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I have hated my large breasts my whole life. I...

I have hated my large breasts my whole life. I have a petite body at around only 5'1 and any extra pounds are very noticeable. I was about a 36DD-36E, maybe even more i was too scared to knew exactly. Over the years as a teenager I would have to go to specialty stores to get bras, as well as hear my close friends tease me about it. I never could wear cute tops and not worry about my breasts. When working out I had to wear at least 2 sports bras. Over time i began getting back, shoulder and neck pain which also resulted in terrible headaches. I ended up getting sever scoliosis, and still continue to have it and will for the rest of my life.

I consulted a surgeon in my state, who has been voted one of the states and new englands best. After just one meeting I knew 100% i wanted to get it. For years i had struggled with insecurity about it so at 18 years old i made the decision. I met my doctor in September 2010 and we scheduled my sugery for February 2011. My health insurance covered the surgery in entirety due to my young age and extreme scoliosis.

The morning of the surgery on February 15th 2011 I was a little nervous, especially never even being in a hospital before. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all very nice. They made me very comfortable and feeling good before surgery. My doctor came over and it was time to go in. I had always heard people who had surgery say in the room they have you count down from 10 and then you dont even make it to 8 and youre out. I didnt think that would happen to me but it did and I was out!

According to my boyfriend and parents, i was in surgery for about 3 hours. The worst was coming out of it because I had to pee so bad but they have to set you all up before you can do anything! I stayed in the hospital overnight and that day and night I slept most of the time. My chest was just tight and sore, no excruciating pain. My doctor came in the next morning to remove my bandages and put gauze pads and adjust my bra. I left that morning and was still groggy but as soon as I got up from that bed oh my god! I could feel the relief off my back immediately! What a difference!

Over the next two weeks I had slept a lot and the pain really was bearable, just mostly soreness and tightness. One of the toughest parts was showering because i didnt want to see my breast quite yet. And its hard to shower without getting them entirely soaked. By early march i was almost back to normal feeling even better than before surgery.

Looking back a year later it was the best decision i have ever made in my life and has brought me so much happiness. I am SOOOO happy with my new breasts especially that I am a normal size (about a 38b-36c depending what stores) and working out is a breeze for me now! Clothes look so much better and overall i am so much happier with my body. I recommend this 100$ to anyone who truly is considering it. And now a year later i am looking to get another procedure for something else i have always wanted and probably going to the same doctor!

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