33 Year-old Having Trouble Deciding Between Tummy Tuck or Breast Lift - Rhode Island

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Here goes. I have been lurking a bit here reading...

Here goes. I have been lurking a bit here reading stories and looking at photos for quite some time, and the women on here have given me so much information and help just by sharing their stories. So thank you for that! I am in need of some advice, since I don't have any girlfriends who have kids and wrecked bodies.

I am 33, in pretty good shape. I have three kiddos, ages 3, 6, and 8. I have been nursing straightaway for 8 years (I only stopped for 1 month before my third child was born. Nursed kiddo #1 for 3.5 years in tandem with kiddo #2, and kiddo #3 is almost 4 and I'm starting to really wean her now). Needless to say, the girls are a bit wrecked. Before kids they weren't that awesome anyway. I always had stretch marks after I lost 15 lbs after high school. They were a 36C before kids, now I stuff them into a 36B with room to spare. I think I have more skin than actual breast tissue. So, I'd love a lift and possibly the tiniest implant available to give a little fullness. I want Leslie Mann's boobs from "This is 40." That would be my goal, and my expectation with breast surgery would be to have the chance to go bra-less in certain summer tops and to have a youthful, stretchmark-free area for once in my life. I have 90-year-old ta-tas currently and would like to reverse the clock as much as possible.

Onto my stomach. With my second pregnancy, my belly button pretty much separated from my stomach and now it sits there on its own. The skin around the belly button is wrinkly and hangs unattractively over the bands of my underwear and sweatpants. Other than the area directly around my belly button, my stomach isn't so bad.

I have the money saved for one operation only. I cannot combine. I do not know when I will be able to undergo the second surgery - it could be 5 years, could be 15. I need advice as to which surgery I should take on first. Recovery is a huge factor in this. I was pretty certain at the start I wanted to have the tt, but I really do not have a ton of help at home and cannot take more than 2 weeks off from work (I have a very light job in a library, so that's not really my main concern). I am more worried about the recovery at home and the repeated follow-ups that would be required for the tt. Plus, in my area tt is definitely costlier. I do think that for the money spent, the results of a tt will be more life-changing overall. But ...

My boobs really bother me, and I am starting to lean more toward that surgery because of the easier recovery. Is it worth it to have the boobs done, ladies? So you who have had it done feel dramatically better about your bodies? Please offer honest advice if you can. Thank you!

Only a few more days with the pooch ...

... and I'm freaking out. I have already cleaned the floors on my hands and knees, done 97 loads of laundry, and overloaded on difficult yoga poses. I might actually be ready for a break now :-)

I am getting so scared about the actual surgery. What if I don't wake up? What if I get an infection? What if, what if, on and on ...

Oh and I'm posting another before photo of my belly. Why not? I'm going to miss it ;-)
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