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Well I am 11 weeks in now and using it every...

Well I am 11 weeks in now and using it every night, the strength I am using is 0.05%. I started off slowly but after about 1 and a half months was using it every night. I am a bit frustrated as I find that I am still getting very dry and flaky and very red skin around my mouth. Everything I have read on this website tells me that that problem should only last a few weeks but after 11 weeks it's still happening. I think people are looking at me as if to say what is going on with her face!!!! However I am determined to stick with it but would really like to know if other people have had this experience for such a long time or am I doing something wrong?

Just me and my sunscreen.

This was taken after moisturizing this morning, I haven't used it on my chin the last couple of days just the rest of my face and it is defs better. I may just have to cut down using it on my chin but the rest of my face doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I can certainly see that my skin is sort of rougher but I am sure that will go away in time. I used a very mild and light scrub in the shower this morning and I think that also helped. looking at the photos I really need to get my upper eyelids done lol.

15 Weeks and things are definately improving.

So I am 15 weeks into Retin A and my skin has adapted to the cream finally. I really didn't think it ever would and I would be stuck with flaky red skin for ever. I was determined to stick it out though even though it seemed that I was having problems a lot longer that a lot of other people but I guess that everyones skin is different and has its own way of dealing with things. No more redness just a small breakout of pimples under the corner of my mouth. I just love all the responses to my review, keep them coming as it is really helpful to me and others out there.

Another 4 weeks has past.

Still loving using the retin A but still having the occasional peeling skin under my mouth area and redness but when it settles it looks awesome so i think i just have to grin and bear it. I am going away for a couple of weeks to somewhere su ny and warm so i will probably not use it during that time. Mind you i will.struggle with that as i think i am addicted to using it and never fail. I would hate to have to start the process all over again.
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