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So I've had 4 children, 10 yr old, twin 7 yr olds...

So I've had 4 children, 10 yr old, twin 7 yr olds and a 5 yr old. After having numerous laproscopic surgeries to finally find out I'm just broken I had to have a partial hysterectomy. So we are no longer having children well after having my beautiful babies I would like to have my body back working out does not get rid or the extra skin from being pregnant especially twins I'm 5'1" and 125lbs. I have wanted a tummy tuck for a Very long time and I think it's time. I'm kinda freaking out its just a consultation but at the same time it's so real that it's going to happen. Now here's the thing, My husband is in the Army and comes back in 2 weeks I would love to get this done while he's gone and surprise him, How many days will I need assistance for I read a lot of reviews and it looks like the lucky number is 4. and how long til I can work again, I'm a bartender and if needed a server. If anyone can help with these questions before tom. that would be great cause I would like to go into the consultation with a plan... I think along with the tt I would like lipo on hips, small flanks and inner thighs, is that even possible or is that too much. ugh sooo confused... ok I'm rambling on and on now..... thanks in advance for any advice and congrats to everyone that has already done it and is doing it =)
(the cost is not accurate I had to put something I'll update it tom. and pics will be soon)

I need some feed back this is going to sound...

I need some feed back this is going to sound absolutely ridiculous. but how long should I wait to go to an amusement park. and water park... my daughters want to go for their bday but would love to get this.procedure done asap... weeks? months?

So a lot of changes since the last time I was on...

so a lot of changes since the last time I was on here.. my pre op is monday surgery date April 23--sooo excited I keep lookung in tge mirror and tugging and pulling and hiding to try and imagine what it will look
im have a non drainage tt w/some lipo. my husband was shocked with the whole lipo idea but I dont want ti be unproportioned. I want it all even and figured better now then later. (cheaper)- anyways thats all I have for now. my husband is going to help with pics on sunday or monday.

Filled my prescriptions... have all the groceries....

filled my prescriptions... have all the groceries. its almost time...12 days til tuck time. =)

I will do better pics w/o the glare later, lol 8...

I will do better pics w/o the glare later, lol
8 days and counting This is a lot of money getting dropped so I really hope the outcome is everything I hope. After seeing all the pics and reading the reviews of everyone I'm staying positive it's just the stress of it all that I think is eating at me... I'm excited I have everything ready but still nervous like I'm forgetting something. And kinda freaking out about missing that much work I'm a bartender so it will be longer til I get to go back to work b/c of the running around and lifting hopefully this is a speedy recovery like my other surgeries (c-section, 4 laproscopic surgeries, including hysterectomy =( and hernia). But I know with this I really do need to take it easy -__- I told my mom she thinks it's stupid but says whatever to it, that's just how she is. My mothernlaw agrees with it b/c I'm Never going to be able to get my tummy back due to my abs being so torn up. But she is also getting all over my case. My kids know I'm having surgery just not in details they know it's my tummy again and can't wait to play dr. and take care of me. They are my biggest supporters, =) My angels. Anyways that's it for now with the emotional rollercoaster lol, until next time. =)

Its finally hear. im starting ky liwuid doet today...

its finally hear. im starting ky liwuid doet today and making sure my as ready as it can be for me not to do anything for a week. I have a bed in the living room do I can still be around family and my bed upstairs is too big yo climb in and out of. my kids have their bucket of dr stuff to take care of me and
my husband is handking it the best he can. I
think deep down hes more nervous than me
but hes a man and an Army man at that so he
wont show anything or say ananything. lol.
im actually not that nervous im pretty calm tom am might be a little different =) I think I have everything I need I wasnt given a sheet of things I would need like I read most of you lafies talking about so I just went with what I saw on here. anyways I need to start my day if y'all have any suggestions on what else I may need to prep that would be great thanks a bunch and happy healing to everyone.

Sorry for all the typos. I hate this phone. the...

sorry for all the typos. I hate this phone. the first sentence is * its finally here. im starting my liquid diet today....

1 hour! :-)

1 hour! :-)

Just left the hospital not too long ago, I feel...

Just left the hospital not too long ago, I feel fine just Really tired I can't take any bandages off til my post op Tom. Can't wait for a sneak peak ill Try and post pics ;) happy healing to everyone

I had my tt done @930tuesam. I have my post op...

I had my tt done @930tuesam. I have my post op tom am. I think im more nervous and excited about my new garments and sneak peak than of my surgery bc im that much closer. hopefully he'll let me take pics. its going to br difficult bc I will have my kids eith us bc that was the only time slot and they dont start school til.later =/ so my husband will be in the waiting room.
anyways as far im feeling mostly tired/exhaustef .bc well obvious.reasons my body just went throuhh A Lot and all the meds. Ive read a lot of stories from everyone and a lot of problems were about having a BM. yes colace helps but also Miralax you can get at any drugstore. it actuslly helps more than colace. so got those that are podt op or soon give it a try it helps "break" everything down, especially with psin meds. ive had 4 laproscopic sugeries and have nevr had a problem with going to the bathroom or backup or straining ehen using both. anyways tip just trying to pay it forward and help like you all did for me.

So I went to my post op today and man that wore me...

so I went to my post op today and man that wore me out. I'll do pics after my shower I was too dizzy at the drs. but was told.the stitches and bruising looked great next appt is next Tuesday.

Hello ladies im 3days post op ive taken a shower...

hello ladies im 3days post op ive taken a shower it was wonderful. im still very swollen im not that hunched over if im sitting or laying im fine its the first minute after getting up that sucks but passes. but these MIGRAINES are out of control I swear thats the worse part out of all of this. I have another post.op on tuesday I'll post pics then. im really just too out of it and want to keep my garment on as much as.possible. as much as I want to my results and share with all of you my ps said to keep wrapped and im sure its for the best results. anyways cant wait til tuesday! thank you all for your support and if you have any suggestions for theses migraines that would be great. I even tried my prescription for it snd still nothing I thimk its from being swollen and less oxygen.. happy healing to all.

So today is my day 8 of my post op it feels like...

So today is my day 8 of my post op it feels like so much longer... I think b/c I'm bored. I am a busy body I'm very active and I'm a bartender so I'm a social butterfly. I sooooo miss work! and it's going to unfortunately be awhile til I can go back with my job there is a lot of lifting with ice, trash, dishes, etc. and A Lot of bending over. getting ice for drinks getting liquour and beer bottles. I sooo miss my work and regulars and employees etc. My family is so Amazing though my kids love helping me and taking care of they even tuck me in and as soon as they get home from school they run over to me and ask how I'm feeling and ask if they can get me anything

So my update was cutoff....(weird) I'm able to...

So my update was cutoff....(weird)
I'm able to stand it just takes me a few after sitting or laying for everything to adjust. I saw my ps yesterday but after going through the whole garment sutures and shot I was pretty out of it by the time he came in I Don't do well with needles.... So I'm a little concerned with some things for one the big white mark under my bb (if it's scar tissue getting stretched from my previous laporoscopic surgeries of stretch marks.. have no idea) Also the only time my tt hurts is if I'm laughing or coughing) My legs hurt more than my tt. so I do have a lot of concern with that I was expecting more or maybe he didn't reconstruct my abs tight enough if there is such a thing. I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining that it doesn't hurt I'm just really confused.... If this is just how he does it then he did a damn good job... lol
Today I did laundry and dishes still light so I don't over do it but I soooo badly want to do more I feel like I can. But I know I need to be patient so I have the best results.... I'm also having mixed emotions about the results I feel like I'm still wide hoping it's just the swelling but after seeing other pics of everyone even a day po all of you ladies look soo tiny. I like that I look like I have a long torso (when I'm wearing a bra- the pic does not show that) instead of lumps everywhere... Anyways I know it's an emotional and physical roller coaster and It just takes Time I was just expecting things differently... I wasn't expecting the big white scar and the widness that I'm seeing and not having that much pain. hmmm some things I just need to bring up to my ps I guess. Well Happy Healing Ladies I will update more as the days go by...

So im 2 weeks today. things are good I feel like...

so im 2 weeks today. things are good I feel like im ready for work but I know my body is not. So I may have over done some things. I know the stinging sensation is my nerves adjusting but
lately ive been getting a sharp dull pain
in my upper/middle abdomin it comes
and goes and im super nauseous my
family thinks its a hernia I called the
nurse and she said its normal its just
nerves adjusting but I only get those around my incision.. im really confused and in a lot of pain when I do get this pain...ughh so confused... I have to wait til thurs. everything else is great its my own fault if I over did it.

I'm 3 weeks today, wow it feels like I should be a...

I'm 3 weeks today, wow it feels like I should be a lot further. I'm going to attempt work next week, but only one shift for now so I don't over do it. The pain that I had last week the ps said was just a bruised muscle, he also told me I can move into spanx now so I'm looking into those =) I'm still swelling but not nearly like I was only when I do too much then I'm exhausted. There are times that I feel Great like I didn't even have this done and so excited with the results but then after I do even a few things like laundry and dishes I need a break =/ I'm very impatient and can't wait til I can start full shifts and work out =) My goal is to turn this flat tummy into a six pack! ;-) Best of luck to everyone and hope you all have a good recovery Flatt Side Baby!!!
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