Restylane and Perlane Rock

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I have had Restylane since it first came to the US...

I have had Restylane since it first came to the US in late 2003. Started with just my smile lines and upper lip. Over the past 4+ years, I have also had treatments with Restylane under my eyes and Perlane to make me some lovely cheekbones. I have to say, that the Restylane in my smile lines and under eyes are over 1.5 years since they were treated and my lips are a phenomenon with almost 2 years since my last treatment! WOW! The price was about $500 to $1000 per treatment and I have had a total of 6 syringes over th past 4 years. Not too bad! The Perlane in my cheeks is from August and still looks great. What I love about these products are that that they are safe and proven. The Restylane and Perlane products have had world wide leadership for 12 years. Certainly stand the test of time with all the other fly by night products. One Key thing is to be sure your injector is experienced in treating the part of your face you need. Don't always go for the "cheap price" you may get the "cheap result"

Just did some more research. Restylane has been...

Just did some more research. Restylane has been used safely and effectively for 13 years. That's right beauty buffs, 13 years and over 10 million people have had injections in that time. That means it is the top product used for injectables, IN THE WORLD. I just had my first touch up in my lips in a long time. It was more of a want than a need. My injector told me that what I experience with the long lasting results have just been proven in a medical study. She said that now they know that if you have a treatment with enough product to get you the best results, she likes to say full results, and then a booster about 5 months later, you can get over a year's total time. WOW! Well, as my previous post said, that is what I did experience but now the FDA says it is true too! There are so many new products coming to market and I am so happy that I have the safest and the best. I am not willing to risk my face on "new and inexperienced" or "new and cheaper". Restylane has proven itself and I am a lifer. Happy Plumping all!

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Lots of experience, doesn't discount to get business, shows photos of her results. Honest about expectations.

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