Painful Eyeliner on Upper and Lower Lids - Rhode Island

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I decided to get my eyeliner done on my upper and...

I decided to get my eyeliner done on my upper and lower lids.I wear it everyday and i was tired of being smudgey. the woman who did it was in her early fourty's wearing a tight plaeather dress and heals. i told her what i wanted and she began doing the liner in black. It was extremely painful and i've had quite a lot of tattoo's done. granted its on my eye, but good lord. She kept calling me a blinker. uh, yeah i'm blinking there's a needle scraping my eye :( tried as hard as i could to keep my eye open for her, but it was damn near impossible. Are you really expected to keep the eye open in order for someone to tattoo eyeliner???

anyway she kept making comments on how shes old and fat. the lady was a tooth pick covered in makeup and wearing a wig. It just made me uncomfortable. she said she hit a blood vessle and that there would be bruising.

she asked me how i liked it and said it was beautiful and i could have it touched up for free. I looked in her mirror but i honestly was so swollen and my eye was so bruised around it that i couldn't see. I told her it looked fine and left awkwardly.

anyway I'm on day two of healing and i'm afraid to go to work. I'm so swollen and bruised. I have a splitting headache, and it looks like she made a dot of black above the line. there are some missing spots, and honestly it looks like im gonna have to still put liner when my eye's finally heal. I know i will heal and it won't be terrible. If It does need to be fixed but i'm never going to go back. maybe to a medical place where they do it, but never back to that woman. I don't care how free it is she'd have to pay me. Mind you i have a strong thresh hold when it comes to pain and needles. The moral to the story is,don't trust an eccentric woman in a pleather dress. If you feel uncomfortable don't do it.

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very painful and awkward and i'm still going to have to wear liner. so much can go wrong.

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