Results Good on Back, but my Arms Still Hurt

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I had my surgery on April 17 (11 days ago). The...

I had my surgery on April 17 (11 days ago). The actual procedure was painless, other than the injections of tumescent fluid, but the recovery has been no walk in the park. I had my arms, flanks and mid-back done, and will return in May to do the upper and lower abs and sides (six areas for $10k). I do NOT feel like I "just worked out too hard". I am in moderate discomfort even 11 days later. My back feels better with every passing day (bruising pain still keeps me out of my clothes - I had to buy some elastic waisted garments) but my arms are still as swollen as day one and today it hurts to raise them to wash my hair. My surgery tech said that is one of the worst areas to do, but my arms were the reason I went forward with any of it - they never matched my body size.

Due to all these reviews I expected a faster, easier recovery, but I am encouraged by the results. My back is smooth now, and the line from waist to hip is straight instead of pooching out. My arms are an inch and a half smaller around, even with all the swelling. I would say it is worth it, but I'm having trouble being patient. I'm still on hydrocodone three times a day. I do not think the worst part is the compression garments, though they are hard to hide in 80 degree weather. The worst was changing the gauzes the first couple days, and the wait for my arms to improve a little. And how do you get the dang purple marker off your body????

Update: it has been three weeks now, and my pain...

Update: it has been three weeks now, and my pain has decreased a lot.  I quit taking the pain pills after week 2.   In my arms and my flanks I have experienced an inflammatory response (swelling and hard spots) and had to get lymphatic massage to aleve it.  THAT did not feel good, but it made a big difference.  I was not charged any additional cost for this - they said it happens in about 10% of patients.  Lucky me!  At any rate, I am close to being able to show off my new arms, I am still thrilled with my smooth back, and am looking forward to doing my upper and lower abs in two weeks...

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