Miami, FL - So Far Great Experience.

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How I found my surgeon: After browsing all over...

How I found my surgeon: After browsing all over the net for Florida Plastic surgeons, I found a very helpful post on this website, here's a link to it.

I'm not sure if I am allowed to post the doctor's name here, sorry, but you can send me a private message and I'd gladly give it to you. Well, after my consultation with the doctor, I decided I trusted him enough to perform the surgery on me. I had already seen 2 other doctors and neither of them convinced me the way this one did. Naturally, I was very nervous for my surgery(this was my first surgery ever), but after meeting him it was obvious to me that this doctor knew what he was doing.

Before the surgery: I had a million questions, but one of the doctor's helpers was always available via email and phone to answer every one of them. On the day of the consultation they also give you a sheet of paper with instructions for pre- and post- operation (such as taking 1000mg vitamin C 2 weeks prior to surgery). The doctor uses computer imaging to calculate realistically what your nose would look like after the surgery (He takes the before pics on the day of the consultation). He sent them to me via email 2 days after the consultation.

Day of the surgery: As this was my first surgery, I wasn't sure what to expect. My main concern was about waking up during the surgery (Probably silly of me, but I'd heard stories of it happening). Nevertheless, the surgery went very smoothly and I was out the entire time. Once I arrived, they brought be into a waiting room and had me change into a blue robe. They had me take a 'relaxing' pill (The pill is very tiny, for those of you who have trouble taking pills *i do* and it was easy to swallow) Then they brought me into the operation room and the nurse layed me on the bed. I felt very cold, but they placed a self-heating blanket on me and I just remember that I felt very comfy and relaxed (Probably that pills haha). Then the nurse connected me to the IV, stuck a few wires to my finger and chest, then sat down next to me and started talking to me. She was very friendly and it made me feel a lot more relaxed talking to her. Once the anesthesiologist arrived, she and my mom left the room and that is the last thing I remember before waking up in the waiting room. It was a great and totally pain-free experience.

After the surgery: I am currently 6 days post-op and feeling so great. After the surgery they leave a splint on you for 5-6 days. Towards the end, the splint was actually getting a bit annoying, but it was bearable and definitely not painful (I mean, come on, it's a surgery- a bit of discomfort is to be expected, right? I actually didn't have to take any painkiller pills all these days, though they are provided). My nose was a bit congested with dried blood all these days so I needed to breath through my mouth (just as if I had a cold, minus the drippy nose). I suggest keeping lip moisturizer nearby because your lips will get dry.

Today I had the splint and a few of the stitches removed and i feel awesome. The doctor decongested my nose and I am breathing perfectly now. I can see the shape of my new nose and I'm in love with it; I'm so happy. The doctor successfully straightened up my deviated septum and took away my bump. My new nose is a work of art!! Haha ok, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.. i still have a lot of swelling going on, and some bruising around my eyes, but I'm very very happy with the results so far. :-)

I will be posting "after pics" in a few weeks but here are some "before" and "in-between(I guess you can call it that since i have the tape on) pics":

Message me for his name!

He is very experienced, friendly, and simply knows what he's doing. Just meet him and you will see what I mean.

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