Restylane, I'm Thankful for This Stuff !

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I'm a 43 year old male that had been extremely ill...

I'm a 43 year old male that had been extremely ill for many years with vitamin deficiency problems. The skin under my eyes had become very thin crepy and wrinkled, like a dried up old apple ... I had looked very aged, especially when I had smiled ... so, I had often worn sunglasses to hide behind.

I had discussed possible treatments and was told that Restylane would be of help. Ice packs were used to numb the area and indeed it was somewhat painfull having the thin skin under my eyes being injected. The doctor had taken his time and had asked me if I was happy with how things had looked, he then filled and adjusted the area to my liking.

I was somewhat bruised and discolored for many days, though I had expected such. At the same time I had also received Botox treatments for my crows feet.

I have been VERY HAPPY with the results and have totally regained my confidence to SMILE! It has now been eight months and the Restylane has continued to last, though I've required more Botox. This combined treatment has taken years off my face and helped to erase the damage done by having been ill ... now I can smile without at all being self conscious.

The original cost of the combined treatment was 1000 bucks ... yep, lots of money, though definitely worth it for me!

Edmonton Dermatologist

This doctor had done a fine job, he seems to actually care. Though, I do not like Dr. Groot, who had done the Botox treatment, he was very rushed and apparently only interested in a fast turnover rate.

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