32y/o 5'7, 145 Pounds, 339 Allergan Moderate Plus, Crease Incision, Unders - Reston, VA

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I've been conscious of my breasts since I can...

I've been conscious of my breasts since I can remember. Never wanted to splurge on myself, but recently decided it was time. After spending countless hours on the internet, I was able to narrow my search to 2 plastic surgeon groups based on infection rates, patient reviews and location. It was easy to decide on Austin-Weston once I started comparing the pre/post photos of the 2 groups. Their before and after pictures displayed a variety of surgical incision approaches and implant styles. It was clear that this group not only listens to what their patients goals are, but are skilled enough to obtain these results. Staff: *Always* pleasant. The only time I had to wait was for my original consult- about 40 minutes past my appointment time. Of course this wait time was exaggerated by my nerves, anxiety and feelings of doubt to consider surgery.

Before Pictures

Dating back as far as my digital photo album goes, these are the only before pictures I have.

Wish Boobs

These were the wish pictures I showed Dr. Knotts. He looked at the pictures and said it wouldn't be a problem, made some cc recommendations and gave his opinion on which incision site he preferred to use on me given my anatomy. He gave me exactly what I asked for. Nice natural slope of the breast with some "side boob". I love side boob :)

Feared outcome

These were the breasts I did NOT want. I did not want a globular mass sitting on my chest. I also feared the "uni-boob".

Week 1 in pictures

What an emotional roller coaster. My poor poor PS. He gave me exactly what I he wanted, but why did I feel like I should have asked for more?! Boob greed is real girls. Did he do such an amazing job that it made me realize just how much I wanted even bigger breasts? Whatever the reasons, he was understanding and never took offense. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my breasts. Sometimes just wish there was more of them ;)

New/Updated bigger wish list breasts

Some of these belong to real self users, some I've screen shot from the Internet. I love the fullness of these larger breasts.

Post Op Day 8. Infection?!

So, as you all know, I'm a huge germ freak. I was super worried about infections and the possibility of infections.... Surprise- the morning of day 8 my left breast was red and tender.
Dr. Knotts and his staff are nothing but amazing. Brought me in, got me seen by another PS and gave me my first dose of antibiotics. As I was walking out, the nurse came up and said "Here, I want to give you 3 more doses of your antibiotic medication in case you are busy today and can't make it to your pharmacy. I don't want you to be worried." How in the world did I get so lucky?! This place is great.
Dr. Knotts emailed me immediately after he was finished in the OR. He was kind, reassuring and very sweet. He also informed me he wanted to add one more antibiotic to the regimen.

Days 9-11, infection progress

These were the scariest days for me. I was driving myself crazy with "what if's". What if the infection spreads, what if I get CC because of this, what if the pain never gets better?
Thankfully Dr. Knotts knew all the right things to say. He was in touch with me multiple times per day, and asked me to come in again (on a Saturday!) so he could take a quick peek at it to make sure it wasn't getting worse. He really made me feel like I was in good hands. His staff was also friendly, kind and reassuring. The office never made me feel like I was bothersome. They answered my calls, scheduled appointments, filled prescriptions all without hassle and without complications.

Week 2 Post Op

The infection has mostly cleared. Thank goodness. The pain in my left breast is subsiding also. Unfortunately the healing process is uneven, so I haven't been taking as many photos. The nipple on the right side appears larger and funky- and the breast is torpedo shaped... Hurry up right boob!! They are getting softer and softer, which I love. Sleeping at night is getting easier, and I'm not waking up aching. I haven't been taking any motrin or Tylenol since day 9.

Week 3 Post Op

The girls are feeling more and more soft each day. Scars are healing nicely. I love how natural they are feeling. My left breast still has a little bit of numbness around the aereola, and shooting zaps of nerve pain once in awhile. The right needs to drop more to catch up to the left, which is why the nipple still looks wonky :)

One month post op

Things are going well. No major changes. Left breast still has pain when I bend over and reach for something. Right breast still hasn't dropped as much as the left so my nipples are not symmetrical yet. My follow up is next week, so I'll address these concerns then. Boobs are softer than ever and I love them.

6- Week Post Op

In love with the girls and since I've been wishing they were larger, I decided to consult with my PS at the follow up. We looked over the vectra and decided to make the revision next month! I'm so excited!!

339cc vectra images

Just so you can see the comparison and also see the distortion the vectra displays that my BA did not have :) These were my vectra images from 8 weeks ago. Prior to my BA. I ended up getting 339cc mod plus implants- and while I DO love them, I wish they were bigger. Next month they will be upgraded to 500cc/475cc high profile!

Weeks 4-6 post op pictures

Just a delayed update to show how soft and settled my implants are. They aren't nearly as projected as the vectra image prior to surgery displayed.

I didn't think they could get any softer... :)

Just when I didn't think the girls couldn't get any softer, they did. They feel the best they have since my BA. I'm excited about my upcoming revision and trying to stay positive about the associated surgical risks.

Scar update

Other than the scars being the expected but dreaded dark color, they are soft and healing nicely. Bras no longer irritate the incision site, and despite the left breast incision being longer, it's looking lighter in color already.

Photos didn't upload

My first post augmentation push up bra

Holy smokes I've got amazing cleavage!!! There is no way this is my chest lol. Now that the girls are soft enough and my incision sites aren't tender, this bralette feels like a cloud wrapped around me. I'm usually not a fan of VS bras, however this is a bralette. It doesn't have underwire and the material is soft. The 34c was too tight, the 34d didn't fit right in the cups- but the 36c fit just right.

Photos from doctor's office

Pre BA and post BA side by side comparison. Had my post op appointment today and it went well. Dr. Knotts and I decided against doing a lift on my right breast right now for several reasons but mostly because in person the droop isn't that bad. The right side will get 25cc more on my upcoming revision.
Stats: 147 pounds
34A pre BA
34C post BA with 339cc mod plus silicone unders.

Revision set for 7/20/16, 500cc and 475cc HP silicone.

One more day before revision!!

I'm very excited about my upcoming revision. My husband took these photos, and I don't think the asymmetry looks as bad in person. It seems exaggerated in photos.

Omg it's done!!!!

From the second I saw them before they were bandaged I *loved* them. 475cc HP on the left and 500cc HP on the right. I'm still feeling the anesthesia so I will keep this post short. My PS and his staff were so incredibly kind. I really hope these implants settle nicely because I like the looks of them already. My cleavage line looks amazing (hopefully swelling doesn't change it too much) xoxo

1. Picture of my frozen baby diapers on my breasts and sternum.
2. Sneak peek picture of my cleavage.

I was feeling very apprehensive this week about having the revision but I am positive it was the right thing. Feeling very happy right now. Thank you to the girls on this site who provided support and reassurance. :)

Sneak Peak day 1

My ace bandage and ice wraps needing adjusting so I decided to snap a quick picture before wrapping them up again.

Reformed HP hater

I'll let the picture speak for itself. Don't get me wrong, my 339mod+ implants were a huge improvement from what I started with, but I'm already loving my larger sized HPs. They are just about the same diameter as my mod+, but between the projection and additional pocket work Dr. Knotts did on my right breast I feel like they look exactly how I had hoped.

In love with my HPs

Post op day 4. The recovery is easier for my left breast because it was a simple implant exchange. However my right breast has been tender and having spasms. Dr. Knotts did some pocket work on my right breast. I've been ultra careful with my recovery, unlike last time. I really want my right breast to stay how it looks now. When I had my 339cc mod+ my right breast was pointed down, to the right and would slide into my armpit a little bit. I've included a comparison picture for you ladies to see. I don't have boob greed one bit since my revision. I feel like these fit my frame really well.

I'm obsessed

One more comparison photo. I can't stop admiring my results. I'm so happy and hope they don't change too much.

Rash rash rash

One week post op from my first BA I broke out in a rash from my chest down to my knees. It was short lived and minimally itchy. Fast foward to today....2 hours ago my body felt like it was on fire from the inside out. The rash came back with a vengeance and this time didn't spare my face :(

Alas, my rash got worse

I absolutely LOVE my PS office. I tried going to urgent care very early this morning when I realized my rash was much worse. I was given 1 benedryl and 1 doze of prednisone and told to leave and go follow up with my PS!!
I drove straight to my PS office, anxious, because my rash was becoming worse with each passing minute. They not only welcomed me in, they were so kind and fit me in immediately. (It was my PS's surgical day- and he saw me between his surgeries). He was very sweet, understanding and reassuring. I'm so happy to have picked him for my surgeon. His office gave me medications in the office, plus called in prescriptions. Tiara put on gloves and rubbed hydrocortisone cream from the back of my neck down to my toes. How much sweeter could a nurse get? She is a doll.

My rash progressed to anaphylactic reaction

The hives on my lips and face went down dramatically, but I kept feeling worse and worse as the day progressed. Being a nurse- I kept telling myself that it was the waxing and waning of the antihistamines and that I would eventually feel better. I even listened to my lung sounds to prove to myself I wasn't wheezing. . . Well, the feeling of anxiety and impending doom was growing larger and larger and my skin kept getting more hives and started turning a gray/purple shade. I decided at this point to go back to urgent care. Wishing 3-5 minutes of walking into the urgent care door my oxygen levels were down in the low 80's and I crashed. Got some epinephrine and taken to the ER by ambulance. After high doses of steroids and a ton of other medications and tests I feel much better. The allergy specialist, ER Doctor and my primary care doctor don't think it's from the recent revision, and they are going to be running some more tests once I'm off of the steroids. Talk about a fluke.
On a positive note, I was discharged from the hospital this morning and I'm feeling pretty good.
The girls continue to look fabulous and my fingers are crossed that this reaction won't cause a capsular contracture.... You'll probably notice that in one of the pictures I'm wearing the amazing Tabbra, but couldn't take pictures to show it off due to feeling so cruddy. I'll post an update about it tomorrow. It's a great investment. Looks like a torture device but actually makes the implants feel light as a feather.

The glorious Tab bra

So, initially I really liked this bra. I just can't justify the price. It feels really good while wearing because the implants don't move, and it doesn't cause muscle spasms. But for the $100+ price tag, I feel like a good sports bra could equally do the trick. VS has the double bra sports bra on sale for $35. I picked up 3 cute and multifunctional bras for the same price as my ugly tab bra. I don't regret purchasing the tab bra, I just wish I would've shopped around and found a better priced option. Not to mention, this thing is ugly. So ugly in fact, I refuse to even let my husband see it lol. Maybe I should've purchased it in black? Who knows.... Here it is girls.
And I'm still red/flushed with hives because I had another anaphylactic reaction in the past 24 hours. Not related to the implants (probably nuts).

Sports bras and boobs

Here is the 2 bras in one from VS. I went for a walk and the girls were held in place nicely. The bra didn't hurt or dig. Not to mention, I had great cleavage lol.....
I'm 9 days post op revision

Professional bra fitting

Girls, I've heard countless stories of women getting professionally fitted post surgery. I don't know why I felt that I would be an exception, but I just got fitted by a woman who specializes in augmentations and mastectomies. 34 G!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?! Ummmmm..... Pics to follow lol. No wonder all of the 34 D bras and 36 D bras from VS weren't fitting right....

2 weeks post revision to 475/500HP

This time around I've been very cautious with my breasts. I was cleared for underwire and went to a specialty shop to get measured. The shop specializes in breast surgery patients (lifts, implants, reductions etc). I paid $180 for a bra that didn't look like anything special- but as soon as I put it on my breasts felt amazing. Supported but not constricted. I'm a size 34F, but in some styles a G. Hard to believe considering I look like a typical C cup. I'm very happy with the size and hope they keep healing nicely. I'm wearing a bra 24/7 since I was on such high doses of prednisone for one week. (It hinders healing).

$180 bra

Here are some pictures of the bra I bought from the specialty shop. It is very comfortable, and I'm glad I purchased it because my breasts are still tender from the revision. The bra really provides support without hurting or smashing them together. Since it was so expensive, I only bought one and plan on wearing it until it falls apart at the seams. I was cleared for underwire, and was hesitant to wear them because I thought they would hurt. The first bra I wore did hurt- which is why I ended up in the specialty shop. I decided that if I could shell out $7k on surgery, that I needed to protect my investment. The shop owner explained how the bra I had (which wasn't a crappy bra- just not ideal for my implants) shouldn't be worn for more than an hour or so because the wires were too high and put pressure where they shouldn't. As soon as I slipped the $180 bra on, it felt like my implants were weightless. The pressure that the other bra cups were putting on my right implant specifically was alleviated. (I didn't know the bra cost so much until I went up front to pay lol). Not to mention, when I go up and down the stairs- the girls don't even move! It's great. I find movements uncomfortable because the implant feels like it wants to jump out when I bend or lean too far.

Bra shopping....34DDD-34G

Ladies, if the tags did not consistently say 34DDD, 34F or 34G, I wouldn't believe it. Heck, I still don't ???? The very brief moments when I'm like "550's would've looked nice on me." I immediately go- uh heck no. Finding 34F/34G bras is hard enough lol. I can't even imagine how much I would have to shell out for larger. (Not to mention I like the fancy and pretty bras-which are harder to find at the size I'm at now).... Added a full body shot to see size better.

150 pounds (sometimes 155)
475/500cc HP

Nightlift bra

The sizing on this bra is different. I ended up with a 32G. I'm usually a 34 band, but the 34 was huge, even on the tightest hook. I tried several sizes but the 32G fit the best and doesn't dig in when I'm sleeping.

One month post revision

Comparison picture. I'm very happy with the size and the pocket work done to my right breast.

32G nightlift bra

I love sleeping with the nightlift bra. I have a size 32F which can become a little tight in the cup at night and a 32G which I prefer.

7 weeks PO revision

Haven't updated in awhile. I've been running since week 4 post op and I'm still not cleared for any other type of exercise yet. 2 more weeks before I'm cleared for the gym, swimming and cycling. I feel so fluffy and fat and all around bummed out by the rest of my body right now, but loving my revision results. They are soft, fill out clothing and compliment my frame nicely. I tried to include different front shots to show how sometimes in certain positions they look more augmented than in others. My PS said it will be another few weeks but that they are healing well. I still have some muscle distortion and will post pictures of that soon. Fingers crossed it keeps getting less noticeable :)

Dr. Knotts: Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he is amazing. He is genuine and truly cares about his patients. He takes the time to explain things in great detail, without rushing and without being pushy. I instantly felt comfortable with him. Working in the healthcare field, infection was my number 1 concern. He explained down to every tiny detail, the precautions he takes both inside and outside of the OR. He is a true artist, and has great talent. But above all of that, he is receptive, responsive and intuitive. I have had several appointments, and it's like he can read my mind! He will answer many of my questions before I even ask. He never makes me feel like I'm bothering him or that my concerns are silly. He called my husband the night of my surgery to check on me, and is always prompt with correspondence. I could not recommend him enough. He is absolutely excellent.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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