Brow Confused - Rhode Island, RI

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Let me start by saying I've researched this a...

Let me start by saying I've researched this a million times and yet everything I knew and was supposed to check flew out the window as I genuinely put all of my trust in my esthetician.

My eyebrows are way too dark. They don't even match my brow pencil I've been using for years and look great with. My brows are way to high and way too thick for my liking and the worst part is I for some reason didn't follow my own judgement and knowhow when getting this semi-permanent process done to my face. I feel the ugliest I've ever felt and really cannot bear to look at myself in the mirror yet keep looking to see how its changed my face dramatically. My upper lid liner is great although one side is thicker than the other at the end. I'm going in to get my hair done with bangs to cover this up because its such a bad job and I cannot bear it any longer.

My face...

Just my brows

Don't they look too high? Or too arched? Over arched? Dark? Your honesty is greatly appreciated.
*** Ink

My esthetician was WONDERFUL! It's really my fault for not checking color and not readjusting the brow design before her starting the work on me.

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