47 Years Old Homemaker and Grandmother of 2 Ready to Lose All This Weight for Good. - Reston, VA

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I am just starting the process to have the gastric...

I am just starting the process to have the gastric sleeve surgery. I am 47 years old. 5'4 and 245 pounds. I have overweight since 18 and even though I have made many attempts to lose it I always put it back on. It has steadily risen over the years. My kids are grown and now I have 2 grandkids and I believe it is time to finally do something for me. I have high blood pressure and would like to get off all or at least most of these meds. I am still in good shape as far as I can walk and run on a treadmill with all this extra weight on me so I thought now is he time before I am unable to do that. I should be having my surgery around the end of July 2016.

My progress so far.

I'm sorry if I am missing messages and not commenting on things. I am still getting use to this website. I just wanted to update where I am at in the process so far. I am still waiting on results from my Psych exam. I am having my EGD on Friday afternoon. It doesn't seem like it should be bad. They will put me to sleep and put a scope down my throat to check out my throat and stomach. They said it should take about a half hour and then another half hour for sedation to wear off. Then I should be heading home. After that my next appointment with be with Sleep doctor to do my overnight sleep apnea exam. With all these appointment time has really been going fast. Its a lot of running around but nothing has been hard just time consuming. I have already started taking my Biotin and a multivitamin. Dietician said it was fine if I wanted to. I have already started adding protein drinks to my diet. I'm trying all different types to see which ones are my favorites so I can stock up on those. I have been trying to make sure I eat my 3 meals a day. The protein drinks have helped that because I was only eating once a day. I'm also trying to get use to drinking water 15 minutes before a meal and not again until half hour after a meal. Taking the time to chew my food and stretch a meal to 25 minutes has been a challenge but I am getting better at that. I decided to make all these little changes now along the way so it doesn't seem like I'm changing everything all at once. It will be less of a shock to my system when I do have surgery. I also did the liquid diet for one day just to see how hard that was going to be. It wasn't hard for me but it was also only one day. I'm very glad when I have surgery I only have to do it 3 days prior to surgery and not 10 days to 2 weeks like others. I'm not sure if I could actually do it that long when I haven't had surgery yet, my stomach still normal size and I'm feeling fine. I have cut my cigarettes down to 3 packs a week instead of a pack a day. I have to quit a month before but that won't be a problem because I quit a couple months a year every year. LOL I always start back up because I just love my cigarettes. That's why he his having me have the sleeve instead of bypass. So far that's where I'm at in the process. If you leave me a comment or message and I don't get back to you just inbox me because sometime I get lost trying to find notifications. Sorry!

Surgery Date Set

I went today for my third out of six appointments with my dietician. At this appointment they set my surgery date. It will be July 25. I'm so excited.
Reston Bariatric Surgeon

So far Dr. Fitzer and his staff are very nice. They go above and beyond to answer all questions and to make everything go as smoothly as possible. He has a live web seminar that I did online that was very informative and helpful. There is not a long wait to get in to see him and he does not rush through his appointments. So far I have nothing but great things to say for him and his staff and I would recommend them.

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