Hate my Neck Tattoo - Reno, NV

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Have made some horrible decisions in my life...

Have made some horrible decisions in my life especially with tattoos. I'm an ex gang member and drug user. I've made a drastic change in my life in the last 5 years. Glad to say I'm clean and sober and a Father to my children. Anyway I wanted to share my progress in my laser tattoo removal journey. I've bought a package of 12 sessions for my forearm which is almost completely black ink (really horrible cover up) will post picture when I have more sessions in. I bought 6 for my neck. I really wasn't happy at first with my first 2 sessions because my technician had me at a very low fluence but bumped it up on my last visit 3 days ago after I voiced my concerns. But I feel it worked better almost immediately. I'm at a 3.0 she started at 1.5??? Here's some pics I'll keep posted throughout my process

Hate my neck tattoo

4th session

Seeing great results

Just had my 4th session on my neck and I'm seeing great results!!

5th session

3 months after 5th tx

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