe after the cast is off. I did sleep with a humidifier when I found a old one last night and that helped keep my throat moist . I still have been drinking more fluids than anything . Hard to tell when I have a appetite . My ears just started popping which I hope goes away and doesn't last long .

Finally feeling better, one week Is tomorrow my...

Finally feeling better, one week
Is tomorrow my eyes still have some pink and yellow bruising taking the arcinia Montana pills really helped allot it cleared up a ton of bruising from day 3 at my worst to day 5 able to completely open my eyes and not have so much purple.
Tomorrow I will be getting the cast off which I can't wait because I want these blue splints out of my nose so I can breathe. I hate breathing through my throat it hurts. it's been a tough week. I finally stop draining so much -I still can't taste food if smell anything hoping that changed tomorrow .

We'll I didn't get to have my splints removed...

We'll I didn't get to have my splints removed yesterday like planned, he told me another two days, so tomorrow hopefully they will be removed, he did have to suction my nose and I had some dried areas that didnt want to Come out , was very painful to say the least. I'm able to breathe a little better out of my nose but the drainiage going down my throat is the worst. I did have to continue antibiotics for a few more days also. Most of my bruising is gone accept some red, yellow and green.
Looks like My tip has gone down in swelling as well. Very curious to see what it looks like tomorrow. hopefully wont be another hr drive to be sent home. I'm glad the dr is being very thorough to make sure I'm ready to have the cast removed.

Feeling better

Still hard to do allot everytime I walk around allot or try to do things my nose starts throbbing looks like allot of the swelling went down my black eyes are gone they went away within a week. Still get migraines and still nose is very tender, I go back for a follow up the 10th. I still have stiches inside and my scars are healing pretty good .

Before pictures

Before pictures

Cast taken off

My large bump is gone cast finally off

Update on results so far

So far I'm happy with the results , I still get swollen sometimes and nose feels numb too , will be glad when the swelling goes down more on the tip. I do hate how my skin gets so oily on my nose cause its soar to wash my face when I get anywhere near it . I can breathe really good and looks like it really helped with the sleep apnea as well. I don't wake up as congested and I'm glad I did it finally

Updated pics



Before front

Roberts cosmetic surgery

My Doctor was very helpful, though I did hate having to wait so long since they were running behind one day. He seems to understand what is achievable and what would also fit my face as well. He explains everything simple and brought up issues I didn't notice or realize I had, I knew I had trouble breathing but was so use to it. He is very informative and I knew after we talked I wanted to do the procedure so I booked it. I saw a previous dr over a year ago in grapevine which had the worst bed side manor and didn't address any of my concerns so its taken me a long time , sure I could've chosen one closer but this is my face and I would rather find the Dr I feel would do they best job possible. He takes his time in surgery and doesn't rush through your appt. he takes the time to listen and make sure he understands and addresses any concerns.

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