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I had been thinking of doing this for a while, my...

I had been thinking of doing this for a while, my nose always bothered me. Now more than ever it made me very insecure..so much that i would cry about it. It just made me miserable. I don't think it was that bad, some angles my nose looked cute but the profile is what really bothered me. It was curved and big and it just did not fit with my face. I had been thinking about it (seriously) for about a year and i finally decided to do it. I really did this for myself because my boyfriend and family didn't really think i needed it and mostly thought i was crazy. My mom was really supportive and so was my boyfriend. I only told 3 people, (mom, boyfriend and best friend). I don't feel comfortable others knowing and I'm kind of freaking out about everyone's reaction. I don't really know what to tell others...I guess i'm scared of people judging me.

I got it done on October 24th and still have my cast on. I'm so depressed right now because I'm still not sure about how i feel about my nose. I can definitely see the change even with the cast on but i'm scared of the results. My doctor told me i would be amazed by the results since my nose was droopy, curved, had a bump, was large and was deviated..and that it wasn't all that anymore! I'm getting the cast off Tuesday morning, i am swollen but don't have that much bruising.

This week was veryyy lonnng and i feel all i did was eat..it was very emotional for me ups and downs..i just can't wait to see my results and i hope i am happy with my new nose.

Day cast came off : cried so much..it looks like i...

Day cast came off : cried so much..it looks like i have no bridge and a huuuudge tip i know i feel i look ridiculous..

Ok since i stopped the pain meds (about three...

Ok since i stopped the pain meds (about three days) i have really bad headaches all the time..its really strange i didn't talk to my dr about it yet..does anyone have this problem also ?

Ok so im starting to kind of like my nose :) yeah!...

ok so im starting to kind of like my nose :) yeah! the profile is great but i steel feel strange when i look straight in the mirror! it really changed in just 3 days ! cant wait for next week!! :)

For thoe who want to know more about my...

For thoe who want to know more about my experience:

So overall i would say my experience with Dr. Samaha was okay! For some reason i was kind of expecting more from him but was happy with him after all. I went there for a first consultation and i though he was a bit cold not too welcoming or understanding..or reassuring. I then went for a second consultation with him to make sure what he told me was really what i wanted and he showed me for a second time my picture on his imaging system. It made me happy to see that he took the time to do that and make me feel more at ease and ready. ( But i did not feel the connection and that complete trust...i would have wanted). I was happy that he took the time to awnser my questions and took my pictures and everything was done by him. The other Dr's consultation would take 15 min and the rest was done with the assistants ( thats fine). But i was happy to know that he stayed with me for a whole hour..for the consultation, imaging, paper work, pictures...He isnt as busy as others maybe because he specializes in face,the other dr dose everything and is older.. I went there and asked for a prescription for anxiety and he gave them to me because i was really nervous the week before the surgery. The day of the surgery i had a nervous breakdown i was crying before the surgery but the nurses took really good care of me and everything was fine.

The operation overall went well. I think i woke up during the surgery and heard people talking , i couldnt feel anything of course lool, but the doctor told me it was just in the beginning when the doctor was talking to me

while i was falling asleep due to the anesthesia. He called me the next day to ask me how i was feeling ! That made me feel good because with Dr.F it was the assistants who called the patients and not the dr.

himself. He told me the outcome was going to be amazing and everything went really well and the final result would be stunning. The day i took of my cast i was terrified, he saw there was aloooot of swelling so he injected
steroids (i think) to the tip of my nose and told me it was going to make the swelling go down. I cried all morning and then decided i was going to put make up on and fix my self up and it made me feel better because it was that bad i was just shocked! The profile looked great but the front looked extremely swollen. It was very natural nooo

one noticed even my mom did not see a difference..wich is good but not good at the same time haha! But i see

the difference. I took arnica and had no bruises so i was happy about that. At this moment im at 3 months and im

not amazed with my results... the profile seems like it took its original shape ( curved a bit instead of being

straight like in the beginning, it isnt as short as i would want it to be, one of my nostril has taken a shape and the

other one not really, maybe its just uneven swelling, there is a tiny dent on the top of my bridge, i find the bridge is

way too thin for the tip at this point, some angles i like my nose, overall i dont regret it because i still have hope its

going to get better, but right now its not great as other seems to say they are happy with their nose at three

months... When i took off my cast the doctor gave me a follow up appointement for 6 months later! I think that is too much, it should have been at 2 months or something? i dont know thats another point that did not reassure

me... But overall i think he is a good dr and i hope my nose will get better.


Hello ! To be honest with you i am not satisfied with my nose it looks the same almost except the curve that was very pronounced from the profile isnt as bad but its still curvy. As the swelling went down the tip of my nose did not get more narrow but the bridge is so it looks strange. I went back to the dr to explain to him i was unhappy because there is also a little area on the bridge which is uneven its like a small bump on the side and its is very noticable... I had to show him so many times what i was talkinh about before he finally admitted that what i was saying was true... He made me feel really bad. He then told i could get a fillet injection for 600$ !!! and would have to get it done every year since it isnt permanent... I still didnt go to get it done.. No one ever gave me a comment and everyone who knew about my operation never even mentionned a difference or anything at all. It basically looks the same but worse from the frint now since it looks like i have a bump (whole) ... Im very disapointed... He couldve at least given me the injection for free.. Any way maybe its just my case which turned out bad but if i had to do it again i would choose another doctor. Try dr. Fanous maybe... Good luck i will try to find old pictures and take new ones..

Picture 2 year post op

You can see its uneven on the bridge and also have uneven nostrils

2 year post op

Weak bridge with unevenness. Uneven nostrils as well. Wide and big tip compared to bridge..

View from top-2 yrs. post op

Looks awful..
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