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I have had two sinus surgeries before this one. I...

I have had two sinus surgeries before this one. I tend to get blockages which result in not only sinus infections but also migraines. So I went for a CT scan and found that I had a blockage on the right side. I went to a Plastic Surgeon who is also and ENT and he was the first to mention that my septum was very undersized at 5 degrees when it should be 20 degrees. So he thought that that procedure could also help with my sinus issues. While there I inquired about a rhinoplasty as well since I would already be under. I've never loved my nose but it never bothered me that much either. Dr Chernoff did the computer imaging and I was quite happy with what he showed. Not a huge difference from the front. I do have a large hump and a bulbous somewhat downturned tip. So we went for it.

Day of surgery was quite miserable. I woke up with ice packs already on my eyes trying to keep the swelling down. Did end up throwing up once from the blood. Other than that my stomach was fine. I ask for lots of anti-nausea meds because my stomach is so sensitive. The pain was bad, I ended up trying to take just one hydrocodone at a time but ended up taking another a couple hours later and continued this into the next day. The one plus was that I could already breath better than I ever had before right when I woke up and the whole way home before all of the swelling set in. Didn't sleep at all and had a 8:30am appt the next day. Worse part of waking up was a sore throat from the tube in my throat.

Day 1 still miserable. Lots of bruising, black black eyes. Went to the appointment and everything was fine. This is the first time I'm talking to the surgeon. He told me that he had to take my entire nose apart and put it together to fix everything. Said that he has pictures that he can show me if I'm up to it. Still feeling like crap. Can't breath at all and I can't sleep because my mouth gets too dry and my throat still hurts. Mouth breathing is not pleasant.

Day 2 still miserable. Bruising is moving down and swelling is still persistent in my eyes. This is definitely not a fun procedure. I'm guessing that because of the extensiveness of the surgery my recovery is a little bit more difficult than most.

Day 3 went back for another appointment. I've been having hot and cold flashes like crazy. No fever though and I've been taking my antibiotics. Dr said my nose still looks good and the bruising is starting to fade. I'm still not sleeping or breathing through my nose. I've started doing the saline nose spray every hour or so now. Still doesn't keep it open for long.

Day 4 still trying to sleep. Pain isn't too bad. Pressure is miserable as is the fact that I can only sleep an hour at a time before my throat gets so sore I can't swallow. I've been taking my regular meds again and my sleeping pills aren't even helping a bit.

Day 5 went back for another follow up. They took out the sutures today which was somewhat painful because the tip of my nose is still so swollen. The nurse also took my blood pressure which is a bit on the high side but she thinks that that is because I'm not sleeping. I tried to not nap at all this day so that I could try to get some sleep at night with my sleeping meds. Failed again. For the first time I tried sleeping in my bed instead of the recliner and it didn't go well either. I finally got out of bed around 2am and went back into the living room.

Day 6 finally slept a bit last night in the chair. Pain isn't bad at all but still can't breath out of the left side of my nose. I can see the walls and it almost looks like my something has collapsed on that side but it may just be the swelling. I'm pretty clear on the right side. Still hoping to sleep more tonight and then tomorrow I get the brace off!

I'm super excited and hope I can get back to wearing makeup again then! I will update again after the brace is off.

Went back a week after the surgery and had the...

Went back a week after the surgery and had the brace removed. My nose looked okay for a few minutes but by the time I got home was hugely swollen and I was regretting this decision.
I'm not feeling like he did enough tip work at this point to bring it up and he widened the bridge of my nose so much to fix my septum that it just looks huge.

Got to see the doctor the following Monday and he seemed pretty happy with himself and the amount of swelling that I had due to everything that he did. He told me that I will continue with swelling for the next 6 months before I see a final result. That is disappointing.

I'm almost 2 weeks out now from the surgery and I'm still really swollen from what I feel. I've yet to sleep through a night. Up until today, I've felt like an elephant has taken up sleeping on my nose. Today I'm not having much pain or pressure but I still can't breath. I really hope this subsides soon.
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