Restylane for Nasolabial Folds - Phoenix

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I am a 47yo woman with a medium complexion. The...

I am a 47yo woman with a medium complexion. The feature that most aged me was a prominenet nasolabial folds. I went to the best dermatologist in my area who recommended restyane. I was hoping it would be 3 quick injections and I would be out of there but she meticulously injected a one syringe to each nasolabial fold and made about 12 injections on each side. This was hard for me because I went in thinking this would be so much simpler and I found the needle sticks incomfortable. I could sense my face "puffing" up during the deeper dermis injections. I found that sensation uncomfortable.

The results were incredible. I really look as young as I did when I was 32yo. I didn't realize it before but, the corners of my lips were turning down along with the deepenong nasolabial folds. Restylane corrected both the corners of my mouth droop and the folds. I keep looking in the mirror. It seems amazing that a 45 min. visit could lead to such an improvement.

My doctor put lidocaine gel on the areas to be injected for 15 min to numb the skin. Afterwards, you could see red pinpricks were the needle had gone throughbut in about 2 hrs., many of those holes were faded away. My nasolabial fold and corners of my mouth were sore for a day I stayed home the rest of the day after the injections. I put ice packs on my lower face and took advil. The next day, the slight redness was all gone. The left corner of my mouth felt a little sore, like I had a bruise there but there was no bruise visable. The inside of my cheek at that corner of my mouth is a little puffy 48 hours out but I can eat and go to work and it is not noticable.

I wish I had done this a few years ago. I think it was worth every penny. My doctor told me I will not have to have a touch up for 8 months to a year. My biggest advice is pick someone with lots of experience. A plastic surgery person or dermatologist. This product is very , very operator dependent. If they go too deep into the dermis, the results do not last. If they go too superficial, you get bumps and lumps. Unfortunately, there are so many little "spas" and "clinics" popping up here that are money driven with limited experience. The extra cost is worth the freedom from worry and the superior results will save you money since you will not be back for "corrective" procedures or redos. Bad things can happen. You can end up with skin necrosis or blood vessel or nerve damage.

Here's a few things I wanted to mention. My...

Here's a few things I wanted to mention. My doctor told me not to smile for 49 hours post procedure so the restaylene would stay where she injected it. This was difficult for me, so I tried to stay away from people for 48hours so I would smile so much. My doctor is really experienced she had been doing injections for 7 years now and trained with several dermatologists doing this procedure while she was in her residency,

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Has had years of experience. Very meticulous. Treated me the way I think she would have wanted to be treated

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