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Restored my faith in beautiful skin - Beverly Hills, CA

Acne Scars Treatment

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5 Nov 2016

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Restored my faith in beautiful skin - Beverly Hills, CA

I had the intensive treatment done for acne scars and to help with overall complexion. I didn't know what to expect but I trust Dr. Emer to know which treatment is best for my skin. After only one treatment, my skin drastically improved, I am so impressed. All my friends and family have noticed and I've I gotten so many compliments! Dr. Emer always takes out the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. His staff is super friendly and although I have a busy schedule, they always try their best to accommodate me which I truly appreciate. I would definitely recommend Dr. Emer to all my family and friends, especially if you've struggled with long time acne/scars! He is super knowledgable, caring and professional. I'm so glad I've finally found a dermatologist who has restored my faith in achieving beautiful skin again!