22 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4 Weight Range: 125-130 Lbs 32A-B Going for a Full C (350-380cc) - Reno, NV

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I have been following this page for a while now; I...

I have been following this page for a while now; I just recently got my breast aug, and I wanna share my story. :)
I remember going through puberty, and how I wished my boobs were bigger. I had hope that I'd have a late growth spurt one night and magically grow boobs. Once I hit 19 years old, I realized they weren't gonna get any bigger :( bummer! .. I remember stuffing my bra all throughout high school, and having anxiety that my stuffers would fall out, or someone discovering me! nothing felt worse than seeing 12 year old girls with bigger breasts than mine. Summer time was very stressful for me, I would stuff my bathing suit tops because I was Soo insecure. I decided I wanted a breast augmentation when I was 17. I have never really stayed at a certain weight while growing up, I was always either losing or gaining weight which is why I am guessing I had saggy-ish looking breasts. At age 19 I finally grew out of that boobie-depressive stage and finally learned to accept myself. I started working out and living a healthy lifestyle, and also realized that I wasn't the only one with a small chest, and that there was actually worse out there! .. I also got into a relationship with a man who I am still dating today, and he has taught me to accept myself for who I was. He helped me feel confident about myself. Although I still admired women with nice sized breasts, and I loved the way they looked in bikinis, and dresses and what not. I still Dreamed about looking hot in a dress, and having boobs. I started doing research and I learned the differences between saline and silicone, I also learned about the latest implants referred to "gummy bears". I had decided I wanted to go for the "gummy bears" if I was to ever do it. I then learned you had to be 22 to receive the gummies, (or any other silicone) and I was only 20 at the time. I had forgotten all about breast augmentions and boobies until I got a new job at age 21 and started working around other girls who have implants. I heard each girls stories and hearing about their experiences and seeing how happy they were and how GREAT they looked made me want them even more! Before u know it I turned 22, I started doing some more research and looking for doctors nearby and reading reviews and such, and made a few consultations with a couple doctors. I couldn't believe I had taken the first step! Going to my consultations was very exciting! Once I saw Dr McCormack, I was convinced that she was the one. I felt 100% comfortable and she actually took the time to measure both my breasts and take pictures and show me some implant type- and sizes through Her computer, she also let me try on some sizes with a sport bra, and showed me the different options there was. I was Soo intrigued because the other docs I seen before literally saw me and rushed me out of their office. They didn't even show me options, and they didn't work with the new ones I wanted "gummy bears". My instincts told me she was the one. So after a couple of days I called her office and set up a surgery and pre-op date. I couldn't believe how close I was to getting what I've always wanted! My bf was a little against it at first, he was concerned about my health, and afraid this change was gonna change me as a person. He's always loved me for me and accepted me with my flaws, and finally he agreed and said "if it's gonna make you happy, then I'll be happy". My pre-op app was on November 20th after speaking with dr McCormack and other nurses, I had decided to go with regular silicone gel sientra, since I wanted a perky look, and also fullness upper pole since my boobs are kinda saggy. Together Dr McCormack and I decided to get 350cc on my right and 380cc on my smaller right side. I remember feeling soo excited I couldn't believe I was actually gonna do it! In less than 3 weeks!!! I literally counted down the days. Finally December 3rd came! I was sooo nervous and scared, but I wasn't gonna turn around, I was mainly scared of the needle, (since I have the worse reactions with needles). My little sister had dropped me off that day at 1:40 pm (I was scheduled for 3pm, but I got a call the night before to come in at 2) the nurse greeted me and made me feel very comfortable. They were really nice to me. She guided me to the bathroom where she had me change into a gown, and I was also given some comfy warm sox. I had to take a pregnancy test before the procedure. And then I remember her to have me sit on a weird looking seat/chair. The anesthesiologist came in, I had warned him and the nurse about my needle phobia. And of course when he gave me the iv, I fainted :/ .. The nurses put cold towels on me until the fainty feeling went away, and finally when I was able to get up they walked me into the operating room. They had me lie my head down on a squishy donut looking thing, than the anesthesiologist warned me the "this would burn for only 5 seconds" I didn't know what he was talking about until I realized he was giving me the anesthesia! He was right my hand (where I had the IV) was burning so bad and before I knew it I was out within 5 seconds lol. I remember the nurse waking me up and giving me my anti nausea and a pain pill, I was Soo thirsty I drank all the water she had given me. She was very nice to me, everyone in that facility has been treating me very well, even today when I go to my post op appointments. Anyway, I remember waking up and waving hi to my bf across the room. Seeing him there made me smile. I was Soo tired all I wanted to do was go back to sleep, unfortunately I had to go. The nurse and mf bf helped me get up and get into my car, I remember being completely out of it! I don't even remember the car ride home. I was So groggy and sleepy. Finally when we got home (4pm; the surgery was quicker than I thought!) he lied me down on the recliner, he was holding my dog back from jumping on me since he was just happy to see us. I fell back asleep for a couple hours. My sister than came over after work o see how I did, I finally had breakfast lol since I hadn't had any food to eat. The next day she cooked breakfast for me and did almost everything for me. I couldn't use my hand for anything! I didn't realize how many chest muscles were actually attached with my hands. Getting up to go pee was hard cause I had to use my abs (and even then my chest hurt) I started attaching my legs on the coffee table and using my legs and abs to get out of the couch since I couldn't use my arms, I couldn't even open my prescriptions, pulling my pants on and off was kind of a hassle also. Also, I rember feeling weird and very uncomfortable when I would stand up and walk around, I would get fainty, and I literally had to walk with my shoulders hunched and while crossing my arms at the bottom of my breasts for auportcause they felt Soo heavy like they were gonna fall off or something. I remember I couldn't take deep breaths, laugh, or even talk very wel cause my chest was Soo tight and sore. I had to take small breaths, and breath very often before I can finish a sentence. I wasn't even tempted to look how I looked underneath the surgical bra cause my boobs were Soo hard and tight and sore. Finally 4 days after, I was feeling very uncomfortable and completely out of my comfort zone. I was oily and smelly and Soo ready to take a shower. I remember my bf had to come in and shower me, I couldn't raise my arms to wash my hair or even had the strength to wash my body so my bf took care of it for me. :) I rememeber being weirded out when I first took off the surgical bra and looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe that was me I was looking at, and my boobs looks HUGE and pointy and scary. .. I got an allergic reaction from the percocets, got the worst migraines ever! They were Soo bad I completely forgot about my chest pain. So I called my nurse and was told it wasn't normal so luckily I was prescribed vicodin :) .. I couldn't go tithe bathroom for the first 5-6 days. I was taking triple fiber pills daily which helped with the problem. I pretty much spent my recover in my recliner, eating snacks, fiber cookies, and water from a straw and watching movies, and sleeping! .. I must say it was not bad at all, and it was definitely worth going what I went through. The first 5 days were a blur since I was high off of pain meds. But I wouldn't mind experiencing this again :) .. Ps I suggest getting ALL your chores done, and laundry before you do this, that's what I did and it was the smartest decision ever! I didn't have to worry about anything, and got to relax the entire time.

These are my befores

Day of surgery

About 8 days post op

1 month and 3 days post op

At my 1 month post op appointment, left is still higher and firmer. Healing. Slower since I got a bigger implant in the left.

1 month and 10 days post op

Different angles .. And lightning is different in all of them. The left is still higher. 1 month and 10 days post op... Do they look normal so far??? :/

2 months and 3 weeks post op.

I am now almost 3 months post op. I have been noticing a few things on my new breasts, idk what it is but I feel like they look different shapes? .. Also my creases look different in both, I feel like one hangs more than the other. And one of my incisions is sightly higher than the other, is that normal? Also one of them (my right) is a lot softer than my left. Could it be cause I got a bigger (380cc) in my left? And smaller (350cc) in my right? .. Someone help me please! Lol

What I look like in a bra

Victoria's secret bra, 32DD no padding.

Today I am exactly 3 months post op

3 months post ba, happy! Loving the new girls, although I wish I coulda gone just a tad bit bigger!

5 months post op

Today I am exactly 5 Months and 1 day post op. I'm all soft and fluffed and happy with the girls! :)

1 year boobiversary!

Today I am exactly 1 year and 5 days post op. I love my boobs, however I have a few questions and concerns. I've recently gained 15-20 lbs due to stress and very busy lifestyle. I went back to school in April, and I no longer have had time to go to the gym 3-4x - week or cook/eat healthy meals at home since then. I've noticed that my breast shape is changing a little, and also they kinda sag. I am sad because I spent a lot of money for them, and I'm started to feel insecure once again, because of the way they look. Could this possibly be because of the weight gain? .. Someone please advise me! Lol what's going on! Is this normal at 1 year post op?

1 year post op

Going to my consultations was very exciting! I had a couple consultations with other docs before seeing Dr. McCormack. After seeing Dr. McCormack I was convinced that she was the one. I felt 100% comfortable with her, and I was completely thrilled when I left her office. She was very patient and very sweet. She actually took the time to measure both of my breasts, took notes, and we even took pictures from different angles and got to upload them on to her computer and mess around with different sized implants and different implant types. So I got to see an idea of how I'd look with a bikini, and a t-shirt. I was very excited because the other docs I'd seen, didn't do anything like that for me. She even let me try on different sizes with a sports bra, I was very thrilled. The other docs didn't do anything near to what McCormack did for me, they literally spoke to me and rushed me out of their office quickly. Also not many doctors work with the new anatomical implants "gummy bears" and she actually had that option available for me. I felt very confident and after leaving her clinic, I literally called her office the next day to schedule my surgery and pre-op dates. I love my results so far and I am very glad I chose her to do my breast augmentation. I would defininitely recommend her to all my friends and family and anyone else who is interested in getting a breast augmentation! She's very sweet and her entire crew is extremely nice, all her nurses treat me very well, everyone from the receptionists, to the nurses, to the anesthesiologist, have treated me like family. I love going to my post op appointments. My experience overall has been fantastic!

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