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I am getting ready for a Ball next Friday and...

I am getting ready for a Ball next Friday and wanted to drop some extra inches before the event. Before I decided to get the wrap, I did LOTS of research and went through lots of reviews of the body wrap...just to make sure it wasn't a total hoax. After I decided that the wrap was a good idea, I made my appointment at Slender the Body Shop in Reston, VA. The office space was small and the building itself was not the most appealing site but the staff were incredibly friendly and I forgot all about my initial assessment.

I choose the Power Wrap with the Lipase & Other additives (Lipase is an enzyme your body uses to breakdown fat). First, I got on their VibraSlim (vibration exercise) machine for 10 minutes to get the blood flowing.Then, I went into the room, took off my clothes (besides bra and panties) and the technician took my measurements an made marks on my body so I could make sure she measured the same areas when we were done.

Next, she gave me a brush and some oil. I brushed my skin to open the pores and then covered my body in the oil ( FYI - I was alone while this was going on). Next, the technician gave me the body-shaper suit to put on and then applied the bandages to all of my problem areas. After that, I laid in a heat bed covered with a heated wrap and tons of blankets. I laid there for 40 minutes, in a nice quiet setting. I brought my headphones and listened to music the entire time. They came and checked on my every 20 minutes to make sure I was ok. When my time was up they removed the bandages and I took off the body-shaper suit.

Then, she re-took my measurements and I was amazed at the amount of inches I lost in the areas with the extra bandages my tummy, hips, thighs, waist. I lost somewhere between an inch and inch & half on all of those areas with extra bandages. All together I lost 13 inches. Even without the measuring I automatically felt smaller after the wrap was done. I couldn't believe how much loser my sports bra and yoga pants were. I was told that I will continue to see a loss of inches over the next couple of days. I have a pair of work pants I want to get back into, if they fit tomorrow I will be SO HAPPY!! I will make sure to post my progress! :-)

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