Rhinoplasty- Hoping for a Good Experience- 17 Year Old Female

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I've always had a big Jewish nose- I inherited it...

I've always had a big Jewish nose- I inherited it from my mom. I never considered getting a nose job until this last year when I actually realized to was an option. It's the perfect time because I'm moving from high school to college.

One thing that makes me different is that I have an identical twin sister. This means I get to see my nose all. the. time- not an experience most people have. I actually don't know if I would be getting this procedure if I wasn't so familiar with how the nose looks. My sister is not getting surgery- in fact she recently got a nose piercing that draws attention to get nose. We are very different people =).

I had my pre-op appointment today and the surgery in 2 days. I'm having the bump shaved down, tip refined, and the tip rotated up and TINY bit. I only started getting nervous today. And now I'm very nervous. I surgery was originally scheduled for the 21st and got moved up to the 7th, so it's been kind of crazy. So far I've only told immediate family and one friend. Still decided what to tell everyone else if they notice. It's going to be interesting because now I'm going to look even more different from my twin.

Added some pictures. Surgery is tomorrow early in...

Added some pictures. Surgery is tomorrow early in the morning, and then I plan on hibernating the next few days.

Surgery all done! Seriously 100x easier than...

Surgery all done!

Seriously 100x easier than expected. I feel great right now- better than when I had my wisdom teeth out and that was a super easy surgery for me too. Went in at 6 this morning and surgery was at 7. Put on the beautiful gown and everything, got an IV, got my nose drawn on, moved into the surgery room, and I was out. My mom came with me.

I had the most anxiety about how I was going to feel when I woke up- I thought my mouth would be super dry, my throat would hurt, I wouldn't know where I was, and I would feel super claustrophobic and packed. It was completely fine. Apparently I was awake as soon as I was wheeled out of the room but I don't remember that. Only very slight pain in the nose. They brought be water and graham crackers and I took some Vicoden and saw my mom. Pain meds made me a little nauseous and I ate more graham crackers and got nausea medicine through my IV and was all good. Was in the bed for maybe 45 minutes and then I left. I felt good enough that we stopped at a sandwich shop on the way home and ate them when we got home, haha. Nose was bleeding a bit at first but has slowed down now. Some bruises under my eyes.

Now I'm chilling at home watching TV. Nose started to hurt a little just now so just took some more pain meds.

One thing I'm worried about is that my nose looks weird. Nostrils look narrow and tip upturned, but I'm assuming it's just because of the taping, right? He didn't mess at the nostrils at all and only raised the tip very slightly. Gonna try not to look in the mirror.

Alright, so it's the second morning. I...

Alright, so it's the second morning.

I definitely felt a bit worse as the day went on yesterday- a bit more nausea and a bit more pain. Nothing crazy but not super pleasant. I was able to eat and drink pretty normally and have been taking pain meds every four hours. Bleeding stopped by the end of the night so no drip pad needed any more. A lot of crusty blood in my nose though- ick. Gonna try using some nasal stray in a bit, and clean around the tip with hydrogen peroxide.

I slept pretty well- as first I kept waking up after 30 minutes, but then I got two solid four hour chunks of sleep in which is great. Still some pain under the cast and where the stitches are so I took Percocet instead of Vicodin to see if that helps.

Some bruising and swelling under my eyes but doesn't seem any worse than yesterday. On to another day of relaxing!

So, third day. Nose is still pretty painful, but...

So, third day. Nose is still pretty painful, but taking Percocet takes care of it for maybe 2 hours at a time. I wish it would work for longer. Swelling was probably the worst last night and a bit better today, but still pretty swollen. Bruises looking a bit better. Sleeping pretty well 3 or 4 hours at a time at night with the pain meds. Also, my mom washed my hair in the sink with my laying on the counter so that's pretty good. Hoping this is the worst of it, cause I'm super swollen and it's very painful at times.

Hey guys! On day 5 now. Swelling and bruising...

Hey guys! On day 5 now.

Swelling and bruising have definitely gone down, but I still look pretty funny. Pain was a lot better yesterday and today- used one Vicodin yesterday and Tylenol, and just Tylenol so far today. I can feel my nose throbbing and the cast is uncomfortable and itchy and it's kinda driving me crazy but sadly I have to wait three more days.

My nose is a lot clearer and I can usually get a little air through at least one side- my right was clear for quite a while. I do feel a little bump on the inside of the left nostril below the split and I'm hoping it's just where the split is touching. The stitches hurt a lot to touch and I'm not looking forward to getting them out.

I'm still been just relaxing most of the time. I'm really tired and I've been napping a lot. I've been getting a few head rushes when I stand up and a couple days ago I felt really bad for a couple minutes - nauseous and hot, but it passed fast and that happened with my wisdom teeth too.

Now just counting down the days! It'll feel so good to have this thing off.

So... day 6. I look about the same but I feel...

So... day 6. I look about the same but I feel better today for sure. There's still that small bump in my nose below the split and it's red now and really painful to touch so I'm thinking it's a pimple or something. Also, there are small bruises on my eyelids that I think just appeared- never noticed them before.

Still waiting and worrying about how the nose will look when the cast comes off.

ONE MORE DAY! Then the cast comes off. My cast...

ONE MORE DAY! Then the cast comes off.

My cast is driving me insane. It's been super itchy the last day and there's obviously not much I can do about it. I really want to rip it off my face. There's no pain or anything anymore, just the itchiness.

Only a tiny bit of bruising right now- a little sliver under each eye and on the top of my lids. Still some swelling on my lower cheeks but not too terrible anymore.

Just waiting til then- nervous to see how it looks!

Alright, so the cast came off today. Then they...

Alright, so the cast came off today. Then they took out the splits (which was weird) and the stitches (which hurt a couple of times but not too bad). There are some whiteheads on my nose where the itching was. I can breathe through my noe much better than when the cast was on, but it's still pretty stuffy.

Overall, I like the general shape of my nose but it seems really swollen to me to it's hard to tell. I think when the swelling goes down I'm really going to like it but right now it just seems kinda... weird. I like the way it looks from the front but the bridge/ tip seems pretty big and swollen. More waiting I guess. However, the doctor did everything I asked him too and I think the nose is pretty natural. I'll put up a couple pics now and then some better ones later when I'm more cleaned up and normal looking.

Alright guys, so I have a little bit more detailed...

Alright guys, so I have a little bit more detailed update for you.

First of all, when the cast came off, I really wasn't sure what to think of my nose. It felt weird, and I didn't know if I liked it. Now two days later I'm feeling so much better about it. Even with the swelling it's looking pretty great and I think when the tip/ bridge is slightly smaller it'll be amazing. It was just such a shock to me to see my nose for the first time and I definitely had some thoughts of 'what have I done?' but I feel a lot better about it now.

I saw my grandparents last night (who live close so I do see them fairly often) and they didn't notice anything. My grandpa even told me I should wipe something off my nose (that would be the mark from the stitches which is still a bit red, not coming off, sorry Grandpa). So that was pretty funny.

Something that's annoying is that I still have to wear my cast at night for 4 or 5 weeks. I thought I was done with that thing!

And then one final worry:
There's still a small bump on the top of my nose. It's pretty small but it's definitely not swelling- I can feel the bone right underneath it. It looks fine now but my worry is that as swelling goes down it will become more and more noticeable. I really really hope that's not the case, because as long as it stays about as big as it is now, it's not that big of a deal. I'm not seeing my doctor for another three weeks to check up so I can't ask him. What do you guys think? Other then the little bump the nose is pretty perfect.

I put up a few more pics too.

K, so 2 weeks post-op two. I pretty much feel...

K, so 2 weeks post-op two.

I pretty much feel back to normal and it's crazy to me that all this happened only two weeks ago. A week ago my nose felt like some weird thing stuck to my face and it was all I could think about, but now it actually feels normal. The tip is still numb and I can't really scrunch my nose without pain, but it's not that bad. I can also breath a lot better. Not perfect, but better for sure.

I went back to the doctor today just to ask about the bump. He said that there's still a lot of soft tissue swelling there and showed me how to massage it 5 times a day. He said it will take 3 months for all the swelling to go away. That makes me feel better for sure- I hope it actually does! We said a may be able to feel something at that spot, but it should go down! He also gave me a steroid injection to help with the swelling- it took 10 seconds and felt a slight sting for maybe 3 seconds. Super easy.

Oh, and I also wanted to add to above: The say...

Oh, and I also wanted to add to above:

The say after I got my cast got off I saw my grandparents, and then a couple of days later I went back to work. I've been a lot of people I know and no one has said anything- not even that I look different in general. It's crazy because it's a big change for me but it still looks natural and I look normal to everyone else, so I'm really happy.

My twin sister was gone for a couple weeks when I had the surgery/ after, and she just got back a couple days ago. Even she thought it was pretty subtle. Didn't seem too subtle to me! It's also kinda weird seeing "my" old nose again on her.

Just wanted to update you guys, had my 4 weeks...

Just wanted to update you guys, had my 4 weeks checkup yesterday, 3 weeks after cast removal.

So, that bump that was on the top of the nose? Much smaller. I thought for sure it was bone before because it was very hard, but all of a sudden (over the course of maybe 4 days) it got much softer and then went down. I think the steroid shot helped. Still some there, but much better. I don't think it will got 100% away, but we'll see.

Also, I'm congested and don't feel like a can breath super well. Part of my procedure was a septoplasty and my doctor said my turbanites (sp?) were still swollen and gave me a prescription nasal spray (which I haven't used yet) which should help.

Other than that, I'm loving my new nose and feel very good about it. Gonna post another pic.
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