27 Year Old, Chin Implant - Reston, VA

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Well, today was my pre-opp appointment! Two more...

Well, today was my pre-opp appointment! Two more weeks to a new chin!

I've been wanting to do this for 10 years, ever since I realized what was "wrong" with my face. Over the past 10 years my want to go through with this procedure came and went. Sometimes I was cool with how my chin was, other times I was so insecure, especially when it came to taking pictures. A weak chin and pictures just don't mix. Or at least mine and cameras don't mix.

Several months ago I decided to really start looking into getting the procedure done. First, I researched non-surgical options because just thinking about anesthesia freaks me out. I'm quite the control freak so being completely knocked out and not knowing what's going on does not sit well with me, as well as the medical risks associated with going under.

Unfortunately, non-surgical options are not permanent and over time would end up costing me way more than a chin implant. Also, a non-surgical option won't be able to give me the projection I need. So, I started researching more on chin implants and saw that you don't have to go under general for this procedure. After doing more research I started looking for doctors in my area, went in for a consultation, and made the decision to go through with the surgery!

During my consultation the doctor showed me the different sizes of implants, explained the risks and how the procedure was done and we went over any questions I had. We decided a large implant would be best, and he did say that when he's in there if it's too much it can be trimmed down. I'll be going under twilight anesthesia so I'll be asleep, but not completely knocked out.

As ready and excited as I am to have the confidence of a new chin, I am scared shitless. Obviously nervous something medical will go wrong, I know it's rare, but with surgery you never know. And of course, I'm worried I won't like my result.

Thankfully, my doctor's office staff have been great so far, I have a few people I've told about my surgery who are supportive (some are not) and all of you on here have helped me so much. Especially magdvn and Yogi48, girls thanks so much for sharing your stories, I have been checking Real Self every day for your updates. Not trying to be creepy, but it's true, and your results are amazing!

I do have some questions for anyone that would like to comment. When you decided to tell people what you were doing were any of them unsupportive? My fiancé doesn't really understand why I'm doing it and he doesn't find it necessary. Even after I told him not to say anything to anybody, he told his mom, and then she called me saying oh no, you don't want to look like Jay Leno. Why the hell would I want to look like Jay Leno? Of course, she had no idea what a chin implant was, has never looked into it or thought about it, so I told her she should look online to see exactly what it does for a person's face and then talk to me. I've also been trying to keep the communication open with my fiancé, I've been showing him before and afters so he can see how it improves a person's face and appearance, but they don't look completely different. I've told 2 close friends and my fiancé's sister, thank God all three of them have been extremely supportive.

I'll be doing another post soon on what I'm doing to get ready for the surgery, so stay tuned!

Getting Close- Preparing for my Procedure!

As promised, today I'm going to share with y'all everything I'm doing to get ready for the procedure on Thursday.

Unfortunately I haven't been feeling too great this past week, just sinus congestion, I'm hoping it's just allergies and that this won't affect me having the procedure done. My pre-op appointment was two weeks before my surgery date. I was given my prescriptions, a list of medications to avoid and a list of everything I needed for a smooth recovery.

I was given prescriptions for a pain killer, anti-nausea, steroid and antibiotics. I've never had to take Oxy or anything strong like that before so we'll see how that goes. The steroid and antibiotics I take with me on the day of surgery and the anti-nasea meds stay at home in the fridge. Fun fact about those, they're suppositories. So, let's hope I don't get nauseas. :)

I have to take a shower the night before and day of my surgery with Dial anti-bacterial soap. To keep my head elevated when I sleep I bought this u-shaped neck pillow from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XQZ52BI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Based on reading other reviews on this site I bought this arnica gel to help with bruising: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/boiron-arnicare-pain-relieving-arnica-gel/ID=prod6056560-product I also purchased extra-strength Tylenol and Neosporin for the incision site, per the doctor.
My PS suggests to ice with frozen diapers, but they're expensive so I'll be sticking with frozen peas instead.

I obviously haven't tried any of these products yet so when I do I'll let you know how everything worked out!

As far as food goes, I've read people are on a liquid/soft food diet for a couple days. I've bought ingredients to make smoothies and I plan on making several ahead of time because I don't know how I'll feel after surgery. Just strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, greek yogurt, honey and frozen spinach is what I mainly use. I also bought the ingredients to make some yummy and healthy softer meals. I love this recipe from Budget Bytes: http://www.budgetbytes.com/2014/06/chorizo-sweet-potato-skillet/ and this healthy turkey chili recipe: http://www.yummyhealthyeasy.com/2013/12/the-best-ever-slow-cooker-turkey-chili.html I also have plenty of tuna fish and eggs. I like to eat healthier and since I won't be able to do much working out while I'm recovering I'm trying to keep my food options healthy so I don't feel like a beached whale while I binge watch American Horror Story on the couch. ;)

If y'all have any recipes or suggestions of things/foods that helped you through your recovery process please let me know! I'll be finding out the time of my surgery on Tuesday so I'll check back in to let y'all know! Also, anybody else start not feeling too good right before the surgery?

Surgery is Postponed

Yup, very bummed. I mentioned in my last post I started not feeling great, it's been going on for a week now so finally this morning I went to the doctor and got antibiotics for a sinus infection. I called my PS office and they said the best thing to do is reschedule so now my surgery is set for the 12th of September.

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement but I feel like crap and I know this is the safest thing to do. I'm just going to be focused on getting better and looking forward to my new date! Wish me luck!

Can't wait for Monday!

Alright y'all, I wanted to check in here one more time before the big day.

If you've been reading along, you'd know my surgery date was originally scheduled for the 1st of September, unfortunately I came down with a bad sinus infection so my new date is this coming Monday, September 12th.

I got the phone call this morning from the PS office letting me know to be there by 10, I'll get ready, see the doctor all that fun stuff and my surgery is scheduled for 11. I was told I'm scheduled to be in the OR for an hour, and I'll have about an hour to recover and wake up so I'm hoping to be outta there by 1:30 or so.

How I'm feeling right now?

So excited! I'm a little nervous, I'm sure when I'm in there I'll be freaking out but for right now I'm just so ready to get this done and over with! I'm also extremely thankful to my PS and staff for being so nice with rescheduling me. It was no problem for them and I wasn't charged any sort of fee, which I was happy about, it's not like I wanted to be sick.

This weekend I'll be working on prepping my meals again and getting everything ready for the big day!

Sharing one more before photo, bye baby chin!

Surgery is Done

Hey y'all just wanted to get on here and say I'm home. My bottom lip is very numb so I needed my fiancé to spoon feed my smoothie to me. The pain is starting to kick in so I took a pain pill. I'm gonna rest for a while but I'll try to get a pic up later and give me details on how everything went!

1 Day Post Op

Hello everybody! I had my post up appointment this morning, the doctor took my bandage off but I'm supposed to wear this head wrap for the next week to help with swelling. I haven't looked at my chin yet but the doctor and nurse said everything is looking good and my friend who took me this morning said my chin looked good. I was a little light headed when the removed the bandage so I think I need to give myself some time before I can look. I'm still planning on writing a post on how surgery day went but I'm still pretty tired right now.

4 Days Post Op

So, I'm on day 4 today. As far as pain goes, everything is fine. I'm no longer number in my bottom lip but my whole chin area is still numb.

I'm still planning on giving all the details of surgery day and recovery so far, but honestly all I can think about right now is how I'm not happy with what I'm seeing. I know I'm only 4 days post op and there is still a lot of swelling so I'm trying to tell myself that, but I feel like my face looks so long. I feel like my whole face has changed, my nose, my eyes, which doesn't really make sense to me but it's just how I'm feeling right now and I'm kind of freaking out. In pictures it doesn't look as bad as it looks when I see myself in the mirror but I'll share what I'm working with so far. The doctor wants me to wear this compression garment for the first week so that's what I've been doing. Tomorrow I may post some pictures without it on so y'all can get a better idea.

Anybody get their implant and think it was too long at first? I've read that gravity can pull the swelling down, so that's what I'm hoping this is. When the doctor saw me before the surgery and was marking everything he went over again how I needed outward projection but I don't need fullness, so it sounded to me like him and I were on the same page. I don't think I have more fullness than I did, but I feel like the end of my chin is huge and is going down instead of out if that makes sense.

Like I said, I know I'm only 4 days post op, but I am dreading having to go back to work on Monday if I'm going to be looking like this, so I'm freaking out a little bit. Any advice or comments on how you healed would be helpful!

6 Days Post Op

So, first off I'm feeling much better today than I was a couple days ago. I don't know if it's because the swelling is going down or maybe I'm starting to get use to it (or both) but I'm feeling better about my result today. Still not completely happy and no where near ready to say "worth it", but I'm only 6 days post op so I still have a long time ahead of me before all the swelling has gone down and the implant is settled in. I have a feeling I'll have some good days and some bad days in the coming months but I'm trying to stay positive and hope that everything will work out.

One thing that has helped in the last day or so is I'm starting to get back to my normal routine; doing things around the house besides just sitting on the couch watching TV and overanalyzing my new chin. I'll be going back to work for the first time since my surgery tomorrow. I don't feel ready to go back but someone has got to pay for this surgery. My appointment is at 11:15 tomorrow to get my stitches out so I think I'll have a band aid over the stitches the first half of my day at work. I'm also curious to see what the doctor has to say about the swelling. I didn't really swell up in my cheeks as much as I thought I was going to and as much as other real selfers have but I feel like a lot of my swelling is like pulling my face down and it's all going to the bottom of my chin if that makes sense? I don't know. I also have some asymmetrical swelling going on.

I'm off to continue my day and try to keep my mind of things, but I did put some makeup on today to cheer myself up, so here are some pictures of how things are going so far. Also, still wearing my compression wrap today, just took it off so y'all could see how the chin is coming along.

8 Days Post Op- Feeling Bummed

So, I'm 8 days out today. Got my stiches out yesterday, I requested to see the doctor because I'm concerned about my result so far.

He said everything is looking great and I'm on track with where I should be right now, but my chin is still swollen and will be for a month or so before I start noticing a difference. He said be can see what it'll look like 3 months from now and he's really happy with it, and I was basically like, well I hope you're right cuz I'm worried.

I feel like it's pulling my fave down, making my cheeks look long, I feel like I look older, and from certain angles when I look from the side I feel a little jay Leno-esque. Honestly, right now when I look in the mirror I want to cry and I want my old face back. Looking on camera it doesn't look as bad, which is now the opposite of the problem I use to have lol.

Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but I'm having a tough time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel right now. The majority of my chin area is still numb, I'm eating better and can give a small smile, but it does feel right and uncomfortable when someone makes me laugh.

Any encouraging words would be awesome right now...

2 Weeks Post Op- Starting to feel better

Yay, finally made it to the 2 week mark!

Like a lot of you were saying, I'm feeling a lot better now. The swelling has gone done significantly compared to where I was last week. I think I really started to notice a difference in the swelling on day 10. I could see some of my old face coming back. I've always had rounder cheeks and after the surgery my cheeks seemed to be dragged down and I swear my face looked like an alien, really long and big with a big pointy chin. But now, the contour from my cheeks to my chin is coming back if that makes sense and I am so relieved.

As far as the numbness goes, my chin is still kind of numb, still really numb close to the incision. There is no pain and the heavy feeling is starting to go away. When I look up it still feels tight, but it's getting better everyday. Today is the last day I have to wear the tape over my incision, after that the doctor recommended I start using a silicone cream for the scar, so I need to look into that. I barely see the incision, it's hidden perfectly and it's really thin.

I'm still wearing fake glasses because I'm not 100% happy with my chin yet so they distract me from looking there too much, but I know there is still swelling so in trying to be patient, but like I said earlier, I'm looking wayyyy better than I did a week ago. My fiancé and I had a road trip this past weekend and we stopped for lunch on the way home yesterday and started talking about the surgery. He said he was freaking out a bit too last Monday when I wasn't wearing the compression garment anymore because my chin was so big, but now he can see my old face coming back and my chin is getting smaller and smaller so we just kind of laughed about everything. I feel like now, he's not as worried anymore and he's been more supportive about everything.

I'll probably start updating weekly now, but I still plan on writing a more detailed post about the surgery day and my week after because I haven't done that yet.

And thanks to everyone who has offered advice and all your kind words, you've helped me so much through the process and I really appreciate you. :)

15 Days Post Op

So, things continue to get better and better. I feel like I can see the swelling go down every day. I've been applying my arnica gel at night to help with swelling and I bought some pineapple juice because another reviewer on here said that helped with swelling as well.

I have no pain, my chin still feels a little tight and I still have trouble moving my bottom lip down but I know those things take time so I'm not too worry about it. The only part that's still numb when I touch it is the area right beneath my chin near the incision. I'm thinking it's still swelling, which I'll point out in the pictures I'm putting up today. Still rocking the nerd glasses because now I kind of like them but I'm at the point now where I feel comfortable with or without them. So happy my face shape came back. That first 10 days was rough, I looked older and like an alien. I used to hate always having to be asked to show my id (even had to do it for a rated R movie once, I was 26 at the time) but after my surgery I thought I had lost that youthful look because of how my face looked with all the swelling but my cheeks are coming back to where they were so I'm really happy about that. I don't think they look as full because I do have a chin now. So far the results are awesome, and exactly what I wanted. I can see a difference but the results are really natural.

I'll be posting a review on my doctor soon as well! And again, thanks to everyone on here who have been so supportive. If it wasn't for this website I don't know how I would've made it through those first 10 days.
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