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Hello all, I have been inspired by all of your...

Hello all, I have been inspired by all of your amazing stories and transformations. You all are the bravest ladies and I am ready to jump aboard if you all will have me. Tomorrow I have my second co2 treatment for my face and I have scheduled my Mom consult as well, so I really have no idea what to expect. I do know that I am ready to get me back. I am 36 and I have 3 amazing daughters, 19, 18 and 16. My husband and I have been together over half our lives and I honestly have no idea what " sexy " feels like. Having my kiddos so young and all 3 C sections,I always feel as if my body went down hill before I even knew what it was to be a woman. I am super excited to get this show on the road, good luck to all you ladies who are on this journey, happy healing!

Hello all, So I am super excited that I will be...

Hello all, So I am super excited that I will be getting my Mommy makeover in September, I will pay my Down payment this Friday and get the actual date. I will be getting a Full TT, MR, 450cc Silicone and Liposculpture to hips and flanks. I am crazy obsessed over it and cannot wait to be on the flat side. My husband is amazing and is working his tail off to pay for this. My girls are very nervous but I always have said " If I ever win the lottery I am getting a MM" Then I realized Normal people do this everyday and where there's a will there's a way.

So a bit about me, I had my two oldest daughters in High school and My husband and I have managed to keep the love alive over all these years. He is my very best friend and is really the only person to know me pre stretch marks and buddah belly, and let me tell ya that is because we were just kids! Up and down the scale goes, I am currently 186lbs and only 5'3 ( I am clearly on the upside of the scale) but I am very comfortable at 160lbs, I like to be a bit thicker, just not in the middle. My PS said that I need to lose 10lbs but I think I will just get as close to 160 as I can so that I can get the best possible result. I will post some pics asap so you all can see the beast and the ity bitty twins. To all of you in recovery, may God bless you and heal quickly!

So here i am with 4 months to go and it feels like...

So here i am with 4 months to go and it feels like its gonna be forever. I am going to start getting my supplies ready so i am busy reading all your posts. I feel like i am clueless at this point and since i have to play the waiting game figure i will start shopping. Is it to early? Or am i cutting it close? I dont really have many girlfriends so i find myself yapping at my husband all the time and if i hadnt found this amazing community i really dont know how i would get thru this. If you have any ideas on things i could start getting together it would be greatly appreciated. Now way off topic, my second co2 treatment went much different from the first one. First off i have to drive a little over 2 1/2 hours to get to Reno and the procedure went fine Donna is awesome, but yesterday my face broke out so bad that i was texting pics to the ps asking what is this? Not only ugly but painful...so now i am on antibiotics to clear it up...all i could think was " I payed $2500 to laser my old acne scars only to cause the worst break out in my life" i have one more treatment left in about 3-4 months i pray it goes better than this one. Anywho, just rambling now, so all of you RS sistas, Happy Healing! And thank you for listening.

So i spend so much time "researching" mommy...

So i spend so much time "researching" mommy makeovers and i see all these amazingly brave woman find their confidence and of course thats what i want too. I just feel so much guilt over the money, i could buy a car or some trip but no i want to spend it all on me. I have a hard time after spending the last 20 years catering to everyone else. I want this more than anything because truth be told, i am on antidepressants because of my self image. I dont want to have any more melt downs because i hate what i see in the mirror. It is hard to convince myself that this is ok, my husband and best friend are super supportive but the rest of my family thinks its crazy and self indulgent. I dont know, just one of those days i guess. And one more thing i really can use proper punctuation, its my dumb phone, so I apologize now for my crappy posts. To all of you on the flat side, Happy healing!

Hello all, not much has changed for me other than...

Hello all, not much has changed for me other than my date needs to be pushed out to October now...super bummed but since my mom is flying out to help I suppose I have to be a bit flexible. I have loved watching all of your transformations, I am so happy for all of you on the flat side, It just feels as if it isnt gonna really happen for me. I want it today! Patience is not my virtue. I have been an emotional mess and pretty sure my husband has no clue what to do with me at this point. As I said before, I am on antidepressants and it seems as if I am falling into a serious funk since my decision to take this giant leap. I have always struggled with self love, I mean I like who I am inside, but hate, hate,hate who looks at me in the mirror. I feel as if I am drowning and this MM is my last shot at accepting who I am. I sound entirely to vain, I know I shouldnt determine my self worth by a reflection in a mirror, It is so hard to explain, I am always able to lose large amounts of weight only to gain it all right back, I never feel happy at any weight because my own body feels as if it cant possibly be mine. I want to love myself in all my forms, and of course I have heard it all from my husband, he loves me no matter what, but that doesnt change how I view myself. My biggest fear is that I will still be unhappy or find something else to "hate" about me. Sorry about the rambling, if you havent noticed I'm OCD and I get stuck in my head. I guess the question I have for you ladies on the flat side is, when your body transformed, did your view of yourself change as well?

was lost but now I'm found!

Hello loves, so I have been having a terrible time weaning myself off my antidepressants. I want this Mommy makeover to makeover all of me, inside and out and I am so ready to take the biggest step of my life towards self love. I no longer want a mind altering substance dictating my feelings about who I am. No sense in fixing the outside when the inside is a mess. I have 4 months till my procedure and mentally I need to be fully aware of who I am and what I mean to me. I have an amazing family who are my biggest cheerleaders and I am so blessed. I am watching all of your transformations and so happy for all of you and I believe it takes huge courage to go through what you all have. I cannot wait to be a "member" of this beautiful group of woman who have taken back their bodies and overcome their fears. You all inspire me, and have helped me get to this place emotionally and I thank you. Happy healing to all of you in recovery and I hope that you all ride this out with me as well.


Ok ladies, maybe this is part of this crazy journey but I have second thoughts about my PS, I am calling today with more questions. I emailed Robles in DR last night because i feel like they do an amazing job with sculpting. I personally love the big breasts, tiny waist and big ol booty look. Has nothing to do with the cost although it is considerbly cheaper. Ugh not sure what to do now. Suppose I just wait till I hear back. Keep ya posted, Happy healing to all of you on the flat side!

Just got real!

Hey loves, been so busy, no time to update. Big news.... I have my official date and time. October 29th at 8am!!!! I am staying with my original decision to have my surgery with Dr. Dahan. His staff is amazing! I have been having a tough time emotionally coming off my antidepressants but feel confident that I am ready. Each day gets better and I feel like I'm an emotional Ninja taking on my "demons" I call my past. This Mommy makeover is going to change my body in ways I never imagined but it has also given me the courage to change the way I see myself, my confidence is growing slowly and my self worth is finally being established...it's so funny how one decision, one chance can change everything. I am so glad that I found this site and so proud to be apart of this amazing community of strong, beautiful, brave women. I am over the moon excited that I have my date. It has really got real now. I think a small part of me thought it would always just be a dream, but some dreams do come true and I got 4 months ladies and I will be on the flat side. Happy healing to all of you that are already there!

self sabatoge!!!!

147 days to go, so far I have gained 10 more lbs instead of losing, I havent even attempted to quit smoking and for some crazy reason, I am not motivated to do anything. Could be because I have been going thru alot emotionally but I need to get moving. October will be here before I know it. Help ladies!!!! Shouldnt I be over the moon prepping every aspect of my life???? Nope not me, lying around eating key lime pie! Seriously as I post this in the fork goes....maybe tomorrow I will run into some motivation. Night ladies, happy healing!

going through the motions

Hey loves, so I have started having the craziest dreams, not a whole lot makes any sense in them, but so far they have been upside down tummy tuck with belly button an actual button, only half a side tucked, una boob, yes one boob, that they accidentally gave my tt to my 20 year old daughter. Just crazyness. I guess this is normal????? Just getting anxious I suppose. So impatient, so hard playing this waiting game. All you ladies on the flat side, Happy healing!

so true...

A friend of mine sent this to me and just wanted to share with all of you.

vacation time....

In 2 days my family will be heading up the Oregon coast and I am thrilled that it will be the last time I will have to be the crazy lady wearing hoodies and baggie tees to cover myself up. Next years gonna be a whole new me...might even buy a motivational bikini...yes I should. So I have really been making some personal changes, off my antidepressants, bought a new Eleptical machine and trying and its tough but seriously trying to build a new relationship with ME. I have to love myself now or nothing I "fix" will matter. My personal life( relationships) is also being tested and I have to remember, God has his own plan for me so I have to follow his lead. Without him, I am nothing and you know what I am no longer gonna let anyone including myself treat me badly. So ladies here I am and I love ME! In all my forms..... But I sure am excited to get to the flat side... Next summer has no idea whats coming! Lol to all you ladies in recovery, happy healing and may God be with you.

Found this old pic of myself

a few changes.....

Hello ladies, clearly I am not wonder woman and the whole no meds thing didnt really work out. I am on a new one...seems to be doing its job for now. I am having second thoughts about my having the BA, def getting the TT, MR and lipo but not so sure I want to go ahead with the BA. I have this new fear that I wont like them or they wont look right on me. I have never really been that concerned with the size it was more like the icing on the cake.....ugh Its just so frustrating, because if I dont then I might regret that. I suppose I'm just at that phase of this emotional journey. I am so happy for all of you ladies on the flat side....my day will come sooner than later so I better get it figured out.

Thank you Lord!!!!

I have had the hardest time " believing" my day would come due to unexpected financial issues arising. Like it was going to take a miracle to be paid in full by pre op. Well the Good Lord heard my prayers and blessed me. I have finally got those butterflies....now it is time to shop! I have to get my supply list and start knockin it out. I am trying to get creative "cheap" with some things. Like shower chair, outdoor chair fits perfect, button up shirts at the thrift store. I wont be cheap when it comes to the important things, but all temporary things are cheap,cheap,cheap. On another note my new antidepressant seems to be working ok, my mom is finally on board and she now understands how i "see" me. The husband seems kind of well, emotionless about the whole thing. I really wish I had more support in my home but I guess I cant win all the battles. I am so excited now, I had a comment today that tugged at my heart. I realized that it doesnt matter how the world see's us its how we see us that matters the most. This journey has just begun for me, i still have 3 months to prepare. For all of you ladies on the flat side, happy healing and good luck to all the upcoming ones as well. Thank you again Lord!

waiting for a call back....

Ok so since I now have all of money figured out and my mom can do September now I figured why not get my surgery sooner....so I called and left a message to see if that would be possible. I'm thinking just a month earlier, not like tomorrow or anything. I have also decided to stick with my original decision and I will get the BA as well. My new fear is new stretch marks...ive read that some woman got new ones, is there something i should be using now to prevent that later? Ugh so many questions and I know everyone is different but it is all I can think about. Happy healing to all of you on the flat side!

date change, woo hoo

So I got a new date, September 26th! I am so excited. I feel so blessed to have this done. It is becoming very real now. 9 weeks away...to all you ladies on the flat side, happy healing!

ordered bikini and quit smoking, yea me!

Hello loves, I have officially quit smoking with a little over 8 weeks to go..yea me! I also ordered a new bikini from VS, a little yellow poka dot bikini....first one in over 15 years. Its my motivation, and although it wont be worn till next summer I am super excited. I love watching all of your transformations and cant wait to have my own. I have amazing support from all my girls, my husband is more excited and my mother finally gets it. Life is good. My new antidepressant is great and I am so happy to really feel happy :) I have become more accepting of myself, flaws and all. Now if anyone I know heard me say that out loud They would probably be shocked. I have spent most of my life self hating, not fun to absolutely hate who you see in the mirror. I so look forward to the flat side and all the changes that will take place. I know, I know, I say that now lets see what I'm saying come September 26th. To all of you on the flat side, happy healing and God bless you all.

Getting very excited!

Today I am 50 days away from my MM. I am officially at my surgery weight and I am getting very anxious. Not nervous at all. I think that I have educated myself as much as I possibly could and I am just ready to get to the flat side. I feel I am in a very good place emotionally, mentally and physically. I will post a few more before pics right before my transformation. Thank you to all of you that have shared your experiences it truly has helped so many of us. Happy healing all!!!

28 days....

Hello loves, I have had a few set backs and have gained about 10lbs, boo but I am trying not to beat myself up. I am full of what if's and my husband has been an angel, always saying the right thing. " God has blessed us and made this possible so it has to be right" this is true. Its so hard believing I deserve this and how much of my life will be turned upside down for a while. We are truly blessed and have the honor of being parents to an amazing young lady, our middle daughter is 19 and will be with us for life. She is special needs and depends on me for just about everything, I bathe her, groom her, dress her and support her in all she does. This will be the hardest part for me, watching my mother try to fill my shoes with her, I can be a bit controlling with the way I do things...and to have to depend on others makes me nervous. I know it will all be ok and this is probably normal. Sorry for venting so much, I just want it over. Super excited to just get on to the recovery. All you ladies on the flat side, happy healing :)

pre op Monday....

Wow time has flown by, I cant believe Monday is pre-op. I have to decide on implant size and this has been the most difficult decision...Hope I get it right ;) so I decided to snap a few more before pics just so there is a better idea of what I'm workin with over here. Not very pretty but I am ok now, I know that very soon these will be the old me. I am ready to get on with it all. Good luck to all of you and happy healing!

new before pics

all set....

Had my pre op today, yikes....paid in full and made my final decisions. Can we say mortified???? First off standing there naked for my very first photo shoot was awful, nerves kicked in and I became a sweat factory...I thought it would never end. Had all my labs done, nice bruise for proof, and an EKG for precaution since I had an unexplainable heart attack 3 years ago. Still need to pic up my scripts and then I just wait....Today was the first time I felt nervous but it went away as soon as I was dressed ;) it is so close now. Very excited, all you ladies on the flat side, happy healing!

This is not a cold...

I woke up today with a bit of the sniffles and a scratchy throat...this cannot be a cold. I am using positive thinking. I would be so upset if my sx had to be rescheduled. I have spent this weekend telling myself, this is the last sunday i will look like this, the last Sunday with these stretch marks. It is still a bit unbelievable at times. I have started getting very nervous about the outcome. My biggest fear is looking at what is under the garment, is that weird? I will be spending the next few days deep cleaning my house, room by room just to keep myself busy. Thursday morning my body changes forever and with that I hope to change inside as well. To all you ladies on the flat side, happy healing and i will see you soon.


I am getting everything together for my overnight stay in Reno. We will leave at 3 am, yes in the morning. Check in by 6:30am and sx at 8am. Stay in hotel tomorrow night with a follow up at 9am on Friday. I still havent got much anxiety but I am feeling better, this cold is going away. Yay! Having a hard time deciding what to wear , I suppose a sweat suit?, do i wear a bra? I guess I need to figure it all out. Well ladies, please wish me luck and say a prayer for me. The next time I update I will be on the flat side! Happy healing to all!!!

I made it!

On the flat side ladies! Post more tomorrow.


Hello all, geez I am so tired but can only sleep for 10 minutes at a time. I go for my follow up this am and then a 3 hour ride home...i just want to be home. Once i am home and settled i will update more. I have this one pic from recovery yesterday, not great and my boobs are not that big! Happy healing loves!

sooo tired

Hello all, i am having a rough time. I will post some pics soon. Im very pleased so far. .so tired and dopey.... Happy healing lafies!


Oops, meant ladies...

super cranky,

So I dont have much to update other then my pain pills make it hard to read or write. Just cranky and itchy....And super tired. I promise a full update soon.

day 5

Hello loves! I am wide awake this A.M. this journey is a wild ride! I have been so exhausted but couldnt sleep...starving but couldnt eat, happy but want to cry. I am a wreck! But so greatful to be :) I am doing well. Nothing major to tell. Boobies are settling in good, no pain at all. Scar is low and thin for what i can see under steri strips. BB looks ok, still to early to know. Draining alot still and go for follow up Friday. I know we are all anxious for pics but boy oh boy, it wears me out :) everything does. I will get some pics out today after my shower. Sorry for random blatherings, pain pills sometimes win the battle.oh mama they are kickin in now! Happy healing ladirs!


Hello all, things are going good. Still have my drains in, hopefully Wednesday they come out. I am soooooo swollen. My feet look like meatloaves and my hips are twice the size. Nothing fits, even yoga pants are uncomfortable. I am getting around better just really uncomfortable, I know that it takes time and I am patient. I know it is all worth it. I have had a pretty uneventful recovery, thank God. No problems at all. I have gotten very lucky. My only real issue is being so tired, I dont know how some of you are trying on bikinis and taking tons of pics. Im lucky if i change my clothes every 2 days. It is such a work out and leaves me exhausted. I have very little energy witch leaves me with very few pics. I will try and post some this week. Im very happy with how low and straight my incision is and the girls are settling in nice, a bit swelling on miss lefty but nothing major. Flanks are super swollen and sore, sore, sore!. I will update soon, happy healing all!

A few new pics

Hey ladies! Feeling better this A.M and took a few pics. I had one drain removed last Wednesday but still have one thats draining quite a bit. Im off the percocet and only using Tylenol. Mild discomfort but bearable. Having a hard time fitting in to my pre op clothes but hopefully soon. My recovery has been very uneventful (knock on wood) no real issues of any kind. I thank the good lord daily. I will post my full review soon, all the details of the day of. Happy healing!

scar pics

Just a few of my incision, pretty happy with how low and straight it is.

3 weeks po today!

Hey all, so I still have one drain in, tomorrow it will come out...yay. I wanted to share my experience so far. The day of was amazing, everything went smooth. My surgery took about 4 hours and the first thing I did when I woke up with eyes barely open was high 5 my husband and tell him " we did it" I dont remember this. I recall looking down and feeling huge! I asked for a cup of coffee and oh my it was great. My preop hoodie did not fit over the bandaged boobies so they had to give me a blanket to leave with.They made sure I could pee and showed my husband how to milk the drains and we were on our way to the Hotel. My oldest daughter came and saw me, she goes to college in Reno and I dont remember much else. The next day was my follow up and We got on the road home. The first 3 days are a fog, I stayed medicated and was in and out. No appetite but boy was I thirsty. My feet and legs were so swollen that I was miserable, I never had potty issues, went on day 2 and only used milk of magnesia as a precaution. I know this is a boring review but I told you my recovery has been very uneventful. I thank God for that. Sleeping has been tough, being so tired but cant get comfy. I had one drain removed a week ago and go tomorrow to get this one out. I forget to mention that I had gained weight and the morning of sx I weighed in at 192! Ouch, but today I am down 12 pounds. My ps removed 5 lbs from tt, and 2.5lbs on each of my sides. I also had a 5inch seperation of my MR. He had to lower my crease below left breast to match the right and that has been the only discomfort there. I am 21 days today and still do not have an appetite and swell the majority of the day. I still get very tired very easy but overall I am so happy I did this. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I know I left out alot. Happy healing ladies and may the Good Lord bless all of you on your journeys!

Ding dong, my last drains gone!

Yea I just left my ps and I am drainless! This one hurt, omg! First one was painless. I am cleared for exercise and sex! I feel like a brand new woman! Happy healing and may you all have a fantastic weekend :)

4 weeks today

Well I am 4 weeks today...time has gone by fast. This is the waiting game for sure. I dont see much change from last week other than more swelling. My husband and I got away last weekend and it was rough, it was the most I had done since before sx. Had a few cocktails and alot of walking. As each hour went by my back hurt worse and I walked more hunched. I was very afraid when it came time for lovin, but it was great and my husband was very pleased with the new me, 3 weeks of looking but no touching ...poor guy. Anyways I am cleared for spanx and no longer have to wear binder but when at home I actually prefer it. The minute I take it off I swell, the minute I eat, I swell. I did put on a pair of preop jeans and they fit great but my tummy skin is so sensitive everything bothers me. Still super swollen and hard on the flanks, waiting for my waist to arrive, I feel very boxy. Patience , patience. Well ladies I hope you are all healing well and good luck to all of you getting ready to take this wild ride.


Just needed to see comparison pics, hard to see with daily changes.

muscles are here

My tummy has been super tender in the MR region. Everytime I sneeze I am left feeling like I did 500 crunches. Funny how I now feel muscles I never had, its very cool. I always knew they were under there somewhere :) I am doing everything for the family again, cooking, cleaning the regular stuff. The only challenge I still have is bathing my 19 year old special needs daughter, it is tough. I go tomorrow for a follow up and I have noticed one little stitch poking out of the end of my incision, its very tiny and I hope its easy to take care of. My left breast is still sore where he extended my natural crease, I suppose this is normal. My ps offers a scar cream , I think it was called biocornium? I could be wrong, It costs $100 but I am not sure if I will purchase it. Ive also lost a total of 15lbs now. Slow going but its going. I just thought id give a small update. Happy healing to all!

not much change

Hey all, just thought I would give a small update. I feel as if I am at a stand still with recovery. Still tire very easy and if I do too much I get super sore and my tummy tightens bad. Had a follow up on Friday and all is good. I did purchase the Bicornium for my scar and started it today, I will update pics in a month or so to see if there is any change. As for my figure, it has seriously changed. I fit in all preop clothes but all my shirts look funny because I have boobs now and no bulging belly. My husband took me shopping for new panties and bras at VS and I am a 36 D or DD, it varied on the style. Overall I am very happy I just wish I had more energy. Patience is getting harder at this point, with all the swelling its more like a surprise daily, flat or not flat, I never know. Well here is a pic from Thursday which was 5 weeks. Happy healing all!

pre op to 5weeks


Ok seriously ladies, how do I get this thing on? What is the trick??? Cant get it on alone at all, waiting for my honey to get home so we can stuff my chunky butt into this thing. I can tell you this, once its on its staying on! Any insider secrets would be great! Do I need to butter my buns to slide this baby on? Wish me luck, I need it :)

6weeks today!

Hey ya'll, not much change. I thought I should update the "ladies" since I never have. I also think i will start updating monthly now unless something major changes. I will continue to follow all of your journeys and pray for everyone to have beautiful outcomes. Good luck loves!

the swelling gets worse!

Hey ya"ll, so I am in week 7 and I have noticed so many girls writing about still swelling at 2 weeks....well girls it will most likely get worse before it gets better. I wasnt gonna post this week because I really dont have any changes to talk about, well except for a few things. First, still having an issue with my left breast where the crease was lowered, trying to be patient and hope it levels out. Second, my clothes all fit so different...yes this is good but I now have shirts that make me look like a lamp shade..not cute...also due to the fact that pre tummy covered so much I now have much larger thighs, this too is ok. I am just at an awkward phase in this journey I suppose. Accepting a body I never had and learning to deal with the emotional aspects of this recovery. Today I cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, washed 7 loads of laundry, changed the bedding, cleaned my bathroom,bathed my daughter, made a homeade, from scratch chicken pot pie and I am officially wiped out and so swollen! This is so frustrating but I have accepted that this is how its gonna go for a few more months. It is all worth it but sometimes we just need to bitch about it. Happy healing all!

beyond normal swelling...

So after a week of full on swelling I called my doc and let his PA know that I am getting no relief from the swelling and still alot of discomfort on my right breast. I am having a hard time because one part of me says " oh its normal swelling" then my crazy side says " maybe somethings wrong cuz I have had zero issues" then the scared part says " maybe this is as good as it gets and I had to high of expectations" all I do know is that I cryed out of frustration tonight needing my husband to validate my fears. He agrees that my tummy is very swollen and very hard and he is also concerned. I dont know what it could be. The PA wanted me to come in tomorrow but Reno being a couple hours away I cant go until Friday. If I werent so uncomfortable I wouldnt say a word but I am a bit concerned. Anyone else go thru this?

no change

So I was able to squeeze my new size small spanx over my saddle bags and very snug on my torso, I slept 6 1/2 hrs only to wake up with the same pot belly I went to bed with. I dont know, maybe this is my "flat" but its hard to accept when I have been so much smaller. My swelling is mostly from incision to top of belly button and although numb the sides of bb are very tender, feeling like A bad bruise. Just frustrating, if this is normal thats fine as long as I know its temporary. Guess I will find out Friday and this is just part of this wild ride. Happy healing all!

pics from this morning

I am fine.

So I went to my PS on Friday and my tummy swelling is normal, no fluid. The pain is something I am just lucky to experience. I am the one percent if his patients that although numb has pain. Lucky me. My breast needs to be rubbed right at the crease were the pain is to tell my nerves to calm down. Its like I am having an electrical battle going on with all my reconecting nerves. All things I must just wait out. I thank God its nothing major. Thanks for all the kind words and support. I suppose I just continue to wait this out. Happy healing all!

Feeling good.

So Thanksgiving was officially 9 weeks for me. My swelling has continued but much better than last week. I Had my first "worth it" moment on Thursday when I threw on some jeans and a new striped shirt. I felt great, I felt like " this is how normal feels" My whole life getting dressed was an emotional experience but to put an outfit on and not pick it apart was a victory. I feel more and more confident with each passing day and I am so greatful I was able to get this sx done. I am no super model and still need a lot of hard work put in but for the first time in a very long time, I like who I see in the mirror. Life is good, God is great! Happy healing to all!

11 weeks...

Hey loves, I have been super busy and missed last weeks update. Life is pretty much back to normal. I have slowly learned to just accept the swelling and cherish the few short moments of flat. It is still unbelievable at times, like when I am sitting, I no longer feel the need to cover myself. This sx has truly changed me. One thing I did want to mention is that I have ran into several people recently and not one person has noticed or mentioned anything. It seems a bit strange but I suppose its ok, After all I did this for me and no one else. Well I hope everyone is enjoying this journey, it is a wild ride but so worth it!

holey moley!

Ok so just as I was settling in to this uneventful recovery and only 2 days shy of 3 months I got a curve ball. Yesterday as I was lotioning up belly I noticed a part of my scar was looking purple, I didnt really think anything of it until I start rubbing and my hand is now covered in dark red blood. Ugh wtf???? Must be a blood blister??? Not sure, so I put bactracin on and cover it with a bandaid, a while later I notice my bandaid needs to be changed, and thats when I get a clear view of this hole! What is it? My doc is outa the office today so I text a picture and should hear back tomorrow. Its not drying out at all so that is making me nervous. Anyone else have something like this? And this far into recovery? Its nothing right?

spitting stitch???

So I got the call back and my ps thinks it was possibly a spitting stitch, so He called me in two antibiotics, one topical and one oral. That makes me feel better because my fear was infection...surprising this far into recovery but these things happen. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, you all are fantastic!

13 weeks

Hey loves! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am 13 weeks today and my hole is healed and swelling is still in full force. Last night was the worst swelling, I think the small piece of ham really did me in. I am trying new things to control the swelling but other than starving myself nothing really works. I look forward to the day I have zero swelling. My muscles are super tender and my incision is very itchy at times. This is a longer recovery than I ever imagined, but so worth it. I hope everyone is healing well post op and to all of you beginning your journey, the best of luck!!!

happy new YOU!

Hello my lovely RS Sisters, I dont have much change other than my state of mind. I have come to the conclusion that this is as far as my sx will take me, the rest is up to me. Although I havent gained any weight I havent done much to lose any. I am so happy with my results compared to my before but I believe with some work I can get better results. I thank you all for all the support, you are amazing. Happy new year and Happy new you!

spitting stitches

Hey loves, so I am 15 weeks today and spitting more stitches from the incision line, lucky me huh. Other than that no new changes. I hope you all are healing great and good luck to all of you getting ready.

17 weeks

Hey loves! Just wanted to update. No longer spitting stitches...thank the lord! This week I started working on my abs, I dont feel discomfort while excercising but I do feel it after. I still swell but it seems to be only from the belly button down. I feel very pudgy like I am gaining weight around my middle so its time for me to put the work in. This journey is a wild ride, I havent gone much into the emotional aspects of it but here go's. When you spend your whole life self hating its hard to imagine a day where you look in the mirror and like what you see. I am not perfect and never will be but the fact that I can now "see" myself is a blessing. I did not do this for anyone but myself, it never mattered how others saw me, it mattered how I saw myself. Some may never understand how this could change someone in so many ways but for me it not only changed my apperance but my emotional connection to myself. No one can determine our self worth or make us feel beautiful, it must come from within, and for me this surgery was my first step not my final step towards loving me and accepting my flaws as the beauty that makes me,me. I know we are all on our own journeys and I pray you all get what your looking for. As for me I am finally on my path to finding me. Good luck ladies, we all deserve to be happy :)

6.5 months PO

Hey lovely ladies, havent updated in a while. So I have had some ups and downs with the scale. I actually gained 15lbs and now am back down 10. This is not a magic ticket to the perfect body. I am working really hard to get off more weight. Overall Im very happy, no where near bikini ready but still looking forward to the summer. I still swell occasionally but mostly when I am on my feet for a long period of time or eating carbs. My left breast is still sore at the crease and lower than the right. I am not sure if I will revise it down the road. Overall doing well and just wanted to let you ladies in the beginning stages that it does get better just give it time :) happy healling!!!

almost 9 months PO

Hey all you lovelys! Lots of new mm out here and I have been watching all the beautiful transformations . I can hardly believe almost a year has passed since my mm. I have had a crazy ride with weight gain , starting a new job and dealing with occasional swelling and sore tummy muscles. Everyday is still a work in progress. I will be heading back for round 2 in a few months. I will be getting laser lipo to my full back and arm pit area with waist and possibly some lower belly. I am so happy that I have done this and would do it a hundred times over. The confidence I gained alone was completely worth it. Well thought I'd share a pic from today. Not perfect and never will be but so much happier! Happy healing all!!!

Getting there....10 months po

Just thought I'd post a pic of feeling flat. Hope everyone is doing great. I still get a bit sore in my tummy muscles but I also think maybe it's just that I never had them before...happy healing loves!
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