Still no back pain YAY! Last Post Update.

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I have had large breasts since 4th grade. I am 35...

I have had large breasts since 4th grade. I am 35 now and have had two children. I have so much back and neck pain that I see the Chiropractor every week and have a massage. I have never loved my breast. They only have only been a problem unless I am in an custom made evening gown and I look like Jessica Rabbit.

It is Dec. 15 today. Three days since my surgery....

It is Dec. 15 today. Three days since my surgery. I am pretty groggy from the pain meds still. I am staying in bed most of the time while my husband takes care of our kids and myself. I have listened to you all say REST. so I am. I am very itchy all over my body from Anesthesia maybe? I have more itching problems than pain problems. So I take a lot of benadryl to keep me from itching. My surgery was on Wednesday at a hospital at 10 am. I had a real problem waking up and I could not pee by myself so they had to put a Catheter in again so relive my bladder. I was admitted to the hospital overnight. The care I received from the hospital was SOOOO Bad. I felt abandoned and not safe. We almost checked me out at 2 am because the care was so bad. However I had the catheter in so I could not just leave. I spoke with the supervisor and she had a new nurse assigned to me. After complaining they stepped up the attention and care. So I was very glad I said something. Things got better after that but I will never go to that hospital again. My surgeon was great but she had no connection with the care. The care was in the hospitals hands. I almost forgot to tell you that I also got very nauseous and threw up from Meds or Anesthesia? That lasted almost 20 hours. Again, side effects where worse than the pain.
I do not feel a lot different when I look at my self in the mirror right now. So I think that is good, emotionally speaking. I will have to wait a few more days to see How I feel about my new breasts. I think I will like them though.

Here are some photos of before

Here are some photos of before

I posted a ton of photos with comments for you all...

I posted a ton of photos with comments for you all. Do they have to review them or did it not go through?

I spent an hour doing this post and it did not go...

I spent an hour doing this post and it did not go through.....So I am going to make it short.

I am 5 days post opt. Taking Tylonol, Benadryl, and Antibiotics for meds.

I stopped taking Percocet because maybe causing my crazy itching?
I am not in that much pain so it works for now. As long I stay in bed.
Some of my photos from day 5 are really gross so do not look at them if you have a weak stomach
I do not have a fever but what do you think about the colors of my breast today? Just normal bruising?

Pre opt photos and day 3,4 Itching is my...

pre opt photos and day 3,4

Itching is my biggest complaint right now. Not pain. So that is good for those of you who are worried about pain. I have been staying in bed mostly because moving creates itching and pain.. So I take lots of benadryl and sleep through this recovery. My husband has been bringing me everything. If you think you can do this with no help...You are very wrong and will pay the consequences. SO PLEASE get someone to help you before you surgery date. for at least 1 week and prob. more since I am only at day 5. If you do not have someone, then do not do the surgey. I am that serious.

I am 10 days post opt. and I am so excited for all...

I am 10 days post opt. and I am so excited for all the things I could never do because of my large breast. Like running for instance. I would have never considered it before because of the pain of bouncing. I am excited to get to the gym and exercise and yoga. I think my balance will be some gettting used to. LOL
Do any of you know what kind of activities we are alowed to do and when we can start exercising (like ride a stationary bike)?
When can I move my elbows higher then my sides ect?
Is is ok to be walking all day? or should I still be resting at a 30 degree angle? how long?

My itching has stopped because my doctor gave me some steroid pills that I take for 5 days. I am so happy now. I also took my own tape off and that also helped relief the itching.
I think I had the most side effects from you all recently that I am reading. So this is good news for the girls that are in waiting for your surgery. Most people are not vomiting from anesthesia, hospital stay, and itching. ( : I am not the norm.
BUT maybe my post can help someone who does have similar problems.
I love this website and will be referring it to all my friends that have surgery in the future. It is great to be able to laugh will all of you. God Bless you all and yes I am thankful the world did not end today also. ( :
OH I almost forgot....
I told my husband that I think my belly is still swollen from surgery. "No Hun I do not think so. I think you are just seeing it for the first time." LOL I look pregnant now instead of boobs. But I am OK with that. I know exercise will show in my belly more than my breast.

I forgot the most important part of this whole...

I forgot the most important part of this whole thing.

NOOOOOO NECK AND BACK PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the weirdest feeling to not have the stretch and tightness gone in my neck.

I just wanted to let those of you following me see...

I just wanted to let those of you following me see my recent photo. I think I will branch away from the post for awhile. Thank you for all your support. I am so glad I choose to get the reduction.
Renton Plastic Surgeon

Referred by my general family doctor. I think they went to school together? I trust her judgment well. Dr. Briscoe ( A women ) has been working on plastics including reductions for 17 years. Also her hobby is sewing and making patterns. So I figure she knows how to sew. ( :

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