Great Success After 4 Rhinoplasty Surgeries

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I had a very big nose which really spoiled my...

I had a very big nose which really spoiled my looks. Underwent 4 rhinoplasties to get my nose back into shape. Some of the best doctors operated on my nose. Surgeries were performed stage by stage.

1st Surgery 2005 – Doctor hardly reduced the size of my nose. Unhappy with the results.

2nd Surgery 2005 – Changed my doctor. One of the best rhinoplasty doctor operated on my nose. The size of my nose was reduced very well. Tip was reduced. Nose got a very good shape. Nostril/Alar reduction was not performed. Slight alar retraction occurred from this surgery, but the nose looked much better than before.

3rd Surgery 2006 – I shaped Silicone implant was used to augment the dorsum.

4th Surgery 2010 (18th jan) – Alar rim Graft to correct mild alar retraction and alar base/still reduction to reduce the flare was performed. Had a new doctor for this surgery who is famous for rhinoplasty.

5th Surgery ???? – No Idea, just planning to get my nose lengthened from the tip, If and only if its realistically possible.

Check the pic....There is significant swelling and the stitched are yet to be removed.

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