30, 5'8.5", 125lbs, 32A (w Deflated Breasts, No Kids) - BA w 385HP Natrelle Inspira (& Rhinoplasty)

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I used to be a full B/C, but the pituitary...

I used to be a full B/C, but the pituitary disorder destroyed my breast tissue, now they're completely deflated and sad looking. I cant wait to get my BA in a few wks!! I wanted natural-looking, not too big or fake, just around what I used to have naturally, a full C. Looking at 375cc Natrelle - Classic or maybe Inspira? Lacking in A LOT of upper pole fullness currently, so I'm actually leaning towards the Inspira, though my surgeon's office thinks Classic will be fine for my desired "natural" outcome. Dr's asst Cheri advised me that anything above 400cc's will look obviously fake on my frame, and the width doesn't match anyway. So I'll likely stay near 375cc. Have my pre-op Wed, Aug 17th at 8am. So many Q's!! But many thanks to all the other BA girls that posted their stories!! Helped me to know what I'm getting myself into! Feel free to ask any Q's - as someone else said, its been harder to find girls staying with smaller implants. Happy to answer anything, and will continue to post my pretty tittie journey!! =)

2.5 wks pre-op!!

The other photos looked a little out of proportion, just from the angles so I took so full shots. I'm tall with a long waist, so they think I can carry a 375-400 and still look natural. I'm definitely still leaning towards the Natrelle Inpira tho. Any thoughts vs the classic? I like the idea of minimizing rippling and creating more upper fullness. Pre op in just a few days - can't wait!!! Much love to all the girls recovering now!!

Pre-Op done!!

I forgot again to take photos of the implants while at the PS, but these are homemade rice sizers that should be fairly close. They're around 350-375cc, as the recipe said to downsize approx 25-50cc. I just decided on the Natrelle Inspira 415cc - PS said after insertion under the muscle it'll end up looking closer to a 385 (approx 25-30cc smaller). I'm trying to get a copy of the Vectra photos with the actual implant, so hopefully I can upload that next week! Getting excited!!

Any thoughts on the size? I hope being taller, I can pull it off - should be around a full C/small D (34/32), but I was SUPER concerned about crossing the 400 mark. Ultimately I figured I'd rather go slightly larger than slightly smaller, and I used to be a full C before the hormonal disorder.

Thanks for all the help and advice ladies, hope you're all doing well and healing nicely!! For all those that are still pre-op like me - I've already flipped out about my choice, and even doing it at all, now I'm back around to excited! I think its all about tempering expectations and being confident in your decision =) Which I must say is *really* difficult for me, but I'm finally doing something for myself, so I'm determined to relax, trust my doctor/his staff, and BREATHE!!


Ok ladies I'm making myself absolutely CRAZY over my choice of the 415's!!!!

It was that or 385 (both Inspira HP) - I know in my head it's not a very noticeable difference, but I'm completely panicked about looking too top heavy or ending up much larger than I'd like. Really only want a full C cup (34C/32D), anymore than that and I don't think it'd look natural on my frame. I just never wanted to have the biggest boobs possible, but only more to restore what was lost due to the hormonal issues (was previously a 34C) - I also have dozens of gorgeous 34c bras that would be nice to be able to use again (less important than overall appearance tho). But that's a large increase in itself from the totally deflated A cup I have now.

Any thoughts on how many cup sizes 400cc will bump you?? Also I'd really like COMPLETELY HONEST opinions about the sizing, 415 vs 385 HP. Also if there are any other taller ladies out there that have implants in that range Id love to hear from you and what you think about your size!! I'm fairly thin and afraid what will happen if/when I gain some weight (once hormones are sorted out) - don't want to end up a 34E!!! Therefore want to stay within a large 34c now.

Thanks SO much ladies!! And happy healing to all you post-op lovelies =)

Implant choices!! And pre-op stuff!

Hello lovely ladies!! Sitting at work desperately ready to post the new photos from my session at the PS today with the implants sizers! I'd love to get some opinions!! Im also mentally running thru all the things I need to do, buy or prep before the surgery next wk! If anyone has any suggestions on the best (&comfiest!!) post-op/sleep bras I'd appreciate it!! I already went to TJ Maxx/Home Goods *(my GO TO store!!) and got a few loose shirts and night gowns. Tried a Marilyn Monroe brand soft sleep bra, but it rode up too much under the arms (even pre-op!!) so that's going back. I've heard to buy a wedge pillow and a neck pillow.

Love to hear if anyone has any other suggestions or specific brands of things they loved, wish they'd gotten or couldn't live without after surgery, I'd so appreciate it!! Thanks lovelies!! Hope you're all doing beautifully! ??

Post didn't show up!! I digress a little...

I made a whole post with my vectra images earlier today but they're not here!! I'll have to redo it later today. Will post that and the trial sizers later today. Stuck at the dealership now, after 2 tires blew on the way to my pre-op appt last wk. which was also the morning after I'd stayed up all night with my best friend (and sometimes boyfriend, complicated definitely) bc he found out he has cancer. We got in a huge fight hat morning when he flipped out and threw me out of his life. Then I had to go choose an implant - a decision that will affect me for the next 10-20 years. Needless to say I was in no condition to make a decision, and now feel I made the wrong one. The penalty for that is a sizable change fee. UGH why is nothing in life easy?!?

Thank you all for the fantastic support I've received on here, couldn't have gotten thru this journey, esp the last wk, w/out you all. you're all wonderful beatific ladies!! ??????

Vectra Imaging & Sizers

Ok tried before but didn't upload for some reason ... Here are the Vectra images, only have the front view which I don't think is as helpful. I asked that they send me the other views but we'll see. [385 & 415 HP Inspira].

I also went back to PS to try on sizers again bc I was so panicked over my decision. She gave me 350 & 375/400, as that's what the final outcome be after placement under the muscle (acct'g for loss of 10% approx). I didn't notice a diff before, but this time I could DEF see and feel a diff btw the 350 & 400 - I didn't even THINK about the actual weight of the implants! Silly I guess, but not something that crossed my mind.

Anyway, I'd love opinions!! I'm sure I could carry either bc I'm taller, but my goal is a full C (34C/32D). I have a family member with very large D/DD implants and to me they don't fit her small frame, and don't exactly look natural. She ended up having hers taken out in order to downsize, so I def want to be careful w sizing. Please let me know what you think ladies!!! Thanks so much, hope everyone is well ????????

Rhinoplasty also

I should mention that I'm also having a rhinoplasty at the same time as my BA. Was very nervous at first to combined surgeries, but I researched it and PS assured me it's common and safe. I have a thin, fairly cute nose, with a severely deviated septum, to the point I can't breathe out of the left side at all anymore. The only thing I really HATE is the bump on top, so he's shaving that down and removing some of the access septum, hopefully will improve breathing.

Any ladies have tips regarding rhino recovery? Or has anyone had both done simultaneously?! PS said rhino recovery is more of an annoyance than anything else - hopefully that's true!!

Only 4 days to go!!! SO nervous!! Is this normal?!

Oh my goodness it's creeping up fast!! Spent all wknd prepping the house - laundry, cleaning, planning, grocery & pre-op shopping, etc. I'm still a little sick with panic regarding the size decision - that little voice in my head keeps nagging that I should've dropped even further, to the 365 or 345, which I switched. I know I liked the 350 sizers tho - ladies is this just normal pre-op panic?!?!? I'm just praying I made the right choice with the 385, bc I absolutely can't change again - already had to pay a fee to switch to those! I have a pit in my stomach but I'm also excited - such a weird combination of feelings. And I'm so fidgety I can't sit still at work!! i just want to get this show on the road!!

Hoping this is all normal, and that I made the right decision!! Also hope all you lovely post-op ladies are healing well ????????

Just 2 nights to go!!!!

Whew this week has been such a crazy blur of excitement, nervousness, surgery prepping and a complete inability to concentrate at work!! I've literally been perusing RS all day, still searching thru reviews and pics!! So ready to get this done and start enjoying tho!!! I'm uploading some add'l before photos (also in the same tank top for comparison), and pics of some supplies for after surgery.

I'm FINALLY actually excited about this, and found myself even wondering if I didn't go big enough!! Haha I must be nuts!! Im getting 385 Full Profile Inspiras, ready or not that's the final decision. I'm emotional (and hormonal) to begin with, but this journey has already pushed me to some add'l emotional craziness! Anyone else going thru this?!? Hope you ladies are all doing well - both pre& post-op!!! Muah* ????????

Started the 24hr Countdown!!! ????

Hey lovely ladies!!! Im at work today, and ironically much much calmer than I've been all week!! But btw my nerves and hormones, I've pretty much been an emotional mess haha so hopefully that's winding down. Now I've just gotta finish my prep at the house this evening - already put together most of my supplies and laid out piles of acceptable clothes (esp old, easy, &/or front close tops) plus loose comfy pants/pj's, also oversized nightgowns are the BEST for surgery post-op! Gotta add stuff to my Netflix queue tonight!! Every operation I usually pick an old series I've never seen and watch it all the way thru!! =)

My big furry boy will keep me company after the surgery I'm sure!!! Hopefully neither dog will get overly playful, but I think they def know when their people aren't feeling well!! And luckily I've got some definite human help as well - nothing beats your mom taking care of you when you're sick or hurt!!! Lots of love to my other pre-op ladies, were almost there!! And hope all the Post op girlies are healing beautifully ????????????

Today's the day!!!!! [Stats below]

Yikes! I was up later than I planned last night bc I couldn't get out of work early - they were giving me crap about taking my week off even. Eesh small offices for you. Have to be at the surgery center at 1030, luckily it's a private facility just for cosmetic procedures so their infection rate is almost nothing. That's always a huge concern of mine. And it's a beautiful facility, plus the people have been wonderful, so I'm hopefully it's a positive experience!!!

Ok here are updated stats for anyone comparing:
- 5'9"
- 125lbs
- 32A (Maaaaybe 32B) pre op
- rib cage: 30.5"
- measurements: 33/25/37
- 385HP Inspira (silicone)

I'm a little concerned bc I recently gained some breast tissue back, maybe just hormonal swelling but it's hung around - now I'm even more afraid these puppies will be too big!!! Eesh that's like my nightmare, to wake up and not be able to see my feet and have boobs knocking me in the face!!! Ok Eeesh think happy boob thoughts!!!!! Will update later. Much love ladies. Thanks so much for all the great advice and super support!!! Muah** ????????

Oh and posting some Befores, bc a bunch of girls said they wish they'd taken more for comparison!! How sad the tops are - basically empty haha!!!

Photos from above, take 2 ....

1st night = Extremely unpleasant!!! Must stay propped up- learned the hard way!!

Hi lovely ladies~
I'm officially on the other side, proud owner of two new breasts!!! (& hopefully one much cuter nose!). I let pain meds lapse tho, and likely slept too flat bc I woke up in agony around 3am. Mom hopped up to help immediately tho - the frozen diapers are a total god send!!! My PS called earlier this evening to personally check in on me, he's been absolutely wonderful!! Also said the surgery went beautifully, so I'm sincerely hopeful everything looks just as beautiful!!!

Can't see my nose at all (way too much bruising/swelling & bandages), and can only peek top down at my breasts. Ok I may be making myself crazy again, but it def seems like my right breast is positioned perfectly, already even have cleavage - but the LEFT looks way further off to the side!!!! I'm panicked it'll stay that way!! Or that maybe the right dropped too fast and they won't ever be even!! My mom said to stay calm, as I can tell the left is riding much higher and swollen but that's my NON dominant side!! Anyone heard of that?? Is this normal? Too soon to panic or should I worry one seems further out than the other?!!

Posting some quick pics - any opinions would be helpful, thanks so much!!! Hope all my Friday girls are healing well and getting rest!! Take your meds def & use the wedge, learned the hard way =(

Day 2 and counting ...

Hi lovelies ~ sorry I haven't been on here much or been great about responding lately - I've just had a really rough go of it over the past 48 hrs. I truly appreciate all you wonderful women for your thoughtfulness and warm wishes!!!

No nausea thank god (blissful combo of anti-nausea meds did the trick), but extreme pain. Still concerned that one is much further out than the other, or that they'll both stay this far part!! It's just so surreal still!! Kept thinking to myself, "whoa, I have breasts again!" and "omg I had surgery!!". My moms been a huge help tho luckily.

I've had a distended swollen abdomen since right after the surgery, so it really couldn't be constipation - no idea what it is tho?!? My mom said maybe from anesthesia?!? But it's still there 2 days later, even my legs look swollen (*i do have a major hip problem tho). Did anyone else experience this kind of abdominal swelling immediately following surgery? See my Dr on Friday for next check up, & I have a nurse line#, but really don't want to bug them over something small.

Pics didn't upload again. Sorry!! Here they are ...

[*continued from above post] Will take some current pics after I get the pain under control. Thank ladies!! Hope all my Friday girls are having a fabulous and uneventful recovery!!! And if anyone has Q's, feel free to message me!!

Been a rough few days!!!! *Day 3 pics*

I'm so grateful for the generous support & well wishes from all my RS ladies!!! Between you all, my mom and my pup, it's made this a little more bearable. I forgot that I get a *huge* inflammatory response to surgery, so the first few days are always agony for me. Today was the first morning I woke up and didn't feel like someone was stabbing me in the chest. Still very sore and have that heavy bag of rocks feeling, but overall much better - even the widespread swelling is starting to dissipate. Haven't been very hungry tho, so I've barely eaten, and I'm sure that hasn't helped the bloating/BM issues.

Dr said the girls look great tho, and he's expecting a great result after they drop - I'm still nervous bc they seem SO far apart, but as other women advised, I hope they'll fall into place as they D&F. Posting a few photos from yesterday - have some serious chaffing/rash in btw breasts where the band rubs and the clasps hook. Ugh it's sooo itchy!!! And still haven't seen my nose yet!! Take the splint off at my Friday post-op. Praying all goes well =)

Hope all my Friday girls are healing quickly, with as little pain as possible!!! Much love to all of you ????????

Boobie Blues hit the last few days!!!!

So sorry I haven't been on here updating or responding. It's weird, afte the last update I got kinda BLAH feeling - I wasn't in a ton of pain anymore (still significant but not excruciating like before), but I didn't want to see anyone, or talk to anyone, didn't feel like doing *anything* but sitting in a ball on the sofa. My best friend kept asking if I wanted him to come over and keep me company but I even pushed him off. I guess it's the weird post-op "depression"/ funk that I read about, just didn't expect it. Anyone else going thru that on post op day 4-6?!?

On another note - the girls have already moved closer together!! And they seem more even now as well (will post pics after I shower today). They're getting softer and I'm getting some electrical zings and zaps, as the feeling starts returning - esp in the nipples. The left one still has strange pains but it's not any more swollen than the RT so Dr said not to worry for now. Still carrying around 5-8lbs of water retention - even after finally clearing out my system. Starting to feel like myself again tho. Will go for a longer walk in the neighborhood today - it's a little tough bc I still have the splint on my nose and two sorta black eyes haha. I feel like you can't really notice the boobs under a loose tank tho.

Hope the rest of my girls are healing well!! I'll keep updating w pics to show the progression. I have very sensitive skin and got a *horrible* rash under the band of the surgical bra, so yesterday finally just took it off - used cortisone cream and put the strap on alone. Happy healing lovelies!!! ????????

Q regarding post-op sex!! [*pls disregard if the subject offends anyone!]

I had my 1 wk post-op on Friday and will post my update this evening, but right now have a serious inquiry regarding post-op intimacy!! I absolutely don't want to offend anyone, but rather just need some advice, so anyone for whom this subject makes uncomfortable, please disregard!

I was 8 days post-op (Friday night) when my best friend came over and we were intimate. I know he tried to be very gentle and cognizant of the BA, but hes a big guy (6'5", 250) - he was on top, but I had to keep my hands pushed up on his chest to ensure he didn't lean his weight on my breasts. I know he was trying not too, but eesh its difficult to control in the middle of things. Now I'm afraid I used my arms and those chest muscles too much by pressing up. Afterward I was so panicked I kept rubbing both breasts and the incisions to feel for any changes -- the next morning I noticed more redness/hardness in the RT incision and a small spot of topical infection or "spinning stitch" as the nurse called it [*note- this one was oozing from the start, so I've had prior issues - Dr had already put me on another 5 days of prophylactic antibiotics after seeing him at Friday's post-op].

My question is, does anyone know if having sex could cause any problems with the implant or incision??? Or I know it could've easily been my own doing by touching it myself so much in panic!! I terrified myself into thinking the implant could be bottoming out or something from the pressure - he never put his weight on me though, just leaned in so that I had to push with my hands to make sure he didnt press on the girls. EEESH am i just being silly, or was that too soon to attempt intimacy?! My PS is out of town for 2 wks, but they will fit me in this wk with another Dr in the practice - just wanted some advice before then, so Im prepared! Thanks so much ladies!! Hoping someone else out there tackled this subject at some point haha!! Much love to all my post-op girls =)

Wedge pillow setup

MyTurnCT - Here's some pics of how I use my wedge, and what works best for me. I'd say just see whatever's most comfy for you, but padding the wedge w soft down/memory foam (whatever's your preference) pillows seems to do the trick. I even used my neck pillow w it a few nights - its also a big help when your still woozy from meds and taking sporadic naps - saves you from falling asleep in awkward positions. Good luck Hun =)

For anyone else wondering about the wedge - it's DEFINITELY worth it!! I slept as close to sitting up as possible after the first ill advised night of laying almost flat!! That first morning I was in a ton more pain and had a miserable time attempting to get up and out of bed - so the wedge is your friend!!! And as other ladies have suggested, it has various continued uses after your recovery period ;). Hope that helps!!

I'll post a progress update this evening, as this is my first day back to work - with an open oozing incision, UGH. Def would've taken another day if I had anymore time off, but que sera sera I guess. Just def don't feel like I'm all here - mentally and physically still run down. Ice has also been a huge life saver, but now I have to go the whole day without that as well. Will let you know how the girls hold up. Be well ladies!! Pre-op gals (or anyone!) Feel free to ask any Q's, happy to help if I can!!!

Update to follow, but first ~ A big thanks!!!

Just wanted to extend a huge heartfelt ??THANKS?? To all the amazing, courageous, beautiful women in this incredible community. I'm so grateful for all of the genuine advice and support that I've gotten from other RS ladies and the community as a whole. I've relied heavily on reviews, forums, pics and blogs on here, and hope that I can give back by sharing my experience. I've met some wonderful ladies on here - hope you're all doing well and enjoying your new additions!!! ????????

Lately things haven't been great for me on the healing front - the incisions still look very red angry, open and infected. Tho I believe they are still ultimately trying to expel certain stitches, and I didn't consider the fact that I always have a huge inflammatory response to surgeries. Check up this afternoon, hoping the Dr will remove any/all stitches, which I pray will eradicate the problem. Concerned that I've felt sick and run down though. Thankfully no fever as of yet, but haven't felt like myself - so I apologize for the lack of updates, or timely responses. I'll post an update after meeting w the PS. Curious to get opinions on my current "progress", as they're truly so swollen/square and high now that I bet most would think they're pics of immediately post-op!!! Be well girls!! *muah

2 wks today! Feeling SO much better, calmer & more sane!!!

Ok so here's the new update~ Yesterday I saw the nurse and Dr separately - both said the same thing: it probably looks really bad from my point of view, but it's actually healing well now and is NOT infected!! Thankfully!!! No pus, just weeping from it still being a tad open. They verified that open air will heal faster, but stated keeping it covered w ointment will lead to a better final result and lesser scar - just takes longer. I'm fine with that, as long as it wasn't exacerbating any brewing infection. They also confirmed there aren't even any stitches popping thru, so it's just a patience waiting game now - and keeping the incision very clean in the interim.

I also want to say thanks again to all my wonderful girls on here who wrote in with positive comments on my last post - it's amazing what your head can convince you of when you're scared!! I went back and looked at my own pics after I read your comments, and I realized that they really don't look as bad as I thought! The full body shot even looks fairly proportionate actually! Haha guess I made myself crazy over normal swelling, and other post-op changes, eeeesh!! Sorry for the freak out!!! I'm even back at work today and doing MUCH better with daily movements. I no longer feel sick and shaky when using the RT arm at the computer or sitting erect. Overall, things seems so very much better today. It's amazing what positive reinforcement can do!!

Can't believe I'm even gonna say it .... But I'm now using the "L" Word!!!!

After work on Friday, I was reading another RS review that was so positive - She was so clearly happy! trying on clothes, loving how they fit now ... and I realized I've really spent the last two wks just trying so hard to *hide* the new boobs, that I never got a chance to enjoy them. So a big thanks to @rjholz324 - you got me out of my funk and into my favorite clothes ... Now I'm totally in love with the boobs!!!!!!!

They're certainly not perfect or even dropped yet, theyre still uneven & swollen (the amt of which still varies widely) BUT I realized that they're still beautiful, they do fit my frame and already look fairly look natural, so I'm sure it'll be even better once they actually D&F!!! I had a blast playing dress up this wknd, and found I'm very pleased with the size even. Tho I'm still glad I switched to 385cc, as any bigger and they wouldn't feel like me. Eagerly awaiting the final result, but for now at least I'm finally enjoying the new additions!!! It's wonderful to have back the full, youthful breasts that I lost, and I'm sure a lot of women on here know how that feels. So I'd say it's definitely been worth it =)

Thanks again to all you lovely ladies who wrote in with such comforting, positive and helpful comments!! Ive added pics of some great comfy &/or pretty bras, and went nuts making comparisons& collages now that I finally learned how to do it on this iPhone!! Big hugs girls =)

So sorry ladies!! Been very depressed this past wk and haven't been on ....

So very sorry to anyone who posted comments or questions this past week!! I haven't been online at all, just been very depressed & honestly couldn't get motivated to do *anything*. I still love the boobs (even w the swelling, flaws and delayed healing!), just think the antibiotics (going on a month of them now) plus no workouts have really messed with my head. I'll check all posts today and respond... You all have been so great and supportive, I'm very sorry for the lack of timely responses. I'll also update my three week progress for any girls who are looking for comparisons - though I should note that I probably get a lot more swelling than most at this point.

Currently The left is much higher, tighter and boxier than the RT, which has actually started to drop and soften some. However, the RT is the one w the incision problem, though it's getting better as well. Would be *much* more concerned if the incision problem AND the serious swelling were happening on the same breast. Dr said not to panic unless one blows up to 2-3x the size of the other. The differences are more pronounced in photos, I didn't even realize the RT had actually dropped more, til I saw it there.

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well - and big hugs to my Sept surgery girls, hope things are coming along beautifully!!!

Appt went well! Can start silicone treatment ...

Dr said incision looks good at this point, no infection and it's solid throughout. He cleared me to start silicone scar therapy - anyone have suggestions on brand or type?!? Ideally I'd like to use the sheets, for simplicity, plus I think they work better than a cream or gel. Never had much luck with Merena or BioOil on my hip surgery scars.

Considering this is going to affect how my breasts look the rest of my life, price isn't really an issue, just want the best, most effective treatment. So if anyone's used a certain brand or system that worked well (or didn't!) please let me know!! I saw a highly rated 3-step system called Scarology - anyone have any experience with that?!

Eesh can't believe it's been almost one month!! I'll post comparison photos later today. Lots of love & hugs to all my girls =)

Sorry for the lapse. Afraid I'm looking at a revision now ...

I've had RT side incision problems since the beginning, with what's become extremely thick, hardened scar tissue (approx a full vertical inch surrounding incision). I thought that side was just dropping faster, but now it seems clear that it's actually the incision and the crease itself that's dropped. There is also a great deal more movement in the RT implant - it visibly pushes up, down, left, right. The LT incision is tight to the body and I'm sure not fully dropped yet, but it feels & moves like a real breast now.

You can see a visible gap under the RT incision/crease, and it's a good 1.5cm lower than the LT side. I'm afraid I'm destined for a revision now, as I've seen what happens when the pocket isn't tacked properly/tightly & the implant keeps sliding. I've been super concerned about that side from the beginning, and now its sore in the crease and especially when you push on the implant and it moves. I love the LT side, it looks and feels great, so this is extremely disappointing. I'm seeing the PS at his earliest appt, Friday. If anyone has any info on this in advance of the appt, pls let me know. I'm PRAYING this could just be a slightly poor healing situation due to the extensive hardened scar tissue, meaning it's not truly a pocket problem and won't get any worse. It's still not ideal, but that would be better. Thanks ladies, hope you're all doing well

Yep. Requiring a revision to fix pocket

Sorry I haven't been on here!! I'm now 6mo out. I've just been extremely disheartened & disappointed by this whole situation. I'd been stating concerns since the very beginning regarding problems on the RT side especially - finally at my 3mo check-up (where comparison photos were taken), the Dr stated Id need surgery to correct it. He said the pocket was too big, therefore the implant's sliding & has far too much lateral movement - sliding into armpit + falling in toward the center - also bottoming out due to lack of support& falling out the bottom of my bra. **I'm a 32D-32DD, yet from the frontal view I look flat-chested! (w/ clothes on)

This began early on and has just continued worsening throughout my recovery. It's also clear that there is a similar issue with the LT side as well - the gap is drastic, and has only worsened considerably. For some reason the pockets were made far too big, without enough support on the outer edge especially - as they both have extreme lateral movement, resting now under armpits, even while standing upright!! Also extreme movement up/down simultaneously.

As you can see in pics, it's obvious even when standing, but especially terrible when laying flat, or when ANY pressure is applied - even a hug hurts significantly, as it pushes the implants almost entirely off the chest wall into armpits (& up/down as well). I'm so afraid to touch my breasts, or be touched now - I even started wearing a supportive bra almost constantly (even at night) in attempt to secure them. But that was of no help, the pocket is what it is and the doctor's already stated it will require surgery to correct.

[disregard above, pics didn't load!] NOW REQUIRING REVISION TO FIX POCKET (pic attempt 2!!)...

Sorry I haven't been on here!! I'm now 6mo out. I've just been extremely disheartened & disappointed by this whole situation. I'd been stating concerns since the very beginning regarding problems on the RT side especially - finally at my 3mo check-up (where comparison photos were taken), the Dr stated Id need surgery to correct it. He said the pocket was too big, therefore the implant's sliding & has far too much lateral movement - sliding into armpit + falling in toward the center - also bottoming out due to lack of support& falling out the bottom of my bra. **I'm a 32D-32DD, yet from the frontal view I look flat-chested! (w/ clothes on)

This began early on and has just continued worsening throughout my recovery. It's also clear that there is a similar issue with the LT side as well - the gap is drastic, and has only worsened considerably. For some reason the pockets were made far too big, without enough support on the outer edge especially - as they both have extreme lateral movement, resting now under armpits, even while standing upright!! Also extreme movement up/down simultaneously.

As you can see in pics, it's obvious even when standing, but especially terrible when laying flat, or when ANY pressure is applied - even a hug hurts significantly, as it pushes the implants almost entirely off the chest wall into armpits (& up/down as well). I'm so afraid to touch my breasts, or be touched now - I even started wearing a supportive bra almost constantly (even at night) in attempt to secure them. But that was of no help, the pocket is what it is and the doctor's already stated it will require surgery to correct.

Add'l pics laying totally flat ... Anyone else gone thru this? How bad is the revision surgery?!

I was slightly propped up in previous photos - these were taken today, laying completely flat (head on a pillow). I think it's vividly obvious, especially in these pics, and paired with the upright photos. But looking for feedback from other ladies.

Has anyone else experienced this extreme lateral movement?! With or without accompanying pain upon pressure? And if so, how severe was the revision surgery??!? I've heard it's much tougher (& longer) to recover, as well as requiring considerably more skill to perform ...

6 mo check up next wk - we'll see I guess =(

Things have worsened considerably btw my 3mo appt to now, though it followed a progression of concerns I've had from the beginning (esp the RT side).

It's strange tho, I mean I (emailed/called) checked in with/saw the Dr almost every single wk for the first 2-3mo bc I was so concerned about the pain, redness, incision issues, positioning, continued widespread numbness, & esp the "give"/extreme movement of implants - but they said everything was normal and just provided more antibiotics (2 months+ in total). He even stated at my one wk check up that I had no restrictions at all and was fine to go back to normal life. I still took almost 3 wks off work (desk job), & waited a full 2 months (+ called again for clearance) before resuming any upper body lifting/workouts. I even panicked over initial intimacy, but was assured again by the Dr& nurse that Id been cleared to do so and caused absolutely no issues - then at the 3mo check up he just stated "we can fix that" [referring to the lateral movement & bottoming out]

I had to stop and Q, Do you mean surgery? It caught me off guard bc I'd been stating my worries for months about such a problem but was assured that's not a concern. It just sucks that we're now far beyond the point of attempting any conservative treatment options. I was instructed to do nothing but just take the extra antibiotics and continue life as normal. I've since been told this is a very extensive set of problems: Medial and Superior capsule contracture, Lateral implants displacement and right breast partial bottoming out.

Super scary, disheartening and frustrating. The additional pain, operation(s), recovery time, add'l time off work, disruption to my life and of course, drastic concerns about undergoing another procedure(s) + the potential outcome/risks/complications/result - it's all weighing heavily. We'll see what the Dr says next wk.

Please let me know if anyone has undergone revision surgery for any of the above listed problems (*see corresponding pics on above 2 posts) Thank so much, love and well wishes to all my beautiful, strong ladies xoxo

Revision Plan

Hi ladies~
So I met with multiple PS's around the area, all highly rated, and all unfortunately agreed that a major revision is necessary. They also all felt that the type (size & profile) of implant wasn't the best and definitely added to the severity of the issues. Again, this is not what I wanted but was left to make the choice on my own - they just gave me numbers and said pick one, when all I kept asking was what will restore the natural full C that I had before the medical issue? But was given no guidance regarding that. Anyway it is what it is now, so I'm awaiting another surgery to remedy things hopefully.

I came to an understanding with my previous PS - he sent me to one of the heads of the practice and agreed to let him do the revision. So after meeting with Dr Sigal, I found his plan to be a reasonable one, in line what that of the other plastic surgeons ~ capsulorraphy on both sides with restructuring of the pocket, especially on the outside of each breast to address the lateral over-dissection, and a release of the muscle along the sternum since it could be assisting in pushing the implants laterally. He asked about implant size and I jumped at the suggestion of going smaller with a flatter profile - he also concurred that doing so will likely positively affect the overall results and decrease the likelihood of issues returning (in combination with the pocket adjustments).

I like his demeanor, and his results - he also freely stated that he's not god (which I appreciate!) but has a 90% success rate for these kinds of revisions. They will cover the revision given the situation, so overall I think it's a very good compromise. Especially bc I'm still having the terrible deep, aching pain on both sides, but more pronounced on the RT, esp when I lay down without a bra, when someone hugs me, or when any pressure it applied - bc the implants push so far off the chest wall I guess it's constantly tugging on those nerves. He also stated that he thinks he can "free the nerve" when he closes off the pocket laterally.

Obviously I'm nervous, but also oddly at peace with this plan- even mildly excited to get things rectified and have a better, more proportionate, and most importantly, less painful result!

Side note: Id like to get back the implants they remove - does anyone know if they'll give them to me?! I just want to see them, maybe keep as a reminder of what I've been thru.

Surgery in less than 2 days!!

Hi ladies!
Revision is scheduled for Thursday June 22nd. Must be at the surgery center at 7, and I'm the first one which is awesome! Hopefully I'll be home and settled by early afternoon at the latest. My mom will be there again, and my best friend is coming for the pre-op.

My main concerns are:
- The topical incision infection/"irritation" from last time (*see pics above) as they're using the same dissolvable sutures again. It was pretty nasty; no pus, but yellow oozing liquid, & caused neither incision to heal well at all. Thick, hard and numb
- Sternum muscle release ~ Dr Sigal mentioned this at the Consult, to help avoid any further lateral pressure. However, I've had surgical ITB & illiopsoas release for my hips and they caused a tremendous amt of instability - I've seen similar situations on here after the sternum release, and don't want to end up with add'l issues. Has anyone had this procedure as part of a revision?? PLEASE WRITE IN if you have!!! I'd love to hear a positive result, but still want all the facts regardless!

Thanks!! And I'll begin updating my revision review after Thursday's surgery. Eeesh praying for a wonderful result this time!!

Surgery @ 7am!!

Saying goodbye to the current boobies! T minus 11 hours and counting, OMG!! I've been in a great mood and a fantastic head space all day, so I hope this continues and bodes well for tomorrow =)

I've gotten a little used to the size, but the pain has become way more than an inconvenience. Plus ultimately I know this isn't the look I wanted, and know that going smaller will help with all aspects - medically and aesthetically. And they only look normal with a bra on anyway. So yeah, definitely for the best. Just hoping the 310's take me closer to the full C cup that I had before.

PLEASE NOTE~ I'll be chronicaling my post-op experience on my revision review, instead of here bc it makes more sense. Hopefully it'll help other women in a similar situation, as it was harder to find revision reviews - especially women going smaller, not larger.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful support! Wish me luck ladies!! Xoxo
Reston Plastic Surgeon

[Note: My original doctor's review was written prior to the operation, just after the initial consult]. While everyone I've encountered does have a great bedside manner, especially the doctors, I am not happy with the current situation. After continually voicing legitimate concerns with both my nose and breasts (beginning immediately following surgery) I was seen again for my three month check-up, wherein the doctor conceded that I will require a revision.

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