Dense, Colorful Tattoo Removal - Rhode Island

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I posted on this site a couple of months ago,...

I posted on this site a couple of months ago, after my first consultation with a laser technician. That technician uses Nd:Yag lasers and told me 4-5 removal sessions would be enough to lighten my tattoo enough for a cover-up. A few doctors on this site suggested the Picosure laser, and I took their advice. The Picosure is *significantly* more expensive, but the laser has been operated by a licensed doctor and I think the results have been good so far.

Keep in mind, I have only had treatments with a Picosure laser; I don't know if the Q-Switched lasers would yield the same results... (I also added on to the tattoo in the time between when the earlier photo was taken and when I started the removal process, in an attempt to fix what I already wanted to get rid of.)

Third treatment

2.5 weeks after the third treatment and I'm becoming less enthusiastic about the results. :-(

Third treatment

Fourth treatment

I had my fourth laser treatment, this time using a q-switched laser (532 nm frequency on the red and 1064 nm on the black). I had a very little reaction this time. I don't know if the settings were just very low, but I had only a little bit of swelling and pain that subsided after only a day. Not seeing a lot of fading this time, but I can definitely tell that the pink responded to the laser, which is heartening. My next treatment is scheduled for late June, and the doctor will be using the R20 method (three passes during one session with 20 minute breaks in between). I'll report back! :-)

Treatment 5

Treatment 6

Providence Physician

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