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I decided to get a tattoo in memory of my late...

I decided to get a tattoo in memory of my late grandma around 15 months ago. It wasn't long before I realised that the tattoo wasn't for me and that I should've chosen a better design that I felt more comfortable with. You know how it can be though, when you feel uncomfortable telling somebody you don't like parts of a design. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels anxious criticising something even if it's going to be on you permanently! So I went for something I told myself I was happy with just to keep things simple.

Anyway, I've had three touch-ups, the last one being by another artist in April this year, in the hopes of restoring my liking for the tattoo once again. However, I just don't think I'll ever come to accept it! I thought my concern was the lack of colour and cosmic feel to it, but I'm just tired of seeing it and not accepting the overall design.

I feel very self-conscious wearing shorts and it's got to the point where I'm trying my best to conceal or hide it from the world.

That's when I started to consider laser removal with the intentions of a cover-up. I had a test patch in a tattoo studio with their machine but I was told their technology was not as effective as others available. I never realised that PicoSure existed until a potential cover-up artist mentioned the Reset Room in Soho, London. I contacted them and despite the jump in price, I'm convinced that their world-leading equipment can provide me with faster and more pleasing results.

My appointment is booked for July 23rd (2016) which is in 5 days. I'm feeling extremely nervous but I know that whenever I've contacted both Wayne and Siggy, they've known their stuff and I feel I'll be in good hands.

I've been quoted £150 per session (I'm thinking I may need 4 to get to a cover-up standard) which I'm happy to pay after seeing results both on this website and other reviews throughout the Internet (both on PicoSure and the Reset Room). I must also add that I've only ever read and heard positive reviews from the Reset Room!

This is both a personal diary/log as well as one for everyone to read. I'm interested in posting my progress in one place so I can really reflect on the overall changes that have occurred. If anyone wishes to comment or has any questions then I'll be more than happy to respond, although please forgive me if I make mistakes as this is my first time posting an entry.

I've read about the emotional trauma and journeys people have been on within this website and I no longer feel alone experiencing these problems. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that is struggling to accept their body because of a tattoo. It goes t show however, that life is one big learning process!

I will post pictures after my first session and then the fun can begin!

Day 1 Following PicoSure Laser Tattoo Laser Removal Treatment

I was travelling from near Peterborough down to London and throughout the whole journey I was feeling so anxious! I couldn't eat much at all and had no energy to make conversation.

I finally arrived to the Reset Room and I was greeted by Wayne who I discovered was going to be treating me. Everything that everyone has said on here about Wayne is absolutely true. He is a fantastic guy with masses of knowledge on tattoo removal and just as importantly, he is very down to earth, realistic, honest and a great source of relief for your nerves. He believes in putting the individual at the heart of the service he provides and cares more about their experience and tailoring the support for each person as opposed to taking the money and providing a satisfactory service. I knew before I went into the treatment room that I was in safe hands because of how much time he put into consulting with me beforehand on questions, concerns and going over the process. I don't know what Wayne doesn't know about laser removal!

I don't know what I was worrying about either! He explained the setting was at its lowest power as this is the safest approach and will be increased next time. However, the pain rating for me would be a 7/10 and in all honesty I cannot wait to go back for more. I walked out the building feeling 100 times more confident and I can already see a difference in some areas.

As for value for money, Wayne provided me with all the information, necessary aftercare equipment (minus the aloe vera gel I purchased) and a GREAT service with a super machine. There hasn't been a single moment where I've thought Wayne should've done something different or better. As for this, plus the 50% discount for travelling so far, his service is outstanding value for money. They aren't part of a chain of businesses and both Wayne and Sigourney have experienced laser removal themselves and therefore have first hand experience of client needs and the situation they are in. Wayne is so non-judgemental too and I cannot put into words how fantastic he has been.

For anyone interested in going under the laser, I highly recommend it so far.

Here is a before and after picture (day 1) and a picture from the next day of the tiny blister that appeared (24/07/16). Thanks for viewing and feel free to comment with questions or on how you think it's getting on!

Also, I'm not sure if it's fading where the blue is/was or some pigment reaction; either way I'm still excited to watch the changes over the 8 weeks, although I'm thinking realistically and understand it isn't miracle work and the black in particular may take time with its density.



I must also add that the 50% discount was for one time only, each session following on from this will be the £150 agreed by the Reset Room (just in case this causes confusion). However I'm still happy to pay this as it is still excellent value for money.

What do you reckon?

2 weeks progress. Very flaky!

... Continued

Here are some additional pictures I decided to take to really show the change. Although I feel the scab-like skin won't reveal much change underneath the black, I'm staying optimistic about the process and how my body has dealt with the treatment so far!

The next two pictures are two cover-up artists I've contacted. The first is Mike Boyd and the second is Paul Vander-Johnson who both do phenomenal work. I'm also looking around for other artists but these two have drawn my attention. I'm taking my cover-up extremely seriously as I don't want to make the same mistakes again, so I'm looking for artists now and waiting the whole duration that it takes for my treatment (plus 6 months for healing afterwards) and deciding if I still want some of their art. I feel that this is the best way as I'll know what I'm wanting and if I change my mind, I have plenty of time to deal with this.


I didn't realise RealSelf posted pictures backwards from when you upload them! The first tattoos are Paul Vander-Johnson (space ones) and the second are Mike Boyd (abstract/cubism/futurism)

Next Session...

Sept 24th - will post before & after pictures!

Session 2, day 2

Had treatment number 2 yesterday and here's a collage of the progress from before, during and up to the current stage (bottom right image)

Treatment No. 3

Hey guys. Just an update on treatment number three. It's been almost 3 days since I went back for more laser and here's a comparison on before and after.

Will post a healed shot up in a couple of weeks. Some black is fading well in patches but I'm hopeful I'll see great removal over time as I'm giving it around 4/5 months until my next session.

Let me know any thoughts or questions you have,


Session 3//Closure

After three sessions I'm going for a cover up. In May, I'll be travelling to Wrexham for a full day session plus extra time in the future to finish the piece off. Hopefully this can be my closure, I'm particularly looking forward to embracing the summer and not being afraid to expose my skin for the world to see!

Tomorrow I shall add pictures of where my elephant piece is up to in terms of fading, the cover artist is confident she can deliver something awesome; I'm thinking it's either going to be something dog related or space related or a mash up of the two. I'm very open to ideas at this point however as my artist's style is bold and colourful which I really appreciate in itself, so I'm confident I'll like many of her ideas.

Happy belated New Year


Cover Up Next Weekend!

Here's what it now looks like before I go to get my cover up next weekend!

End of Chapter

I'm unbelievably overwhelmed by the talent I managed to find. I can finally say my Picosure experience is over with a massively successful outcome. No more poor self-concept! I really hope this inspires those who read my story. All the best.

Find attached a before and after shot. Cathy did a great job covering it with a beautiful caricature portrait of my best friend, Alfie ????.

Artist: Cathy Sue
Wayne Joyce

Wayne was an absolutely fantastic professional with a bank of knowledge and the skills to do the job effectively. He's extremely personable and thorough in his job, I couldn't have found a better clinic for the job.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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