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I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my Mommy...

I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my Mommy Makeover. I will be getting a tummy tuck- lipo to the hips and flanks and a breast reduction. I am nervous and scared all at the same time.

I have always had big breasts and never liked them. My tummy after two children back to back and a big baby has never been the same. My skin hangs over and I just hate the sight of my belly now.

I am interested to see the results...but so scared and am not looking forward to the pain.

2 weeks to go!

Okay so now I am officially freaking out and totally overwhelmed. I picked up a few things my doctor mentioned Colace, Extra Strength Tylenol, Baby Diapers (for ice packs), etc..

Where do I find surgical pads?

What else should be on my must have list? I am reading about folks with all sorts of things like shower seats and toilet seat risers....

4 days post op

So I did it. Last night was a rough one. Really bad. I had a pretty good day yesterday and pretty much refused pain killers. I woke up needing them. My husband gave me one hydromorphone which made me have the worst nightmares all night long. It was so bad. I am going to not take that one anymore...but will stay on top of the tylenol and/or other prescription. Today I plan to drink lots of water and rest.

14 Days Post Op

Sorry I haven't written more since my surgery. I have had ups and downs and just haven't gelt like writing.

I am now 14 days post op and I couldn't be happier. I had a drainless tummy tuck (where he did muscle repair as well), breast reduction and liposuction to hips and flanks. It is still hard for me to look in the mirror and recognize that my body has changed. It has been an emotional process. I remember one of my first days coming home and glancing in the mirror above the sink and seeing that my top was baggy and my breasts were smaller. Although I always wanted a breast reduction I saw that I and I just wanted to cry. Although now I recognize that my new size does look great on me. It has been scary since I wasn't sure exactly how I would look before and after.

I don't think I talked about the procedure much. The day of my procedure I showed up. My surgeon marked me and I went back. My surgeon had a good sense of humor and my husband was there while he was marking me which helped keep me distracted. When I got back to the operating room I started crying. I hadn't had a whole lot of time to process what I was going through as I ave kept myself busy with working, volunteering, my kids and making sure all was ready for Christmas so I didn't have to worry about it during recovery. I was scared of needles and one of the nurses held my hand while I got the needle for the IV for the anesthesia. They were great at distracting me. The next thing I remember was they were putting my legs in massagers and they were talking to me about my kids. Then the next thine I knew I was awake and it was done.

I woke up from the anesthesia and felt the pain. I was asking for medicine right away. I was angry too when they didn't give to me. I hope I wasn't too bad to the nurses. They were focused on getting me dressed and out of there so I could go home and rest.

The next few days were rough. Really rough. Getting up and down (even with up) to get into and out of chair/toilet hurt. It wasn't comfortable to sleep anywhere but the recliner for me. I have since moved to the couch (propped up) now that I can get myself up and down easier. The bed is harder for me to get in and out of and I end up waking my husband and I feel bad plus the couch is harder and I can rest my head on the back of the couch while I am propped up.

Although my doctor said I could shower after that first post-op appointment (day1) I had no desire to try to climb the stairs to do so. I think it was about day 4 before I took my first shower. That first shower was exhausting. Really exhausting. I took a long nap afterwards. It was refreshing and ever since I took one every day just because it felt warm (I hate the winter) and felt good on my muscles. I also liked my husband rubbing lotion on my back afterwards.

I didn't have much of an appetite for a few days and then when I was I was hungry! I don't think food ever tasted so good.

I was struggling with the pain at the first appointment. At my first appointment the following day my doctor gave me medicine for a slightly heavier pain medicine. Man...I don't know what it was but I feel like I had nightmares....really bad nightmares while on it. I woke up crying and screaming. I stopped that particular medicine and dealt with the one that wasn't as strong as well as Tylenol.

My surgeon prescribed me the lovenox shots which I did (my husband gave them) in my thigh for a week so I wouldn't develop blood clots. I was so happy when that last shot was complete!

My moods were an emotional roller coaster. One minute I was somewhat happy and the next I was crying.

The swelling was bad. Really bad. The day I looked down and noticed my pubic area was swollen and yellow was not a happy day. I think my pubic area was more swollen than anything else...or at least it was what bothered me the most. I kept frozen baby diapers on them as often as I could.

My stitches came out last week and it was really nothing. There weren't very many non- dissolvable ones anyway.

So now I am just healing. I have good days and I have days where I have more pain/swelling. I saw my doctor today for a "fluid check" appointment. No seromas. The nurse told me that my surgeon doesn't typically have many of those anyways.

I liked the facility where I had my procedure done. They do it onsite and not in a hospital and you are released the same day. I do believe they have a suite you could pay extra to stay at overnight...

Overall, the staff was all very friendly throughout the entire process. My surgeon was very kind and had a good sense of humor. The nurses were all kind. The nurses all talk about the work they have had done there and it was nice talking to them knowing they have been through the same process as myself. My only complaint about the staff was when I was waking up from the anesthesia and I was hurting I was swearing a bit (not something I normally do but I understand anesthesia effects everyone differently ) and the two nurses in the operating room gave me a hard time and asked if I talk to my students that way (yes I am a teacher). I still feel guilty and sad about that two weeks later.

I look forward to healing more and being able to sleep on my side and stomach again. Oh and to go shopping for some new clothes to show off my new figure.

I still hurt some...but not where I need to take pain pills...maybe a Tylenol. Some days it is my hips. Some days it is my breast or some days it is my incision under my breasts. I am starting to get more involved in doing a few more things each day...but if I feel like taking it easy I do. I am just listening to my body. My doctor says I can start light exercise in about a week and then work-outs in 2-3 more weeks.

So far I am happy with my look although I haven't take a full look. The first few days were hard with the swelling and bruising but now I am starting to take a few peeks. Anytime, I look in the mirror I have my tape covering my stitches.

Feeling Good

Overall, I am feeling pretty good. I do wear out easily, but I like getting out and about. We ventured out to the mall this morning and it wore me out. I certainly have some tender spots and different parts of me swell each day. Sometimes the hip(s), pubic area, or a breast. I also have a sore spot above my belly button that is sore in particular if I do anything to engage my abs (cough, sneeze, walk too fast, get up or down, etc...).

I think I am overall looking pretty good also. I think I am going to be very happy with the end result. I am secretly going up to my shower each night and trying on different clothes. My husband caught me trying on a swimsuit last night. My doctor said last week that I can start back with light exercise this week. So perhaps I may go to the gym and do some light treadmill.

Fortunate for the time I have taken off and the flexibility I have currently with working. I plan to start back to work later in the week. I may or may not work a full week or I may work just a few days here and there to start with. We will see...

One Month Post Op and sports bra shopping

So it has been one month since. My doctor says I am looking good and I can do full workouts except ab work. He also said I can get rid of binder unless I really want it. I am taking a couple days break from tape as it has irritated a spot or two.

So I went to try to find perhaps a sports bra to wear. I am tired of the surgical bras now and they look so dingy. I think I need to take some bleach to them. Anyways, I went to Target thinking I would get some cheap sports bra...well nothing fit. Frustrating since I told my doctor I wanted to A. be able to buy bras off the rack B. have my breasts proportionate to my body. My husband is pointing out I am still swollen....but I just want to be able to buy cute bras without having to go to a speciality bra shop. Please reassure me my swelling will go down and that I will be able to buy cute bras off the rack! For those with breast reductions when did you get a new bra or two???

Back to the doctor

So I have a sore spot. It hurts even to touch it lightly. It is red and inflammed. So I called my doctor and sent a picture. So the called and they want me to go back to the doctor tomorrow. I am going to post a picture. Sad this is the first picture I have posted. I never took before shots other than my doctor...but will post at three months when he does the after pictures as well. So enjoy this picture of my infected(?) scar. I will tell you more tomorrow after I am seen by my doctor. Please tell me this is easy to clear up.

Updating since yesterday

So I the doctor again today. He said that the spot I emailed was a stitch that my body didn't dissolve and my body was getting angry. He removed the stitch (little pain but not too bad) and then he prescribed me an anti-biotic as well.

Thrilled with my new body!

I went shopping yesterday a little bit. The kids were preoccupied at a birthday party and I was at a shopping center. I was so excited to look and purchase a few new clothes without having my belly or breasts get in the way. I dropped 2 dress sizes so far even though I am still swollen and at least a full top size!

Spitting stitch

So I went back to my doctor today for an appointment for my spitting stitch. Anyway, I got there and apparently my appointment wasn't in the system and they told me I wasn't needed back until the three month mark. I felt stupid as the receptionist questioned me why I was there. I wrote it in my planner I know I wasn't crazy. I guess the nurse who checked me out last week didn't save my time in the system? Anyways, the receptionist checked with my doctor who agreed he wanted to check my incision. My stitch is looking better but the doctor wants to check it again in a week. Hopefully, my appointment is in their system next week.

LOVE my results

So I had a minor revision last month to my breast reduction and I am 7 months post mommy make-over. Although, I am still wearing tape from revision and I imagine a little swelling still I am at the point I am totally happy with my results! If you are thinking about doing it...just go ahead and schedule that appointment!
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