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So, I am a full day away from my body changing...

So, I am a full day away from my body changing day! I am super excited to have a nice tight tummy and real boobs again! I have saline unders currently with a grade 4 capsular contracture on my right side. It causes me all sorts of problems, chest tightness, tingles, muscle weekness. NO FUN! This is a quick decision bc two of my kids will start school and we just got the money to take care of the problem ( boobs) and enough to get rid of all those lovely strips on my tummy! Wish me luck ladies, I will post photos afterward of my healing journey!

Tomorrow is the day, Tuesday!

Stuff is packed and my house is cleaned. Thank goodness I have a wonderful hubby who is going to fully take care of everything :) here are my stats:
5"3 145lbs chest 36D and tummy full of stretch marks I can never rid on my own, and some chub ;) I'm getting excited, but feeling the anxiety big time. Praying that all works out smoothly.

pre-op photos

Here are a few photos, eeks! Soon this mess will be taken care of! I hope tomorrow brings me much happiness!

I could not be happier!

First off I want to say how impressed I am with Dr. Weston and his team. They are fabulous! He is caring and fully addressed my needs with his perfection. My major concern was getting that hard rock capsular out which he noted was 1/4 inch thick and it is a miracle, I can inhale freely without the need to bring on yawning! AMAZING! My arrival was exciting and then the nerved broke in. The anesthesiologist was super. She even gave me a little pep talk and why not to be anxious and to find the joys in our lives and focus and that and go from there. She really calmed me! Strolled me back and asked a few questions and I was out! It is now Thursday and I am up and walking around, napping as often as I can and eating very small portions. The swelling is up big time and I am itching like crazy! Is that normal, under the garment? I just took a shower and got a little spacy, is that from the oxycodone? Pretty sure I am going to switch over to Tylenol soon, because that stuff is strong! I've got the pain pump and it is doing me wonders! Defiantly recommend it! I get a little nauseas looking at my incisions, but so far I think I look great! I had my saline implants removed with the capsule (415/445cc) and a classic lift. Didn't leave me with much, and I am ok with that! Now I can wear those cute summer dresses without huge boobies hanging out! A classis lift, smaller areolas, and a full tt with a little lipo to the flanks. Dr. Weston was really impressed with the look of things. I will post some photos tomorrow! My hubby has been fantastic supporting and taking care of me every minute of the way :) He even washed me hair for me today, love him!

breast lift leakage

I am bleeding under the breast on the anchor part, is that ok? it is minimal but wet, very lightly. It could of been from pulling myself up or getting out of the bed. Normal? Let me know!

Im feeling nervous to take out my pain pump

I am still tired and a little sore. It has been a long week, but surprisingly with a lot of sleep! My appetite is little, I love chicken broth with saltines, GNC lean shakes blended with spinach, some toast, and more soup. Still haven't had a BM, when does that happen? Does anyone else get qwesy when they take off their garment? It makes me turn white! My pain pump is almost out, so today we are removing it. Eeks! sounds soo gross! But my tummy looks great, my husband said it looks like I have been at the gym for a year! My breast on the other hand are small, but that is what I wanted, to be implant free and to breath normal! That is what I got! Im going to get in the shower now and hopefully get some pics to put up for all you ladies! Wishing you peace in your healings and calmness for your upcoming surgery!

5 day post op photo

So far happy with results! Got some bruising from Lipo and my breasts will hopefully plump up back to normal :) I go in on Tuesday to remove stitches and get taped back up. Still can't believe I did this and I'm glad I did.

First trip out!

Today I woke up feeling pretty good. Only taking Tylenol now maybe every six hours. I wanted to get out, I have been feeling stuck in the house, normal. So we went to fill a prescription my doc wrote for a yeast infection from the antitbiotics, just in case. Then I walked over to GNC to get some Arnica 30x for my bruising and swelling, does that work? And, I got super sweaty and hot flashes, obvisously was not ready to be out just yet! Note to self, give yourself time! I did all this while walking super slow, ran into a few people I knew(hoping not to) and they said I look like I am in pain. And that I have no boobs. It is ok though, they will look better soon when all this swelling goes down on my tummy. Yesterday I jumped like crazy because I thought there was a horse fly on my arm, that HURT like crazy. Called the doc and they said I was going to be just fine and to relax! I was relaxing, outside in the shady breeze!

Its a new day!

It has been a few days since I last posted. I had my one week check up on Tuesday and Dr. Weston said I was doing and looking fabulous! His nurse removed some suture knots and put new tape on me. My bb looks good, I think?! It still makes me a little queasy to check out me new body, I have always been that way with wounds! Besides that I put on a new swimsuit and it looks awesome! (except for the swelling) When does that go down? Dr. Weston also told me (at one week) that I should practice standing tall, stick out my chest, shoulders down back against the wall to stretch my new middle. It feels great to rest my back on the wall, what a relief! He is such an awesome doctor, I feel so glad that I went with him and his practice, They are all soo kind and caring! Then, he said I will come back in a week, and that my wonderful hubby should take me out to lunch! We went. It was alright, I don't really like walking hunched over in public. But, my hubs has been awesome, I am soo blessed to be married to a man who will fully care for me, the kids, the house and meals! Husband of the year for sure!
Yesterday I was exhausted! I don't know if I over did it on Tuesday by going to the Dr. sports authority to get the kids ready for soccer, and Marshals to shop for a cute exercise set, and then I didn't sleep well at all. Im not taking any pain meds except for Tylenol when I need it. I need to up my fiber or something because BM have been tough. When I drink coffee to get things flowing I get shaky bc of the caffine and I can't get my energy out with a run or being active. So there are my complaints, my bm's and the tightness swelling of my tummy. Is that from the lipo or the tt? I feel tighter and more numb on the left side, my previous ps said the you drain on the left side of your body so it stays swollen longer. I'll go with that for now. I appreciate your comments and questions, It keeps me motivated to track my story! Thank you and happy healing and blessings to all of you who are also recovering or going into your day!

not a good day today

I'm tired.. my BB looks like it is in a funk, my left side is super tight and the bruising under my left underarm side of breast is really hard feeling. Is that normal? I just walked in the door from sitting at chuckie cheese for a birthday party and now I'm going to take a nap! But first, my 4 year old has a stopwatch hanging from his neck, and he says ,"mom, I'm going to go for a twenty sack run.“ the hubbs and I looked at each other and my inner teenage humor died laughing (it hurt my tummy so bad, I felt the stretching) and I corrected him, "sec, second, honey" anyways how are you doing today, I would love to know!

2 week appt tomorrow

I've been a little slow yesterday and today I'm going to take it easy. I woke up and had blood on my cg, I must of pulled a stitch in the connecting incision. The nurse said to take off off the tape over the blood and wash with soap and put on neosporian and to air dry. And that's what I did. Today is going to be a hang around the house kind of day. Most days I'm out and about with my husband, this morning I already went to Starbucks by myself and I was surprised driving was easy! Now the resting begins, but it is hard to just sit when you're a busy body.

2 week post

Ok, I MADE IT TO TWO WEEKS! Yea for me and I'm doing alright :) Dr. Weston checked me over at 8am and said there are no water bed feeling spots (seroma/hemotoma). Said that my scars are closed up and to wear the tape until week three. Also at week three to wean myself off the CG. I bought a spanx thing and it is tight! It hurts to even put it in. What are you wearing in place of the CG? Dr. Weston also said I can do what I want and to let me comfort level guide me. Wow, really? At two weeks? My SIL had a mm and didn't get out of bed until after week two! I guess this is all so fast, but I do have three sweet children that I need to get back to. It has been so nice having the hubby take care of everything! That was MY summer vacation ;)
As far as how I'm doing I still feel more tight, or hard, on my left side. I asked the Dr if he stitched me tighter on the left side and he said, no. It is the numbing, and swelling and bruising that is making me feel that way. Well, go away now please all that stuff. My body feels crooked because of those feelings. Today has been a good day. I'm slow getting up from my recliner any in and out of the car. I'm walking a little more of a normal pace and standing a little taller. Anyone else had the problem of taking a shower and getting super tight in your tummy? I think is my body's way of telling me to put that cg back on! I feel very winded almost. My appetite is picking up, I'm thinking I need to start working out, but that can wait another few weeks for my sake. I really don't want to over due it. Any questions, feel free to ask me! Oh, I'm totally off the pain meds they were giving me palpitations, scary. Overall, at two weeks, I'm excited for what my new body will bring! Hope all you other women are doing well. Real self has helped me along the way, I'm very grateful for all your experiences!

my breasts

Forgot to mention my breast. I've always been a full c, D since I got my implants. I went bra shopping and I'm a small b maybe a after swelling changes. To be honest, I'm glad they are out, that capsule contractor was killing my breathing! But, I'm going to miss them a little. I'm perky now and can wear all sorts of things that just didn't look good with big breast :) my neighbor asked me off I was reading and said I look very thin. I told her thanks, of course, then I said its because I got rid of my huge implants! Anyways satisfied with what I've got when the bruising goes down and they fluff up all will be well :) also I love the size of my new areola, notice in my before photo how big they were.


When did you all start rubbing scar guard or bio oil on your scars? Do you wait for the scabs to fall off? My tape is already off my nipples and I want to use something....

3 weeks post op

Feeling great ladies, I'm so glad I did this 3 weeks ago :) What a life changing experience. This week I didn't go to the doc because he said things were looking good at two weeks and to call for complications. I've been doing really good. Walking is getting much easier. Able to carry the baby, very carefully propped on the side. My BB looks great, I like it better than my old one ;) Taking a shower is getting easier too! When I got it out off the shower today I took off my tape. I guess is the paper tape. And I lifted a scab in one spot and there was a little yellow in the area of where it all meets on the middle. I called asap before I passed out, (remember, I get grossed out easily) and she said, "its 3 weeks, is ok to take the tape off put some neosporian on it to air dry" ok so I did. I'm also battleing with major ingrown hairs from the tape and CG, totally bugging me! But, this will pass all a part of healing. looking forward to next summer baby!
What's new for you at three weeks?

Week 4

Happy Birthday to me! I celebrated my birthday over the weekend, great way to start my 30's with a flat (still swollen) tummy! Went into VS to try on some swimsuits, and wow! I never thought I would wear a bikini. Although I liked what I saw, I didn't buy because I want to tone it up before next summer.
I am feeling pretty good, been taking daily walks and doing normal things around the house. The tightness in my tummy is still annoying and the numbness but it is expected with the muscle repair. I just want it to give me a little break! My CG has been taking daily breaks, I get so tired of that thing. And I have started to put on Mederma and bio oil on my scars that don't have any scabs. My breast are healing up nicely but the one that had grade 4 capsular contracture definitely has less breast tissue in there :( But, that is ok. I can deal with that now that the foreign object is out of my body causing problems. When all my scabs are gone I will start the silicone tape.
At this point I am just wanting to wear some of my jeans or shorts! They are all to tight still and I just don't want to squeeze to get them buttoned. I know I lost inches from my waist because when I got home from surgery I was already 13lbs lighter! I know it is the swelling, should I try the turmeric?

5 weeks of healing!

I can't believe how fast time has gone by! Feeling better every day, it is truly a blessing. There were quite a few stitches that I needed pulled so I went in and had that done. She pulled them out with no problem at all. The nurse said that I was healing up nicely and that all looks great, what a good feeling. She also told me to pluck the hairs in my incision line to prevent ingrown hairs. And, they come out so easily, convenient! I've been taking turmeric daily and I think that helps with the swelling, but I have been more sweaty since I started it.
One BIG problem I've been experiencing, SNEEZING! Oh my goodness, I have come down with a cold or allergies and sneezing 2-3 times in a row and my middle feels like it is being torn up. Like to the point of crying. The last two days I have stayed inside and am taking allergy meds to prevent the sneezes. Anyone else experiencing this?
On another note, I am loving my new tummy! It is flat and nice, I will never regret doing this. My chest feels so much lighter without those heavy implants suffocating me and I can breath easy.

It has been over one year!!!

The results from this procedure are amazing, even a year later! My stomach is still super flat, my breasts are still perky and I love my new body! Dr. Weston is a very highly recommended doctor in my book. He is soo passionate on listening to what it is that YOU want and how YOU want to look. That is how is should be right?!? My first PS said that I should have Cali appropriate sized implants...well that was a mistake obviously... capsular contracture. My friends admire my stomach and I always get complimented on how great I look! That is nice and makes me feel good! Granted I do keep up with a daily visit to the gym, why would I let all this money spent go to waste? Tomorrow I will go in to get a little thing I call a fat bubble fixed with a very little lipo. Because I am so concerned and bugged by it Dr. Weston is taking care of it, I am grateful that he cares so much about how I feel! I would recommend this to any friend of mine and tell them it is sooo worth it!
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