Nervous and Scared Getting my 6 Front Teeth Crowned. - Reseda, CA

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I am VERY nervous and Hesitant to get this...

I am VERY nervous and Hesitant to get this procedure done with my pretty teeth. I have acid reflex and grinding issues at night, so my gum enamel was being eaten away behind those teeth. A few of my front teeth are bonded but the dentist didn't bond them well...uneven. He said I need to get the 6 teeth capped instead. He wants to do this all in one day. first of all he is 72 years old and I have been going to him for 20 years. I am nervous his equipment is outdated, he is a good dentist...but what if his hands are shaky? He has a big ego and keeps telling me how good his work is and to trust him. I got a 2nd opinion and I am going for one more. Why do I have to get 6 crowns, my teeth look decent. Help?!

Here is a photo!

Is getting 6 front teeth crowned in one procedure crazy?

I am quite anxious and upset that I was told I have to have this procedure. I have a pretty smile and decent teeth. I had enamel being eaten away behind the front teeth due to acid reflex and grinding. I am a little petrified of how it will look. My smile is my signature! I don't know if I should go to my dentist (old equipment and he's 72 yrs old) or to a new cosmetic dentist for this. I have gone to him for 24 years...what to do? Any good dentists you know in the San Fernando Valley? Is this scary?
Dr. Myron Bromberg

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