I Love the Fact That I No Longer Look So Tired!

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I had long wanted to do something about the...

I had long wanted to do something about the naso-labial lines that were becoming more pronounced as I aged. I've always looked younger than my age, but those little "folds" really made my face look "tired". Under certain lighting, it really showed and it would just depress me. So, I finally decided I was going to do something about it.

I chose to have a plastic surgeon do the injections. For one, if I'm going to have someone stick needles in my face, I want it to be a surgeon. I would rather pay more money for the expertise. I also chose an extremely reputable surgeon.

I had a consultation with the surgeon and we discussed options. Originally I had wanted Radiesse, but he explained to me that some people are bothered by the "texture" of the material. We both decided that, for my first time, Restylane would be appropriate.

First, the doctor injected an anesthetic to numb the area. It stung a tiny bit, but nothing I couldn't handle! He then mapped out the area to inject and proceeded to inject 1cc of the Restylane. It was relatively painless. He did massage the area a little bit, and instructed me to massage each area for one minute, 2x that day. I was provided with an ice pack and the nurse recommended a holistic product to help with the swelling. The swelling was minimal and as the day progressed, it went away.

He explained to me that the results, though immediate, are best by about day two. I knew I was in for a treat when after he injected me, he said, "Wow, that looks really good." And he was right.

Now, here's the deal with fillers such as Restylane. If you are expecting this procedure to take 10-15 years off of your face, you're probably going to be disappointed. But, if you're like me, and the "sagging" is just beginning, and you really just want less tired, then you'll love the procedure. For me, one vial did the trick. However, I can definitely see "upgrading" to two vials to plump up the area where there's a hint of "marionette" lines.

Even my husband, who said I was perfect just the way I was prior to the injections, did acknowledge that the procedure did make my face look more refreshed. He was amazed by how subtle it was, but that little bit did "perk" up my face.

So far, I love it. But you know, I could wake up tomorrow and it will all be gone, and I will have learned a lesson. Time will tell!

Evanston Plastic Surgeon

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