Mommy Makeover

I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my Mommy...

I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my Mommy Makeover. I will be getting a tummy tuck- lipo to the hips and flanks and a breast reduction. I am nervous and scared all at the same time.

I have always had big breasts and never liked them. My tummy after two children back to back and a big baby has never been the same. My skin hangs over and I just hate the sight of my belly now.

I am interested to see the results...but so scared and am not looking forward to the pain.

2 weeks to go!

Okay so now I am officially freaking out and totally overwhelmed. I picked up a few things my doctor mentioned Colace, Extra Strength Tylenol, Baby Diapers (for ice packs), etc..

Where do I find surgical pads?

What else should be on my must have list? I am reading about folks with all sorts of things like shower seats and toilet seat risers....
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