Restylane - Read Before Procedure

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I had a horrible experience with Restylane. I had...

I had a horrible experience with Restylane. I had injections under each eye. Days later the product appeared lumpy. I went back to the doctor. I expressed my concerns of the lumpy appearance.

Weeks later the doctor did ultrasound under my eyes to "break" the product down. Later Frasel Laser was performed under my eyes. The product seemed to go down at that time.

Six months later, a mass producted under right eye. I went to regular doctor and then eye doctor. They treated it for a eye infection. The mass was still there after treatment for infection. I later went to a specialist. I later had to have both eyes biopsied. The biopsied result "foreign material-Restylane. I now have scars under both eyes.

Horrible experience.

Portland Plastic Surgeon

Later discover there is a simple injection to dissolve Restylane. Doctor didn't have that injection therefore did not use on me. Could have possibly save me scars under each eye.

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